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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Has the BN learned its lesson not to mess with Bloggers yet?

I have a gnawing question for the battled, bruised and toothless BN propaganda machine?

Have you learned your political lessons yet in not trying to mess with the Malaysian bloggers?

When we Bloggers started to expose the wrongdoings of the former cabinet ministers, we were ostracized and insulted day in day out by every top leader of the still arrogant BN?

When all we wanted was for the BN to rule over the nation fairly and not to discriminate against any Malaysian based upon his or her race or faith, we were brushed aside and condemned as petty nuisances?

We were even warned by the then Malaysian Youth & Sports Minister Azalina Othman who said "They think they can get away with it but it is not the case as they too are being monitored," and that bloggers were cowards and a nuisance to the ruling (BN) party".

Well, for all the cowardice that she accused us of , we sure proved our bravery in writing for the truth and helped our fellow Malaysians to know about the real situation throughout the nation!

What the hell for should we be afraid of telling the truth?

I mean I know that there are anonymous commenter's and those who blog under a pseudonym but the growing number of us who blog using our true names, publish our pictures and contact details show the whole world that Malaysian Bloggers are true rightful citizens of this country who blog as we do because we love our nation and only want to see true justice be practiced by everyone who holds public office or wants to rule over Malaysia?

The Barisan Nasional has been in power way too long for it's own good.

Being in power for such a long, long time only gives way to arrogance to creep in the ruling party and reduces them to being despots and tyrants who fail to keep in touch with the Malaysian grassroots communities.

The invincible barrier between the ruling politicians and the long suffering Malaysian public is further compounded by the BN ministers failure to listen to our dissatisfactions and the result showed itself for the first time after 50 miserable years of the Malaysian public finally getting the awareness to stand up and teach the BN a lesson!

50 long suffering years of listening to the BN's meanisters call us this and that and the brutal manner by which the BN used the security apparatus to whack, smash, kick and humiliate the Malaysian people into submission just pissed us off so much that there were people ready to die out there on our nation's streets to avenge their honor and defend their faith all because the BN DID NOT LISTEN OR CARE about us Malaysians!!!

I suggest to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to learn from this electoral beating which we Malaysians have given him and his bunch of goons in designer suits!

When you forget about those who have been crying out to you by way of engaging and taking part in so many protests and got beaten, bloodied, bruised, walloped, kicked, stepped on, dragged, slapped, punched, elbowed, pushed, scraped, teargassed, acid bathed, imprisoned, humiliated, incarcerated and denied their rights to a free, fair and compassionate government, then you have lost that right to rule over us, Malaysians!

The people's hearts and minds have been broken so many times by the BN's ruthless manner of oppressing the rakyat that the rakyat have grown to despise you and whomever you try to put us to us as your cabinet ministers.

You have betrayed the trust and hope that Malaysians had in you when you took over from Mahathir.

You have dismissed us off as those whom you do not have the time to listen to?

You badmouthed us Malaysian Bloggers as people who have nothing better to do and pooh poohed us away as if you are the Supreme Leader you imagine yourself to be?

Wake up dear Abdullah Badawi and try to remember the promises that you made?

Try to recall the statements you uttered telling us that you are not looking for the millions and are instead the seeker of Imam Al Ghazali?

You got caught up in the world of luxury and the company of beautiful women when Kak Endon returned to Rahmatullah.

You reneged on your sworn promises to give us a better Malaysia.

You instead made us suffer much more worse than what we saw take place during Mahathir's watch?

You ordered the FRU to beat up our fellow Malaysians who were forced to protest against you and your tyranny!

That, the Malaysian people will never ever forget!

Today, you are experiencing the consequences of messing with the Rakyat.

Today, UMNO is at its lowest stage of existence as a Malay nationalist party and the MIC together with the MCA be cut down to size by the voters of Malaysia!

In the next Malaysian General Elections, from the looks of it, the Malaysian people will be reciting the 'Talqin' for the BN.

Bloggers are just responsible Malaysians watching out for our beloved country.

Instead of waging a psychological war against the Malaysian Bloggers and the people, the BN would do better to learn as to how to capture the hearts and minds of us all by being good leaders in the true sense of the word and learn to be humble and moderate as per the likes of the Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat and the other leaders of the Barisan Rakyat?

Did you hear about Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng refusing to spend RM100,000.00 of the Penang State Government money on refurbishing the official CM's Residence which has a leaking roof and chooses to stay at his father's house in order to save money?

Have you heard about the Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim who asked the Selangor State Secretary NOT TO purchase a new official car for him and that he will use his own car to travel?

Did you also hear about him ordering the Selangor State Secretary NOT TO carry out any renovations of his MB office and to leave the furnitures as it is to save unnecessary expenditures from the Selangor State coffers?

It is things like this which the BN failed to observe and as a result are now suffering the consequences of their arrogant and lavish ways.

Be nice to us.