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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hassling the Barisan Rakyat State Governments Unnecessarily.

It's been just over 3 weeks since the new Barisan Rakyat State Governments have taken over from the 51 years entrenched Barisan Nasional dictators in the 4 northern states of the Malaysian Peninsular not counting the State of Kelantan Darul Naim which has been under the rule of PAS over the last 18 years.

I am seeing very unprofessional behavior coming from both the overthrown BN leaders and even from the Malaysian Bar Council who are so quick to jump the gun and start blasting the still green fresh state governments of the DAP-PKR-PAS People's Front coalition.

Former Selangor Menteri Besar, the notorious ungentlemanly loser in the form of Khir Toyo has been displaying such unprofessional sore loser characteristics by his constant nagging and hassling of the new Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim that I wonder how did this fella get to be elected as the MB back then?

He who screwed up in the running of the Selangor State Government and practiced cronyism to such high levels that it just makes us want to whack the bugger with the broom looking at the devious manner in which he continues to attack the new Barisan Rakyat state government who have to start from scratch in setting up their operations SINCE the filthy idiot shredded all of the previous administration files and government documents to cover his corrupted tracks in robbing the state blind all those years? Read my article here.

Selangor State Secretariat staff shredding official government documents and files after the BN lost!

Why did the PDRM not go in and arrest these people for destroying government files and state documents?

Are the PDRM in cahoots with the BN in destroying such official documents?

Why have the Malaysian Bar Council not made a hue and cry over this blatantly criminal act?

Is this wanton and willful destruction of state documents not criminal? Why the silence?

Why the freaking @#$%^&*! double standards practiced by the BN and the equally silent Bar Council? Lousy useless nitpickers!

It's okay if the BN crooks do it, eh?

Looks like everyone closed both eyes at this vicious crime!

Talk about the crooks and the gooks coming together! Khir Toyo must have friends in the legal fraternity who allow him to just escape with his crimes of shredding government files like that?

He gets to act as if he is the one being wronged and acts like he is so holy bloody moly!

His constant sniping at Khalid Ibrahim only betrays the lack of gentlemanly conduct in him and exposes the guttersnipe that he is by his reactions since losing power?

Starting from scratch in setting up a state government after the years and years of robbing and stealing of the state's wealth and embezzlement is not something that can be done at the clap of hands or the summoning of a genie from a magic lamp?

The scoundrels destroyed all state files and documents as exposed by these photographs!

How low can these BN devils go?

To make things even worse, I am surprised to see the Malaysian Bar Council being so impatient and jumping the gun so to speak by their misreading what Khalid Ibrahim said about eradicating the squatter problem in Selangor?

Are the lawyers so content to seeing Malaysians living in squalid conditions?

Why jump to conclusions thinking that the new Selangor State Government of Barisan Rakyat will be continuing the brutal and violent manner by which Khir Toyo's administration demolished the squatter colonies in the state?

Doesn't the Bar Council realize that the Barisan Rakyat Government are just intending to relocate and house the squatters in a more humane livable environment and not go bulldozing the squatters away like what Khir Toyo's government did?

It saddens me to see the way so called educated folks go around shooting comments and making statements about this and that without knowing what the heck the new Barisan Rakyat governments are actually going to do?

In the case of Khir Toyo, it is understandable. The chap is a sore loser and rightfully expresses his true base self after losing out from power!

Now, why the heck are the Malaysian Bar Council so fidgety with the Barisan Rakyat leaders?

If the leaders of the Bar Council think they can do a better job and deliver all that they are hassling the Barisan Rakyat governments today, I ask that they stand for elections in the next Malaysian General Elections and if elected, prove to us the wonderful superstars that you think you are by your incessant nitpicking of the freshly elected governments of the BR!

Now, would that be asking too much of you?

Bar Council, don't forget to go contest in the 13th Malaysian GE and practice what you ask the BR to do now immediately after coming into power!

That is if you win, of course?


Woman in Malaysia said...

I agree. Denying BN two-thirds majority is a way to help them reflect on where they have gone wrong. Unfortunately, instead of doing that, they are reacting very childishly. I don't see how they can move forward with this type of mentality.

As for Khir Toyo, what he has said and done does not surprise me at all. These are the actions of very low life form, covered with scum.

I also agree that we should give Barisan Rakyat state governments time to review what needs to be done, and to work out solutions that will benefit the people.

Has the Bar Council spoken to Khalid to find out how he intends to implement the zero squatters programme? Has the Bar Council analysed the pros and cons of such a programme? If not, isn't it too early to react? I thought judgement should be given only when both sides of the story are heard.

Antares said...

The build up to GE12 and the euphoria that swept the nation on March 9th as we realized a miracle had happened - 50 years of BN hegemony (guess we should spell that "hedgemoney") had been swept away by the tsunami of anger at BN's arroganace, greed, insensitivity, and irresponsible and unresponsive attitude. Now, three weeks later, people have been so frustrated for so long they can hardly wait to see INSTANT change. They had no voice because the BN-owned media ignored them. But now, any bitching against any BR gaffe becomes headline news. I'm generally a humane person but when I think of the fat backsides of those sycophantic wormtongues who have served as BN spin doctors all these years, I certainly wouldn't shed a tear to see the same fate befall them as what happened to Zakaria Mat Deros. Only difference being that, instead of the luxury of lynching themselves, they might well get lynched like Mussolini as soon as they step out of their bunkers.

Patin said...

The DEB/NEP, those cronies as mention, is it possible to list their names. You have started, the sekorme, patrick badawi. Perhaps with that, the public will know those cronies who ENJOY the DEB/NEP. I believe the names appear will be no surprise. Also compare their houses against the luxurious Malay 'Istana'poster. Also I wonder how on earth TV3 'Bersama Mu' can come across such family whilst Sharizat seems to be in the dark.Now she a PA to PM with ministrial post. Boy what a joke. Handing the same portfolio or similar to that department. I shall contribute if I am allow.