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Friday, March 21, 2008

Islamic State of Mind by Zainol Abideen.

This article is directed towards those Muslims in authority and the political party espousing an Islamic State.

In the name of Allah, God Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
May the Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you.

Dear Children of Adam. Brothers & Sisters. Fellow inhabitants of this Earth.
I would like to share with you something that has been on my mind for so long since I ventured forth into this world of blogging several years back.


I have always been hearing about the fears of my fellow Malaysians about the 'creeping Islamization' that has been taking place here in our country.

It saddens me to see ignorance about what Islam is and what it is not blind my fellow Malaysians?

Why do Non Muslims here in Malaysia fail to see the truth regarding Islam?

Could it be due to the fact that the Muslims here in Malaysia have neglected to practice Islam as it should really be and that Islam in Malaysia is just a matter of symbolization and a half hearted attempt in upholding the faith?

Till this date we see leading figures in the Malaysian political arena voice out their objections to the idea of making Malaysia an Islamic nation in the true sense?

People like DAP's Adviser Lim Kit Siang and DAP Chairman Karpal Singh still harbor fears about the Islamic State.

To me I don't blame these gentlemen.

I say that the Malaysian Islamic authorities have failed to carry out proactive Dakwah efforts to all Malaysians and thus are to be held responsible for this sorry state of affairs especially in allowing the DAP leaders to remain in fear about Islam by not approaching them with wisdom and beautiful preaching or dialogue sessions?

Fear of the Hudud
I am sure that most of those who oppose the notion of an 'Islamic State' are concerned about the Hudud Laws of the Islamic Sharia?

The thing is they fail to take into consideration the strict stipulations and conditions that need to be fulfilled by any true blue Islamic government before getting to implement such laws in the first place?

For a country to get to impose the Islamic Shari'a in its totality, that country must first be ruled by an Amir or a Khalifah.

We are living here in Malaysia which is headed by a Supreme King @ DYMM Yang Di-Pertuan Agong in his position as a Constitutional Monarch.

The YDP Agong is appointed from amongst the Conference of Malay Rulers on a rotational basis of being the Sovereign Head of the Kingdom of Malaysia for a term of 5 years.

The powers accorded to the YDP Agong are enshrined in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

A set of 181 articles of laws and rules put to pen by the Reid Commission, a commission that was set up by the former British Colonials before granting Independence to Malaya in 1957.

Article 153 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia grants the YDP Agong responsibilities to watch out over the rights of the Malays and other indigenous people of Malaysia but another article @ Article 136 guarantees the rights of all civil servants who are in the employ of the Federation to be treated equally regardless of their race or religion?

The Islamic Sharia on the other hand watches out for all the persons living in the confines of the nation regardless of their faith or ethnicity?

The Islamic Sharia has as its sources acceptable for legislation in a Caliphate:
  1. The Holy Al-Qur'an Al-Kareem
  2. The Hadiths and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam
  3. Consensus ('Ijma) of the Sahabah @ Companions of the Prophet (SAW)
  4. 'Qiyas @ 'Analogy
Islamic history records the impartiality of the true Islamic judges who ruled according to the principles of the Islamic Sharia without fear or favor?

The Qadhi were not subjected to any influences or pressures from the Khalifah and they ruled justly over everyone regardless of his or her social status or position?

The Sharia Qadhi exercised decisional and political independence within the Khilafah @ Caliphate, something that those who are voicing out against the judicial rot in current day Malaysia are hoping for?

Islamic law in an Islamic State guarantees freedom of the judiciary to rule justly over everyone in the country.

This is what the Malaysian authorities have failed to explain in depth to the Malaysian citizens because they fail to uphold the true Islamic Sharia in the first place?

Let me share with you a classic case of the independence of the Qadhi @ Sharia Judge during the rule of Saiyidina Ali ibni Abi Talib Radhiallahu Anhu, the 4th Caliph of Islam and cousin of the Blessed Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

When Saiyidina Ali ibni Abi Talib (RA) was setting out to the Siffin War, he found his coat of armour missing from his possession.

When the war was over and he returned to Kufah, he came across the coat of armour in the hands of a Jew.

Saiyidina Ali (RA) said to the Jew," This armour is mine; I have not sold it or given it away."

The Jew said," It is my armour and it is in my hand." The Jew then proposed that they go and see the Qadhi Shurayh to which Saiyidina Ali (RA)agreed and off they went to see the Sharia Judge.

Saiyidina Ali (RA) went first, sat besides Qadhi Shurayh and said," If it was not because my opponent is a Jew, I would have sat besides him in the gathering, but I heard the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam saying," Humiliate them, since Allah has humiliated them."

Qadhi Shurayh said,"Speak Amir al-Mukminin."

Saiyidina Ali (RA) then said,"Yes. This armour which the Jew holds is mine and I did not sell it or give it away."

Qadhi Shurayh then asked the Jew," What do you say Jew?"

The Jew replied," It is my armour and it is in my possession."

Qadhi Shurayh then asked Saiyidina Ali (RA)," Do you have any proof of you owning this armour O Amirul Mukminin?"

Saiyidina Ali then replied,"Yes! Qanbar and Al-Hassan (son of Saiyidina Ali (RA) will bear witness that this armour is mine."

Qadhi Shurayh then responded," A son's witness is not acceptable on behalf of his father."

Saiyidina Ali then said," A man from the Jannah (Paradise) and his testimony is not acceptable? I heard the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam saying," Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein are the two lords of the youth amongst the people of the Jannah."

Seeing the way Islamic Sharia justice was being implemented right before him, the Jew was overcome by remorse and confessed to the Qadhi Shurayh right there and then.

He was simply amazed that the Khalifah of the Muslims himself was denied any shows of favoritism by the Sharia Qadhi despite his august position, had the Qadhi pass judgement against the Khalifah himself and was so impressed of the way Islamic Sharia operates that he confessed as to his crime of taking illegal possession of the Amirul Mukminin's coat of armour.

The Jew further testified his Declaration of Faith in Allah the Almighty and that Muhammad was the Messenger of Allah and became a Muslim from that moment on.


There are many other examples of the way true Islamic Sharia was practiced and hailed by those who lived in the Khilafah @ Caliphates of the past.

As a Muslim, I find the fear of my fellow Malaysians especially of those who are Non Muslims as proof of the failure of the Malaysian Islamic authorities to properly explain about the facts and figures of the true Sharia.

Yet I also bemoan the type of laws that the authorities here pass off as the Sharia laws of this country?

May this nation come to a situation later where the Sharia is given its proper status befitting it's supremacy over man made laws. Ameen.

Islamic State of Mind.

I have been thinking. Instead of the political parties being so obsessed with the matter of turning Malaysia straightaway into an Islamic nation in the true sense of the word, why not focus instead on the setting up an Islamic state in the minds of the Muslims first?

We need to understand that when it comes to the matter of religious beliefs, it starts from the individual and the individual Muslim male or female is obligated to fully understand the very basic principles of the faith and live up to it's requirements.

I see Muslims before me who do not know even the fundamental aspects of my faith here in KL and even in the rural areas.

Every Friday, when I go to the masjids, I see Muslims who behave as if the Friday prayer is a time to chit chat and do whatever they like during the 'Khutbah session'.

The Sunnah of Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam is that when the Khutbah is being preached or 'read out' the attending Muslims must pay attention to what is being uttered by the Khatib for what is the point of attending the Friday prayers if one misses the Khutbah?

The Muslims of today sadly do not really understand the very basics of the Islamic faith and many live a life that is empty and devoid of true Islamic knowledge.

I can bet you that if you were to pick any Muslim young or old out there today amongst the masses and ask him or her to explain to you about Islam and it's principles, chances are that you will be disappointed to find that he or she would not be fully able to do so?

I will go and shoot a random video proving my opinion here to drive home my point that instead of the political parties being so 'gung ho' in pursuing an Islamic State as a political objective, they should be going about building an 'Islamic State of Mind' in each and every Muslim who is in their midst?

What is the point of announcing Islamic state this and that when in reality the ones who are deemed to be Muslims are just so in name?

Let's be realistic and start being proper Muslims first and practice Islam in the true sense without making a drama about it?

We see and read about so called 'Alims' who turn out to be 'Zalims' when they abuse the trust and expectations of the general public!

We notice many amongst the young and old in our society who drift into a life that is devoid of any Islamic understanding and many do not keep up with their 5 obligatory prayers nor even realize their duties as a Muslim?

So I would like to ask Malaysian Muslims as to which comes first?

Islamic State in the Political aspect of it or building up an Islamic State of Mind within oneself and really go about being a true blue practicing and knowledgeable Muslim?


petestop said...

Islamophia among non-muslims in this country has to do with the fact that the law has not been fair to non-muslims on this, despite guarantees in our constitution of the freedom-of-religion.

Issues like body-snatching, "washing hand" of the civil court in favour of the sharia court, bible seizing, banning of using of the word "Allah" by non-muslims....

... all these does not bode well amongst non-muslims.

We cannot see how an Islamic state can protect the rights of the minorities... as even a secular state with Islam as its official religion have demonstrated that it cannot be fair to minorities.

Therefore, we have to keep working at the separation of the religion and the state.

Religion is in the domain of the constitutional monarch, let's keep it that way.

The state MUST remain secular.

Any religion is too easily manipulated for political gains,
by playing on people's personal dogmas and beliefs.

As with what BN is doing with racial issues and increasingly using religion to counter PAS influence, but looks like it back-fired.

Politics is about compromises to accomodate all, something religion cannot do with its dogmas.

Let's keep religion a private thing, if you need a religious state, it should be in your own "state" of mind.

If can't manage own "state" of mind, why bother imposing it on others ?

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear pete,

Your understanding of the context of my article above is not exactly as what I have in mind!

This article is directed to the policymakers amongst the Muslims both in the political parties and in the Federal Government.

My intention in writing this article is to ask the concerned Muslims about their failure to go about teaching the Muslims to really understand and learn about the Islamic faith and to put the faith to practice in their own lives before talking about the matter of establishing an 'Islamic State' per se.

So dear pete, just do this. Observe for a while as I go about raising this point of mine to the Muslims in authority and those who are in the political party or parties espousing the matter concerning the 'Islamic State'.

You dear pete must be a secular Non Muslim and thus are not being addressed in this matter.

Maybe I should put up a sentence stating it so to avoid similar responses coming up.

My apologies to you pete on this.

Your statement about keeping religion a private thing is a secular notion borne out of your personal circumstances and thus ought to be best understood for what it is.

The matter of not imposing it on others as you perceive it to be arises from your misreading the context of my argument here.

So, I am sorry once again pete for not stating upfront that this is a matter I am putting forward to the Muslims concerned.

Thank you anyway for your comment.

Best regards,


petestop said...


Likewise, my comment is not targeted towards your article. Sorry if you feel so, I've always enjoyed your article for the promotion of equality in Malaysia from the perspective of a Muslim Malaysian.

There was a research article I read on why humans have the capabilities to do such goodness in this world, yet are also capable of doing such evil.

One interesting fact is that it has to do with human ability to emphatise. We feel the pain that others feel, etc, which propels us to do great sacrifices for the sake of others.

However, this same empathy can be turned off, when humans "tribal" behaviour dominates.

Like in the case of Nazi, nationalism and white-supremacist turns off their ability to emphatise for their fellow human being.

In order words, without emphathy, we humans have the capability to turn ourselves into animals with total disregards for other humans.

It is these "tribal" behaviour, as propagated by the divide-n-rule policies of the BN govt that we need to continuosly fight, less they turn themselves into animals.
God forbid.

History has shown that race and religion has been one of the strongest "tribal" force, and unfortunately has been used to justify much senseless violence.

Including Christianity during the "dark ages" when other devianist teachings (not even other religion) are persecuted and burned on the stake.

Let us regard each other as human beings and deservingly have empathy for each other, and perhaps even beyond our own homo sapien species by includes all creation under heaven.

I believe all true religion teaches us this.

En Arip said...

Assalamualaikum Saudara Mahaguru..

Being a non-Malay Muslim myself, I can see a serious connection why non-Muslims are fearful of Islamization... The problem with Islam here in Malaysia is that, it is still too closely identified as a Malays' religion...

Only when and if they (the non-Muslims) acknowledge that Islam is a raceless religion, I think, will they see it as less intimidating, albeit still being foreign to them.

And with some Muslim Malay politicians misbehaving (waving of the dagger?), I too, would feel intimidated!

I think the onus is now on either PAS (or JAKIM!) to start projecting Islam as a friendlier, more logical and sensible approach to life.

And for heaven's sake, Hudud is not all catch-and-chop! If only we can explain the complexity of adopting and executing (pardon the pun!) of Islamic laws in a less "loud" way, and get the Muslims to buy in first, I think the non-Muslims will slowly see it as something beneficial to them as well.

Just my 2-sen worth.

MatrixMan said...

Assalamu alaikum

Excellent article. I am going to take the concept of "ISLAMIC STATE OF MIND". Very important in establishing the Khilafah. I have started blogging on this same vital issue.