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Friday, March 21, 2008

Lack of 'Islamic State of Mind' Video Interview.

I have successfully interviewed 3 young Muslims today after the Friday prayers to prove my point that the Muslims in general aren't exactly well versed about the true Islamic teachings and lack knowledge about the very faith that this nation is said to be a bastion of?

Those Muslims in authority today in Malaysia talk about 'Islam Hadhari' this and that and yet fail to really get down to carry out the fundamentals of Islamic Dakwah to the people.

The Islamic Party of Malaysia at best is quite active in holding 'ceramah's and 'majlis ilmu' amongst its members but has yet to embark on a proper grassroots Islamic Awareness or Outreach program?

I for one am just raising this matter for the good of the Ummah in general and wish to see both the Malaysian Authorities especially by JAKIM and all the relevant Islamic Departments in all states to come to terms with what they have to do in improving the Islamic knowledge of the Muslims of Malaysia?

My point is that substance is much more important than just a rhetorical label or political image?

An Islamic State can only come about when and if the Muslims here really have come to a stage of self awareness and are practicing Muslims in the real sense than to make a charade out of it?

What's the point in being and looking Muslim externally but in the hearts and minds remain just as the hypocrites?

Okay, my video upload to You Tube is ready.

Let's watch the interview. Tell me whether I am wrong in saying that there's still a whole lot of work to be done by the Islamic authorities and PAS before pursuing the matter of setting up an Islamic State per se?

It's not my intention to embarrass these young men or what but just driving home my point in stating that the Muslims of Malaysia have to first be assisted in learning about Islam for what it truly is and not just do a half baked job at it!

I have given them my contact details for them to email and ask me about the truth regarding our faith of Islam. Insya Allah.

Malaysia's Muslims must be galvanized into really knowing the Islamic Faith and be practicing Muslims who know what the faith is all about and not just left to flounder about on earth clueless as to who they are or what their faith asks of them?

This is my point! Islamic State of Mind first before any talk about setting up an Islamic State?

May Almighty Allah assist me in my mission to create a better awareness of my faith amongst my fellow Muslims both here in Malaysia and the rest of the whole wide world.



Saidul A Shaari said...

"An Islamic State can only come about when and if the Muslims here really have come to a stage of self awareness and are practicing Muslims in the real sense than to make a charade out of it?"

I beg to differ. Please remember that we are living in the Age of Fitan (Akhir Zaman). Islam & Muslims are facing threats and annihilations from all sides. We have so many bad influence out there, do you really think that it is easy to to teach Muslims nowadays?

That could take hundreds of years and I dare not take the risks.

Good Muslims are very rare nowadays. Those few good Muslims must strive to uphold Islam at all costs. it is no longer a struggle, my dear Brother. It is darn right battle.

Malay Women in Malaysia

MAHAGURU58 said...


MENJ was just telling me the same thing about setting up the Islamic State first before focusing on the Islamic State of Mind thing I am talking about?

My reply to him was that of the example of the early Muslims of Rasulullah's time?

They were small in numbers but their levels of Iman and Amals were exemplary!

Remember the Battle of Badr?

313 dedicated Muslims against 10,000 Qureisyi Kaffirs!

The Muslims kicked ass and proved their true worth as Muslims who were absolutely Mukmins and managed to overcome the tremendous odds against them!

Today we have Muslims in large numbers but their worth and value is alike the froth upon the waves in the ocean as Rasul SAW prophesied!

Weak and clueless about the true faith of Islam and many ape the Kuffars knowingly and unknowingly because the Islamic Authorities have failed to instruct and coach them as they should.

The Islamic authorities have no contact with the grassroots of the Ummah.

All their 'ceramah's and 'forum perdana's' are just a bloody waste of time because the average Muslim in society today is left to fend on his or her own!

No one bothers to reach out to them and they end up learning all kinds of crazy interpretations about Islam and fall victim to deviant cults and shysters in alim's garb and appearances!

Reality bro! Reality!

More Muslims are engaged in maksiat today because the Islamic authorities and the so called ulamaks just spew rhetoric and don't go meet and lead the people in the grassroots!

The internet is overflowing with proof of such evidences of the Muslims gone stir crazy and drowning in sin!

Yet there are those in Malaysia today talking about setting up Islamic State this and that!

Have you not seen the way some Middle Eastern visitors who take off their hijab once they are here in Malaysia and go around flaunting their 'assets' worse than the way Westerners would ever dare to expose?

You can see this happen in our shopping malls like at KLCC, LOT 10 , Bukit Bintang areas, Jln P.Ramlee and Bangsar areas.

There is no fear of Allah only fear of the 'Moral Police' back home in their countries!

Talking about setting up an Islamic State without making sure that the Muslims of the land are those who know what it is that they are professing and those who know the faith inside out is alike building a house on uncertain foundations!

Without a solid base of unwavering strength of Iman and fortified Aqeedah, the Islamic State that many are pushing for will implode and take the Muslims along with it!

Anak Perelih said...

MENJ was just telling me the same thing about setting up the Islamic State first before focusing on the Islamic State of Mind thing I am talking about?

I think what MENJ said was not that of "setting up the Islamic State first before focusing on the Islamic State of Mind"... but "both should go together as we don't have time".... like what PAS is doing right now....

BTW... i think...
The problem with PAS's method is on the way they're doing it as well as the target group... and this need some modification in the way they conducted their dakwah, "majlis ilmu" and "ceramah" and of course the attitude of some of their party members....

Fakir said...

Majority of Malays and some Indians were born Islam but they are ignorance of Islam.

An Ulama’ Quote

As for ignorance, it is the origin of all evil, the root of every harm. Ignorant folk are included in the Prophet's saying (may God bless him and grant him peace), "The world is accursed, and accursed is what is in it, except the remembrance of God and the learned and those learning." It is sad that when God created ignorance He said to it, "Come!" but it moved away. He said to it, "Go!" but it came. Then He said, "By My might, I have created nothing in creation more hateful to Me than you, and I shall place you amongst the worst of my creation!" 'Ali, may God honor his countenance, said, "There is no enemy worse than ignorance. A man is the enemy of that which he has no knowledge of."

Ignorance is blameworthy according to both textual and rational proof, and its [harm] is hardly unknown to anyone. An ignorant man succumbs to neglecting obligations and committing sins, whether he wishes it or not, because one who is ignorant neither knows the obligations God has enjoined upon him nor the misdeeds God has forbidden. A person can leave the shadows of ignorance only by the light of knowledge.

I observed thus far, Tok Guru Nik Aziz & the followers are on the right path. There are many Ulama’s in Negri Sembilan, Terengganu, Perlis, & Kedah but they are not recognized by BN UMNO.


aliya said...

I'm not surprised at the results of the interview. As predicted, the young men couldn't answer well. I dare say if you interview even the men in their 40s with kopiahs on their heads, some of them might fail this interview too. Problem with born-Muslims is that they tend to take things for granted. Lack of reading Islamic materials, education that touches on the surface but not the core of the religion, and the lacksical attitude of the majority of parents about Islam as a way of life, are main causes for the deterioration of iman among Muslims today.
Yet if we wait to form Islamic state of the mind before Islamic State, it might take forever.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam dear Brothers & Sister,

I have to agree that we can't wait for the whole of society in our mission to set up Dar Al Haqq during our lifetimes.

I ask that those who can to please help share the Truth about Islam to those in your midst and to blog about what you have come to learn?

Insya Allah, we might be able to just realize this goal of ours to make ISLAM be known for what it really is?

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