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Friday, March 21, 2008

Lack of 'Islamic State of Mind' Video Interview.

I have successfully interviewed 3 young Muslims today after the Friday prayers to prove my point that the Muslims in general aren't exactly well versed about the true Islamic teachings and lack knowledge about the very faith that this nation is said to be a bastion of?

Those Muslims in authority today in Malaysia talk about 'Islam Hadhari' this and that and yet fail to really get down to carry out the fundamentals of Islamic Dakwah to the people.

The Islamic Party of Malaysia at best is quite active in holding 'ceramah's and 'majlis ilmu' amongst its members but has yet to embark on a proper grassroots Islamic Awareness or Outreach program?

I for one am just raising this matter for the good of the Ummah in general and wish to see both the Malaysian Authorities especially by JAKIM and all the relevant Islamic Departments in all states to come to terms with what they have to do in improving the Islamic knowledge of the Muslims of Malaysia?

My point is that substance is much more important than just a rhetorical label or political image?

An Islamic State can only come about when and if the Muslims here really have come to a stage of self awareness and are practicing Muslims in the real sense than to make a charade out of it?

What's the point in being and looking Muslim externally but in the hearts and minds remain just as the hypocrites?

Okay, my video upload to You Tube is ready.

Let's watch the interview. Tell me whether I am wrong in saying that there's still a whole lot of work to be done by the Islamic authorities and PAS before pursuing the matter of setting up an Islamic State per se?

It's not my intention to embarrass these young men or what but just driving home my point in stating that the Muslims of Malaysia have to first be assisted in learning about Islam for what it truly is and not just do a half baked job at it!

I have given them my contact details for them to email and ask me about the truth regarding our faith of Islam. Insya Allah.

Malaysia's Muslims must be galvanized into really knowing the Islamic Faith and be practicing Muslims who know what the faith is all about and not just left to flounder about on earth clueless as to who they are or what their faith asks of them?

This is my point! Islamic State of Mind first before any talk about setting up an Islamic State?

May Almighty Allah assist me in my mission to create a better awareness of my faith amongst my fellow Muslims both here in Malaysia and the rest of the whole wide world.