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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let the Barisan Rakyat States have their own media stations!

Dear Malaysians,

I call for the Barisan Rakyat States to be allowed to set up their own radio and television stations channels to enable Malaysians to have a balanced source of information!

Right now, I believe many of us are just so repulsed by the way RTM, TV3, NTV7, ASTRO RIA, and all other broadcasting stations are dishing out propaganda 24/7 sickening us to our stomachs and making many of us lose our appetites after being forced to listen to such crap day in day out?

Am I right in asking for the Barisan Rakyat State Governments to come up with their own radio and television broadcasting channels in order to give us the citizens a better and more broader choice of information?

We don't need more entertainment. The whole country is already awash with 'infotainment' as what the BN Ministry of Misinformation had been swamping us with all these years?

Zam Zam Ala Kazam made sure of that already!

I don't watch the 'Prime News' anymore because it spoils my dinner. I surf the internet to seek out news and views of the latest happenings more than I watch tv?

Even ASTRO screws us up with their fair share of propaganda!

If there is a better alternative I would gladly cancel our ASTRO subscription and sign up with the better satellite tv provider?

Can anyone update me as to whether the Barisan Rakyat State Governments have the legal rights to run and operate their own independent radio and television stations?

Thank you.


Smokinlala said...

We are in the same wavelength. But I would still prefer media should not be dominated by any political party. It should be independent and a law should pass barring any party to own or be a share holder. Only in this way we can ensure media independence.

loh said...

Long Long Ago I have given up on the national media being electronic and publish. They sure are dinner spoiler and the worst is that for 1.20 I would rather spend it on 1 roti canai.( it use to be 2 ) Rubbish is what there are and now after the election they finally found out that there are indeed useless , the advertiser should also know that there are throwing away their money on newspaper where nobody reads and TV where nobody seas. Power to the people.

MAHAGURU58 said...


I like your idea of a free independent media station.

Would it be possible here?

MAHAGURU58 said...


Wise words there sir!

Hope the advertisers realize this.

Spoken as a true Malaysian!


Anonymous said...

Information Minister Shaberry Chik said today that people turned to the Internet and Blogs because they were deceived by the Opposition. He further went on to add that the MSM was fair and impartial in their coverage in the run up to the Elections.

Either Shaberry Chik has just arrived from Mars or he is a bloody idiotic liar! This moron thinks we are stupid just like his boss Pak U Lah. Any idiot can tell how bias the MSM was and is continuing to be today. We don't need Wong Chun Wai, TV3 and Utusan Malaysia to remind us how sickening and bias the MSM is in Malaysia. Why can't this idiot get out of his denial mode and accept that the people are sick and tired with all the lies and spin from the MSM.

Wanna know something sunshine? One of the reasons the BN regime did badly in the GE was because of the crap that we were fed by the MSM. Thamby, what you idiots did was an overkill! If you guys think that by setting up BN blogs gonna help you, you must be dreaming. Only an idiot would want to read your trash and spin on the Net. We already got enough of it in the MSM. As for your dreams of blogging,"Keris my ass!"

MAHAGURU58 said...

Really? Just when we were thinking that finally we have someone rational in the Information Ministry, you say that Shabery Cheek has said that?

Hopeless! The BN is doomed! Say Sayonara to the BN folks!

Bloody Nutcases! To hell with them!

Antares said...


But we may have to call in the Foo-Mee Gators before this fair land can be thoroughly cleansed of the Umno-BN go-vermin. Now they're attacking the bloggers thru dirty tricks like spoofing Raja Petra Kamarudin on a blog called Raja Mongrel and somebody just cloned Susan Loone's blog... and by now you would have heard that the VC of UUM is trying to sue RPK and PKR for RM7 million. Bwahahahahahaha to those cacing from the dacing!

Cheong said...

Dear Mahaguru58,

You got a very brilliant idea there. Although some of us may have access to internet, others don't due to varied reasons such as affordability, coverage, language barrier, etc.

Still, I believe BR need to have access to Radios and TVs to reach out to more people.

Thank you.