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Friday, March 14, 2008

Lim Kit Siang is a liability to Lim Guan Eng's Future.

We all know that Saudara Lim Kit Siang is infamous for throwing tantrums and prone to spewing out statements that cause so much hurt and consternation to the whole nation every now and then.

His recent verbal diarrhea protesting DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah, the Sultan of Perak Darul Ridzuan's consent to appointing the Perak PAS Secretary and Pasir Panjang Assemblyman Ir. Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin as the Perak MB has somewhat spoiled the happiness we felt with regard to the BR Coalition defeating the BN after 50 years in the 5 northern states of Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Perak and Selangor.

It is a fact that such a tantrum thrown by Kit Siang and his equally notorious Central Executive Committee of the DAP has diminished the rakyat's enthusiasm in celebrating the oust of the BN from those states and to this day, there is some sort of bitter aftertaste in every BR supporter after witnessing the ungentlemanly conduct of Kit Siang & Co.

I was so enthusiastically following the trailblazing steps being carried out by Lim Guan Eng, Kit Siang's son who has been sworn in as Penang's Chief Minister and had been singing his praises when out of the blue comes Kit Siang's piece of crappy statement messing it all up for us.

Sure the man has apologized and supposedly that should be the end of it but in the true sense, it does not remove the fact that Lim Kit Siang is a political loose cannon and he could be the very person who will destroy the chances of the fledgling Barisan Rakyat doing any better in the next GE?

To me I see Lim Kit Siang as a very big liability to his son Guan Eng and if he has any sense of responsibility should from now on just watch his mouth and refrain from jeopardizing the future of the Barisan Rakyat coalition of the DAP-PKR-PAS set up.

I know that the PKR is not happy with the way the Perak State Exco distribution of seats is being arranged and the present DAP(8), PKR (1) and PAS(1) exco seat is really so obviously unfair and the DAP should be gentlemen enough to stick to their earlier agreement to have 6 exco seats for the DAP, 2 for PKR and 2 for PAS.

It is distressing to see the current squabbling amongst the Barisan Rakyat who are supposed to set the trend for fair government and be better than the crooked BN?

I call upon Kit Siang to stop the mess and get the problem smoothed out. We do not need this shit.

Stop destroying the good name of the Barisan Rakyat before it even has a chance to take root and sprout shoots.

Remember that we the people who voted the BR in can and will vote you out again in the next GE if you fail to settle down and prove to us that our votes and support are precious and worth our time and effort?

The way you and your CEC have smeared the reputation of the fledgling BR is very much regretted and even if you ask for a thousand apologies, the people will never forget your screwups.

It is for your track records and recurring verbal diarrhea that you fail to control is the reason I and millions of our fellow Malaysians conclude that you are a liability to Guan Eng who has shown so much promise within not even a week of replacing Koh Tsu Koon as the Penang's CM.

Actually, what is your problem?

You pissed off in not getting to be the 'Penang Chief Minister with Power' that you have always been wishing out loud?

You should have stood for elections in Penang, then?

Why didn't you dear Kit?

Do not let it be said that the DAP now stands for Deliriously After Power?

That would be the death knell for you guys in th next GE!

Just learn to live with it and do your best at where you are now and get the government's going!



anaianai said...

Cant blame you, Uncle ve been on the opposition bench for far too long.
Lets start something new,say, the oness for all Malaysians.

East-West said...

I think the GE2008 will be his last hooray - like all fathers he had done his best for his children and I think he tried his best for this country through the long years in the wilderness,

He can now relax, sit back and go back to be a doting grandfather.

I was/am never one of his supporters though I do support the DAP in general but, whatever his faults, he has done right for his family and for this country. For that I am grateful to him.

May he live long in retirement and prosper!

petestop said...

Let's laid this to rest... they have reached an amicable solution.

Uncle Kit has to do what he has to do, to protect interest of DAP in the eyes of old generation DAP supporter, but at least common sense finally prevails.

It's not easy to change old habits, he was in Opposition for 47 years for goodness sake, against previously insurmoutable odds.

Thus he has to shout loudest... let's give him a chance to tone down and perhaps mature to a more elderly statesmanlike character.

He should be made a Tan Sri or perhaps even a Tun by now, but not even a lousy Datukship, not that there is much respect for Datuks nowadays.

For us new generation, we wholeheartedly support the new PAS MB and look at him as the Barisan Rakyat MB, and he has the merit to chair that post, even if he does not have the majority democratic vote.

lunchai said...

I've read in malaysia-today that hassan Ali had a secret meeting with khir anak toyo to form a government without DAP-PKR!!!! Is it true?? if it's true then please somebody in PAS.. shoot this Hassan Ali... how come he do this to us????!!!

yeee said...

Oh if any of your have had thought seriously why did lim kit siang react like that you guys shouldn't have blamed him.
What I see is that he was trying to calm people of Perak down especially those who are so fear and unfamiliar of PAS. It was not a big deal.
Let's have faith in Lim Kit Siang. He is such a wise man and he knew what exactly he is doing.

Read Malaysiakini properly, you will find out not only Kit Siang unhappy with PAS as Menteri Besar. PKR then 'mempertikaikan' Sultan's decision on PAS as menteri Besar as well.

Give them some time.