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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Malaysian Insider - Proving itself to be worth a read!

Dear Malaysians,

Have you come across The Malaysian Insider yet?

Well, I would recommend you to go check the site out for the latest news and views plus reports about what's taking place here in Bolehland?

This online news portal is the brainchild of Png Hong Kwang, said to be a seasoned journalist and Sreedhar Subramaniam, a former Chief Operating Officer of NTV7.

I for one find their news reports interesting and balanced. I hope that they remain so and not end up as another of the bullshitting MSM offshoots 'news' portals.

I wish them well and hope that their presence online will add to the availability of more dependable sources of news in the world wide web.

Keep on the current manner of reporting and you might just end up in the same category as

May the truth be with us all. Ameen.

To The Malaysian Insider, I wish you guys all the best. Maybe you can add a video news channel to add another new dimension to the available alternative news online.

Be steadfast in reporting justly and stick to the truth. Do not mislead the people and remember that reputations are built over time but can be destroyed in a split second!

Stay your course and go make us proud.

Mahaguru58 wishes you well.


MAHAGURU58 said...

Blogger MarGeeMar said...

The political tsunami that swept Malaysia during Elections 2008 has laid bare the true face of the BN and especially UMNO with regards to the issue of racism. I have without any doubt now that the BN is actually a racist party.

It was a day of pride and joy for me when I realized Malaysians were no longer voting based on race or religion.

It didn't matter if you were Malay, Chinese or Indian.

It didn't matter if the candidate was Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Sikh.

As long as they were from PKR, PAS and DAP, they got the vote.

It really made me sick to hear UMNO leaders calling Malays 'pengkhianat' (traitors) just because they voted for the Opposition.

We have the clowns from UMNO Penang who are demonstrating against the Penang Government for supposedly marginalizing the Malays in the state.

In Selangor, we have another group of 25 moronic so-called NGO's championing the cause of the Malays.

They are even protesting against the creation of a Deputy Menteri Besar post.

Want to know why they are making so much noise?

Well, they just can't stand the idea of having a non-malay and non-muslim as a Deputy Menteri Besar of Selangor.

These NGO's who are supposed to protect Malay rights and Islam are without doubt being supported and used by UMNO.

Then, we have that sickening ex-discipline teacher of an ass kisser, Ong Kah Ting.

This idiot is going around saying that he is going to reach out to the Chinese community so that they will support MCA.

Mah-huanlah, peng you! This racist swine is only concerned about the Chinese.

What an a*****e! Finally we have the guy who has ***ic hair planted on his head, the chief a** wiper, Sammy Vellu.

This moron doesn't believe that the BN can be a single multi-racial party because if that happens he can't be the head honcho for the Indians.

It is time we say no to racial politics.



Hidup Malaysia!

* I had no other options but to edit out some of the coarse words.

I ask that commenters use appropriate terms and try your best to lay off using 'colorful' language! You can swear at someone 'nicely' by better choice of words. Believe me. :D

Antares said...

Don't mind the assterisks, we spel well enough to fill in the bleeps! Better that than stifle the way we feel about Umno-BN and the demented denizens of that fast-fading reality.