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Friday, March 14, 2008

Mukhriz Mahathir's Asking Abdullah Badawi to Resign?

I came across this letter said to be from Datuk Mukhriz bin Tun Mahathir in MYKMU.NET, a website that is known to be an UMNO supporting portal, calling for the embattled Malaysian Prime Minister Dato' Seri Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi, UMNO President and BN Chairman to resign!

All I can say is wow!

Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir is proving to be a chip of the old block for having it in him to openly call for PM Abdullah to quit?

Yet, I was a bit perplexed to see Datuk Mukhriz sort of 'wing it' the other day when he was interviewed by the press into asking the PM to do the 'right thing'?

Why was he not upfront about it?

Why not just say it like a man that he wants the PM to resign, straight and simple?

I mean, if this letter is really from Mukhriz, then he must be a gentleman enough to state his standpoint to the whole wide world!

I applaud him if this letter is truly and authentically from him because it stands as a mark of his political caliber in stating his views as the elected Jerlun Member of Parliament.

Are we going to see PM Abdullah Badawi respond to this calling for him to resign or will we see the thick faced Imam Hadhari just ignore the groundswell of Malaysians hatred against him and shamelessly carry on with his mismanagement of this country?

I predict that if Abdullah Badawi stays on as the Malaysian PM and continues listening to the useless BN cabinet ministers of before who have been the root cause of the BN getting kicked out from power in Penang, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and Kelantan, the chances of the Barisan Rakyat winning the next Malaysian General Elections is very high?

Let's just wait and see what is gonna take place after this?

Will Mukhriz get away with this call or is he going to face UMNO's retaliation?

Read the letters here by clicking on to the scans for a larger view.


malayamuda said...

wow Mukhriz trying to do 1969 Mahathir is it ?

MAHAGURU58 said...

Looks like it!

Let's see what the Ampu Kings of UMNO have to say about this?

Zainuddin Maidin seems to have done 'Taubat Nasuha!'


Good to see one repent!!!..only after getting kicked in the ass and sent to 'No where land'. :D

The Bodek Kings will surely try to impress Paklalalalala and try to show their fangs at Mukhriz!

Let the Bangsawan UMNO begin! :P

malayamuda said...


I'm no VK Lingam to know whats running thru Mahathir's head but I can tell you this

Bangsawan UMNO will begin 2 weeks from now. I'll tell you why. Everyone is keeping their mouths shut tight bcos they are praying they will be appointed to Cabinet as Minister, Deputy Minister and Political secretaries.

Others waiting till Senators are appointed. Some for all other positions so that they can Rape this country till the end.

Just see if my predictions are right. The only way to keep Mukhriz shut is to appoint him Minister. And the only way to keep Mahathir shut in this scenario is to appoint Mukhriz as a Minister and offer Mahathir position as Senior Minister or something influential like that.........

kadiology said...

i know some of us is very disappointed with mukhriz press conf at penang recently where he was reported for not being straight forward and too carefull on his statement. i was one of those who is very disappointed at first. but come to think of it, mukriz is not like pak lah SIL who does now know what adab and sopan santun means. SIL is kurang ajar and biadap. mukriz on the other hand is very humble in his approach and also a gentlemen.

if mukriz is too aggressive, pak lah will send out his dogs to get mukriz. there is also a high possibility of mukriz getting expelled from UMNO. and did u guys know mukriz have to change his PC venue from sunway hotel penang to another undisclosed venue because 30 to 40 of khairy samseng and mat rempit have been waiting for mukriz and provoke him during his PC?

btw, i can verify that the letter is from mukriz. if it is not, pak lah would not have made a statement to instruct UMNO youth to take action on mukriz. pak lah is a coward who make others do his dirty job! sadly i could not find the link but i know it came out in todays online MSM.

if you compare mukriz letter and mahathir letter to the late tunku abdul rahman in 1969, the approach of the letter has similarity in some degree, especially the adab and sopan santun elements in both letter! itu pun che det kena pecat! u think all this is a cycle?

at last, ada juga jebat dalam UMNO.