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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My favorite songs - 'Blast from my past!'

Since I am in the mood to take five from our nation's politics for a while, join me in listening to some of my favorite songs. I call this post a 'Blast from my past' when I had less worries on my mind. :)

This here is 'Seven Days' from Joe Cocker. I absolutely loved this one. First listened to it when I was working in Singapore from 1980 to '86.

Another favorite of mine is this 'Child in Time' by Deep Purple.

The live performances differ in quality and at times doesn't sound as good as this one. This is the best for it is from the studio recording. Hope you like it as well.

This one is a real mind pleaser. 'Seagull' by Bad Company. If you have your headphones there, plug it in and listen to this soothing song. Sure to calm you down if your surroundings are right.

Have a peaceful day.

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