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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Open Letter to Lim Kit Siang and the DAP CEC!

Dear Brother Lim Kit Siang,

I am sure that right now, you are caught in a situation which you would not want to be in if you can avoid it but the reality is that you and your Central Executive Committee of the Democratic Action Party are treading on thin ice so to speak?

I find it preposterous for someone like you who has been in Malaysian politics for so long to screw up so big like this just when I have been singing praises for the Barisan Rakyat and especially applauding what Lim Guan Eng has done since being sworn in as the Chief Minister of Pulau Pinang & Seberang Perai as a result of the DAP-PKR-PAS Coalition having been voted by Malaysians into power, kicking out the BN in the 4 northern states of the Malaysian Peninsular and PAS being returned to power with an even bigger mandate in Kelantan.

I would like to be very frank with you and the DAP leadership.

If not for the presence and participation of the two other parties @ PKR and PAS, you can just dream that Mahaguru58 will ever support the likes of you and those who sit in the CEC?

I would like to remind you that I supported the Barisan Rakyat which has your party working together with PAS and PKR purely because of our Tuan Guru Nik Aziz's asking us Muslims to support BR in order to get rid of the BN's tyrannical rule over all of us?

If Tuan Guru Nik Aziz had not been supportive of this Barisan Rakyat coalition, you and the rest of the DAP can just kiss your current achievements goodbye!

I am not a racist brother and I am not concerned about the NEP or whatever crap that any race based or nationalist party comes up with because as a Muslim, I hold firm to the understanding that all of us are equal between us but before Allah it is our faith in Him that determines our standings before Our Creator?

Okay, let me get to the main reason why I am writing directly to you?

First and foremost, let me refresh your memory as to who we are and where we stand in this country?

You and me are born Malaysians. No one can deny us that?

We do however need to accept that this nation is a country which is made up of the various Malay Sultanates!

We are sons of immigrants whose fathers came from China and India respectively.

The original inhabitants of this country may be the Orang Asli's as many of you keep pointing out in websites and forums discussing the 'Ketuanan Melayu' @ 'Malay Overlordship'.

None can deny that and no rational Malaysian will say no to that!

The reality however that if not for the migration of the Malay Hindu prince @ Parameswara from Sumatera to the peninsular and landed in what became to be known as Melaka, and eventually his settling down there and establishing the Malay Empire of Melaka, history would be very different for all of us here?

We must remember that the Malay Sultanates were established centuries before the advent of the immigrant population of traders and labourers from all parts of the world but only our forefathers from China and India settled down in large numbers here and were accepted by the Malay Sultans as their subjects and as a result of the British Colonials who brought in large numbers of our people from there to work here.

I don't have to teach you our nation's history as you must surely be well aware of it?

Today, after all these years, the immigrant populations 3rd and 4th or 5th generations born Malaysians find themselves in a position where political power that was denied to us all these while be finally in our grasp due to one major reason only?

That the people of Malaysia are just fed up with the BN's dictatorial rule!

Two major Malay based parties @ PAS and PKR have joined the DAP in an alliance of like minded Malaysians with one major goal ; that is to overthrow the BN and by the Grace of Allah, we have done something that not many of us believed that we would be capable of achieving?

Why O Why dear Brother Kit Siang, must the CEC which is under your authority be so bloody stupid in wanting to boycott the swearing in ceremony of the Menteri Besar of the Barisan Rakyat just because the man is a PAS Assemblyman?

Wake up to the reality that you are talking about a Malay Sultanate here?

It is not a former British Settlement such as Penang, Melaka, Sabah or Sarawak?

The Sultanate of Perak is one of the oldest Malay Sultanates and whose Sultan is the heirs of the very last Sultan of Melaka!

The Sultanate of Perak is steeped in the palace protocols and customs that are based purely on Malay cultures and Islamic teachings.

Check out the various protocols and customs of this ancient Malay Sultanate and which involves the participation of the Menteri Besar of the Sultanate which demands the position to be filled by only a Malay Muslim according to the customs of the Perak Royalty.

A Chinese Menteri Besar from whatever political party will be caught in a situation like a square peg in a round hole!

He will just not be able to fulfill the Islamic religious duties that comes with the job of the Menteri Besar in the fully Malay Muslim environment of the Royal Palaces of the Malay Sultanate of Perak and any other Malay Sultanate in this country.

Being elected the Deputy Menteri Besar (1) is already quite an achievement for the DAP and we must all be thankful that His Majesty the Sultan of Perak consents to such an appointment.

Barisan Rakyat won because we the rakyat voted you in and for the first time in 50 years, we the Muslims in Malaysia overlooked race and religion in crossing that ballot paper in favor of the DAP-PKR-PAS coalition.

Please make us happy that we did what he had to do and not make us regret our decisions now?

Do make an effort to understand the situation with regard to the 'Undang-undang Tubuh Kerajaan Negeri Perak' which outlines the protocols and regulations with regard to the appointments of state government officials and the attached stipulations of the Malay Sultanate of Perak Darul Ridzuan which has been put to practice since the last couple of centuries.

A site worth visiting is this. The official Sultanate of Perak's website is here.

No one is denying that the DAP has been voted by the people of Perak to secure the most seats but do remember that the voters come from all ethnicities and creed including the Malay Muslims!

By coming to a decision by the DAP Central Executive Committee asking the DAP Assemblymen to boycott the swearing in ceremony of the Menteri Besar designate PAS Pasir Panjang Assemblyman Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin, you are telling us that you are anti-Islam and anti-PAS!!!!

What kind of politicians are you?

Can't the DAP CEC get it through your thick heads that you are giving us a very bad picture of who you appear to be?

Are you in the DAP really sincere in making this Barisan Rakyat be successful in overthrowing the BN or are you all plain chauvinistic racists?

If you fail to stand by your pledge to PAS and PKR in working together as a true Malaysian People's Front committed to give us a better government than the BN, then prepare yourselves to be obliterated in the next GE!

I promise you that the entire Malaysian voters who have risen to support the Barisan Rakyat will want to have nothing more to do with the likes of you and the CEC!

What a shame for Lim Guan Eng to have this betrayal of the DAP's CEC in fulfilling their pledge to co-operate with the PKR and PAS coalition partners at this most important stage of this new governments?

Because of this recalcitrant stand, those of you in the DAP are risking your party's future and will be condemned as cursed as nothing but treacherous opportunists who twist and turn worse than a poisonous snake that ought to be smashed to smithereens without mercy?

Don't be so egoistic and learn to appreciate what we have done for you?

Even as I am typing this, hundreds and hundreds of concerned Malaysians especially the Chinese are venting their outrage at you and the CEC for turning ungrateful at this moment of truth at your blog!

I hope that you guys wise up and respect His Royal Highness the Sultan of Perak's decree failing which be prepared to face the consequences of turning traitors to Duli Tuanku and also those of us who have voted for the Barisan Rakyat?

Go ahead. We await your decisions.


Saladin Convoy said...

I can't believe I'm saying this, but... better give Perak back to BN lah if this is the case.

Even in my state (DUN seat), got "tiga-penjuru" fight between BN-PKR-DAP, resulting in the victory for BN because the vote split between PKR and DAP (with PKR getting more votes).

Well, this "incident" gives me a very bad impression with this so-called coalition. What's more with DAP and PAS never really properly an officially allied themselves, but rather having PKR to be their "orang tengah". In my logical mind, I asked myself, "what kind of coalition is this????".

Anyway, by the Will of Allah, BA or BR (or whatever they call themselves) managed to "snatch" five states from BN. It's really unexpected, but at least I'm okay with my current state government (Kedah).

Though I am really saddened with my fellow brothers in Perak, what a turmoil they're having. The media won't be shy-shy to report (or twist) this and, eventually, the people MAY regret supporting BA, and come next election will have a very different outcome, if the media play the cards right, and if BA failed to address this issue properly.

Like, you know, the one thing that BN failed to do almost everytime? Failing to address certain issues properly? That, you know, made them win less than previous election? Yeah, this could happen to BA next election.

So to reiterate this, I'm saying this again; better give Perak back to BN. Or, better yet, let me suggest that those 6 PAS assemblymen join forces with BN and form "kerajaan campuran" with them instead.

Hey, this might be a very RARE opportunity to see PAS and BN join forces, for the better good of the people of Perak! You know, you should put PEOPLE first, not your PAR-TAY! Oh, this is why I hated partisan-style politics in Malaysia. Always putting political parties first!

PAS working together with BN, to form a state government... I can dream, can't I?

P/S: Forgive me for my poor vocabs. It's a very late night and I'm so sleepy when writing this... ;)

Saidul A Shaari said...

Thank you, Mahaguru!

You said a mouthful and if Mr. Lim Kit Siang is a wise man, he should come back to his senses after reading your post.

Good job!

Malay Women in Malaysia Blog

padam said...


if uncle kit does survey the feedback from the net, he should know what to do; i.e. retrack the unfortunate statement that he has made & attend the ceremony today!

by the ways, lot of chinese is very very angry with DAP decision on this issue!

anyway, I can foresee the main stream media will fully take advantage of this issue, especially Utusan Malaysia!

Uncle Kit, how could you mess this up?

myop101 said...

Dear Mahaguru,

First time reading your article.

I agree with you on voting for change in Malaysia is based on support from all races. The reason I am supporting PAS and PKR is the same reason you have for supporting DAP.

Hence, I am disappointed. Really disappointed with Kit and DAP.

To me, even without the Palace factor, a more mature and pragmatic politician should follow the rakyat's wishes. It doesn't matter if that MB is a malay, chinese or indian. So long as the MB serves the people well, everyone will be happy (ok, except BN but that's besides the point).

Sasa said...

I was shocked with disbelief when I read the statement which LKS released to the press. Shocked and disappointed. It smacks of arrogance and the typical chinese-overlord mentality and.

I am a Malaysian who would like to remind LKS that the people are supported PAS, DAP and PKR as a whole. Just because BA won, does not mean that DAP is number #1 in our books.

I am a chinese and I say SHAME ON YOU LKS!

Khairul H. said...

According to Malaysiakini, Lim's decision to boycott the ceremony has been slammed by his own supporters who showed their disatisfaction by leaving critical comments in Lim's blog.

k said...

Uncle Kit Siang this is a once in 50 year chance to rule a State with dignity and pride pls reconsider. I went to uni with Guan Eng and i for one never imagined this can happen in our country. To see what you and Guan Eng went through to get here (like spending time in goal)we salute you and so will all those who will come after us (my children and grandchildren ...). I understand you have to appease your voters but in the true sense of being Malaysian lets work together..our enemies are those who robbed and stole from us for generations. For DAP voters you pls give them a chance. God bless.


Kevin said...

i am a chinese as well and i have accepted that we should all unite...

i have no problem having a malay as menteri besar and i more than happy to accept PAS leader as perak MB...

why in the blue hell should mr. lim have this kind of nonsense outburst right just after the election win?

another arrogant ppl in the making?

DewA LavaU said...

shame on you lim kit siang!now your just likeb bn already!we vote you not because of party but we have faith on BARISAN RAKYAT front!grrrrrrrrrr

Wawa said...

LKS talut orang dia marah kerana lepaskan MB pada PAS
tapi dia tak buat survey dulu,

sebenarnya penyokong dia akan marah bila dia boikot

Henrik Gustav said...

When I heard Lim Kit Siang, I got sick to my stomach.

How could he defy the ever-loved Sultan and Regent of Perak ?

Before complaining, DAP should field malay or chinese or Indian muslims candidates to PROVE to Malaysians that DAP is really multiracial.
What about using JAWI in DAP's website too? Many of my friends who voted DAP did not liked the Indian Deputy CM and also moaned when Perak's new MB was announced.

But I'm quite happy that Perak DAP defied Lim Kit Siang. In a way, DAP members do not have to toe the line like BN.

Lim Kit Siang should apologize to Sultanate of Perak and its people

Lone said...

Allow me to add my open letter to Uncle Lim and the DAP CEC.
If they choose to be recalcitrant then they would have lost not only my vote but that of many many others for the 13th election.

Dear Uncle Lim & the DAP CEC,

Ever since i was eligible to vote, i have voted DAP. All along i had hopes that one day the DAP would be able to take charge of a state and Perak is my state. So for the past few days ever since the 12th election results came out, i have been euphoric that finally my state Perak would have the DAP as part of its government. The Perak constitution is quite clear as to who can be its menteri besar and me and my fellow DAP supporters are aware of this. What many of us were not aware was section 12(2) which allowed the Sultan to waive this requirements. His Highness has made his decision and as loyal Perak citizens, we accept it in good faith.

Tonight after reading your blog, our euphoria has turned to sadness for it appears that the DAP CEC is unable to accept a PAS Perak MB. Are we still talking about a Malaysian Malaysia? Is the designated PAS Perak MB not a Malaysian. Do we still cling to our race-coloured politics? These are questions running through over minds. Is the DAP message of "Just Change IT" just an election slogan? Have we Malaysian Malaysians been taken for a ride by the DAP? Is the DAP for real?

Though DAP has won all the 18 state seats it contested in Perak, it must be noted that Perak has a total of 59 state seats and what has been won by the DAP does not constitute a majority. If the DAP had won 30 seats on its own then many would consider it not right if section 12(2) has not be made use of.

The 12th election has shown that Malaysian Malaysians are ready for change and are going away from voting along racial lines. During the recent election many Malaysian Malaysians DAP supporters have been telling their family members and friends to follow DAP message to vote for change and to deny the BN a two thirds majority. We were all out voting non-BN candidates. All these efforts have resulted in the turn away from the BN. Now it looks like all the good work would come to nought.

Is the DAP CEC fearful that the DAP supporters would turn away from it in the future if a PAS Perak MB is accepted by the DAP CEC? Don't be wrong like the BN, Malaysian Malaysians will support any party that can prove its worth and is good for the rakyat. To allow the present golden opportunity of the coalition of non-BN parties to show what it can do for the 5 non-BN controlled to slip by will not be forgiven by Malaysian Malaysians. We will know how to respond appropriately if PAS does not do what is good for Malaysian Malaysians. The DAP must be willing to tread where it is deemed or seemingly look impossible. Like all true Malaysian Malaysians, PAS must change and march forward. Prior to 9th March, the present state of disarray of the BN did not appear possible but the political tsunami has come to pass. Do not rubbish the present political maturity of the Malaysian Malaysians. Many will not forgive the DAP for allow this golden opportunity for co-operation of the non-BN parties to pass by. The DAP CEC must deal with the present and move forward, Malaysian Malaysians will continue to support it if it is on the right path. Not allowing the coalition of DAP-PKR-PAS an opportunity is not an option this time. Look at the long term and not short termed gains. Never fear if PAS or PKR or even DAP do not do what is best for Malaysian Malaysians, they will know how to react appropriately when the 13th election cometh.

It is not too late for the DAP to reconsider and change its stance. The new Perak MB is scheduled to be sworn in at 400pm on 13th March. Remember also what Perak DAP chairperson Ngeh Koo Ham had confirmed yesterday, he said ::

“All three parties have unanimously agreed that we will fully endorse the Sultan’s choice”.

Does the DAP CEC want the Perak DAP chief to be called a liar and not honourable and having gone back on his words? Does the DAP CEC want to let Malaysian Malaysians lose faith in it and tell the whole wide world that the DAP message of "Just Change It" is nothing but a fraudulent electionslogan and that the DAP, itself, is not ready for change and is still not ready for the new-found maturity of the Malaysian voters?

We pray that the DAP CEC will reconsiders its decision and react appropriately.

God bless Malaysia.

Mike said...


The dust has not even settled and "here we go again". This kind of attitude will be the undoing of the new kids of the block.

This YOU and ME has to STOP.

"One Voice" why can't YOU, the elected rakyat ALL be on the same page. Before all this gets too far, for the sake of the Rakyat, get your "shit" together.

Not pointing fingers and believe me I am tempted to stick up the middle finger in the air now, or thumb my nose or even stick my foot where the sun don't shine to any elected rakyat that's shooting off their mouth without the brain in gear.

Shut up, Sit down and hash it all out. Then make a statement from a central committee, NO one opens their mouth, except one appointed spokesperson. NO off the cuff comments, keep emotions at bay. As I have said earlier, call upon the experienced Malaysians, to help you.

Get a public relations person to head your PR machine and kick it into motion.

Enough said, I'd better stop now before I get too wound up and work myself into a cardiac arrest, no pun intended ....


Moses said...

Well done Mahaguru58. I am a Chinese, and I agree with your views wholeheartedly. The DAP must abandon their extreme and confrontational ways in order survive. It was alright to act like a spoilt brat throwing tantrums when they we in the opposition. Now that they are in the seat of government they must learn to be more mellow and accomodative lest they squander all the goodwill they now enjoy from all Malaysians garnered during the run up of Elections 2008. Their actions now are akin to sinking the ship even before the journey has begun. Wake up Kit Siang our you will find the DAP in the shoes of the BN in the not distant future, licking your wounds in defeat. The DAP's arrogance is exactly the same as that of BN before their defeat. Walk the talk man and practice what you preach. We are waiting.

SuNi's Dessert Kitchen said...

I am a chinese but not a racist.I have not much interest in politics either. I am just disappointed with Kit Siang calling for the boycott which is a selfish action. The BR should be more concerned with the welfare of all races. Their aim should be helping the poor Malaysians and not the poor chinese, poor malays or poor Indians. They should ensure the wealth of the nation be more equally distributed. We can look at India..the top list of billionaires in the world are Indians but why do they have so many who are poor. They are not multi racial. So why can't we avoid the using of race to do our calculations or statistics.Kit Siang please be united.You can't fly the rocket alone.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Thank you dear Malaysians for making me believe that I did no wrong in supporting and campaigning for the Barisan Rakyat through my blog here!

I am grateful to each and every one of you who have commented here and I am proud to have you as my fellow Malaysians.

I am both angry and sad at the same time to see Lim Kit Siang and the DAP CEC show their true colors at this most inopportune time!

Talk about exploding the myth that the DAP are really truly fighting for all of us Malaysians?

I see a whole lot of difference in the way Lim Guan Eng has started to rule over Penang my home state and the way Kit Siang and his CEC are coming out with their racist and anti-Islam stand by choosing to disrespect one of our nation's most respected Malay Sultans?

I am sure that none of us would have the heart to be this arrogant towards a coalition party in the Barisan Rakyat new state governments.

I am heartened to see you fine Malaysians rise up to the occasion and jointly condemn this about turn and in fact an act of treason against the Sovereign Head of the Sultanate of Perak Darul Ridzuan?

I ask that Saudara Lim Kit Siang openly apologize to the entire Malaysians for this obviously narcissistic standpoint and vain arrogance shown by him and the DAP CEC into thinking that they can get away with destroying the hopes of millions of us who despite our personal preferences based upon our own race and religion still chose to overlook all that to vote the DAP-PKR-PAS Barisan Rakyat into power?

Just like each one of you, I await better news from this sad and unnecessary episode in our nation's political scene.

I received an anonymous phone call just now from a Chinese who wasn't too happy with my open letter to Kit Siang.

He had used the anonymous setting so that his number did not appear on my handset.

Usually I will simply ignore such anonymous calls because the caller does not have the balls to own up as to who he or she is?

Anyway, since this is a matter concerning our national interest and the future and safety of our nation, I listened to his rant for a minute.

He was saying that I have no right to speak about the matter as I am not a politician @ according to him?

Little does this anonymous idiot know that Mahaguru58 am a member of a political party and a partner of the Barisan Rakyat coalition?

I do not wish to draw attention to my being a member of the particular party because I am honoring a pledge I made to my missus not to be active in politics as she is a senior lecturer of a Government linked college.

As a Malaysian Blogger and the Protem President of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance, I am however obliged to speak up for myself and my fellow Malaysians when something as serious as this takes place and I am a Socio-political-religious blogger to boot.

I am a registered voter in the Malaysian political system and I have never failed to exercise my duty as a rightful Malaysian citizen who has all the rights to support or campaign against anyone I please?

Who the hell is this anonymous fellow to come and tell me that I have no right?

Talk about stupid, ignorant fools who just are itchy to get their butts kicked virtually?

Do we Malaysians have no say in politics as this fella infers?

DewA LavaU said...

I'm afraid LKS have his personal agenda rather fulfilling his manifesto to rakyat.

malayamuda said...

Dear Uncle Kit Siang,

I was very upset when I read that DAP will be boycotting the swearing in ceremony today.

BN will definately be happy and say " I told you so "

It's Ok even if you got the majority in Perak. At least we have a Chinese and Indian Deputy which we would never have seen under the racist BN rule.

I would prefer a PKR Menteri Besar too but I dont think the Malays are ready for a Chinese Menteri Besar now. They need time to adjust, please dont scare them with " chinese supremacy ". They are just recovering from the BN myth of Malay Supremacy.

I voted for PAS this time and I never thought I would do that. But I had to do it because of state sponsored racism here in Malaysia.

Uncle Kit Siang, please try to work thing out.......i beg you

Man Wah said...

Dear Mahaguru,

Agree with you 100% and I am one of those who crashed LKS's blog last nite trying to add comments :-)

I took similar stand with most M'sians who wanted a change in this GE, as a Muslim, you voted for DAP, as a non-muslim, I voted for PAS based on the understanding of the 3 parties. (Actually, I would probably have voted for the PAS candidate even without a political tsunami this round because I want to see more women MPs in the parliment.)

There can't be a coalition with PKR as the 'postman' between the two parties all the time. They both need to come down from their perceived 'ultra' stances and start to work for the rakyat... and just like the BN, clean out the extremist if need be.

LKS, clarifying amd apologizing for your comments was a good start, now do the right thing!


Bebe said...

LKS, we know your statement was to appease DAP's predominant Chinese supporters in Perak. Please do not forget the Chinese and Indians have also voted strongly for PAS throughout the country to send a clear message to BN.

Malaysians voted for Barisan Rakyat and we want to see solidarity and cohesiveness in the coalition of change. In my opinion, your statement calling for boycott is probably your worst political move todate.

You have gained our votes and now your inept political stunt have shoken our confidence in BR and more so DAP.

Known as Chinese voter pre 8 March
Now I am a Malaysian voter
Barisan Rakyat has given me my long overdued citizenship

caravanserai said...


Barisan Rakyat made the move
It isn’t DAP or PAS or PKR
So don’t ever get into your head LKS
DAP and its partners won voted by BR

LKS has lost his balls
He thinks he wants to make noise
So that to demonstrate the Chinese
“I don’t agree, I don’t agree
Correct, Correct and Correct”

LKS it isn’t about your party any more
It is about Barisan Rakyat on the move
You better sink into your head
Respect the Sultan decision and his wisdom
He is the king otherwise what you think?

Let the Barisan Rakyat government works
Don’t play into the hands of the BN
The sleeping beauty is waiting……..
When there is an opportunity
He will whack the coalition left and right
So are you still there with the people?
The Barisan Rakyat is the king maker!

Leaders must be humble
You don’t show it with your arrogant statement
Maybe it is time you too retire
This is the politics of the cyber-world
You better wake up
And don’t close one eye…….

Barisan Rakyat is color blind
It is the way it should be
Walk the talk; let it be fruitful
And multiply into peoples’ hearts and souls

LKS, you are an ungrateful person
Barisan Rakyat put the coalition there
Yet now you make a mockery of our votes
Shame on you, Kit!

Wei Shin said...

To be frank, I am a chinese and I see nothing wrong electing PAS member as Perak's new MB!!! I am more than happy electing him as Perak's MB purely based on his education achievement - a professional engineer...A new dawn for Malaysia!!!


Kit Siang is correct in his decision based on merits, herewith many commentators wrote against his decision without knowing the agreement for the pact to work together to deny BN 2/3 and taking over state govt's. Why bikker, when true to the fact Islam profess clearly that the winner must be given due recognition. Are you saying that DAP contested in all the seats without the knowledge of PAS on the event DAP wins they will have a bigger say in the pact. Then why enter in the pact with DAP to only contest a few seats and demand the highest post later? Is this what justice means in ISLAM, we, the other races and religious ppl of Malaysia have very very high respect for ISLAM as a good and tolerant religion to human kind. Why spoil it now? We want to be fair to all. I don't see any good reason for Kit Siang to say otherwise. State DAP leaders to defy orders from the CEC is not healthy either. Are they being bought over for short changing? I still believe ISLAM will do justice to all man kind and give way to the majority voice. May be in the future elections, PAS can contest in many more seats and if succeded take back the MB post. If PAS would have secured enough strength I would be the first to voice out PAS member to be the MB, but the scenario is totally diiferent, so for now stop the bikkering and let Kit Siang do the talking to BA leaders on the post, don't try to belittle Kit Siang's intelligence. TQ

MAHAGURU58 said...

Syabas to all of you first class Malaysians for coming in here and share your true patriotic feelings with me!

I have tears in my eyes as I read each and every word that you have typed here and I am proud to be your brother in Barisan Rakyat!

Long live Malaysians!

Support the Malaysian People's Front and keep our trailblazing success here as a spearhead to dismantling racial politics!

Kit Siang and the CEC, do us a favor.

Quit politics if you do not have it in you to honor the agreement between the Barisan Rakyat and let the better leaders amongst the DAP-PKR-PAS lead Malaysians out of the racist policies of the previous government of BN.

Let us live in peace and hope.

mytrainmaster said...

See what that narrow-minded Ong Ka Chuan said (btw this bugger might be a Minister and future maybe non-existent MCA president)


Ong: Perak voters cheated

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP has cheated its voters as a PAS state assemblyman will be sworn in as the Perak mentri besar today, Perak MCA chief Datuk Ong Ka Chuan said.

Ong, who is also the MCA secretary-general, said DAP should apologise to its voters, saying it was sad to hear that Perak PAS secretary Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin will be the mentri besar.

He said Mohammad's appointment went against the wishes of voters, especially non-Muslims.

“Having a mentri besar from PAS creates fear among non-Muslims. This also creates political instability.”

Ong, who is also the newly-elected Tanjong Malim MP, said the Chinese in Perak voted for DAP to uphold justice and change for the better but the opposite seemed to have happened.

On Perak DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham as the Deputy Mentri Besar (I), Ong said the Perak constitution states that the MB must be a Malay, though the Sultan has the discretion to waive this.

However, it did not state the existence of a deputy MB post, said Ong.

“There is no such post in the Perak constitution,” said Ong.

The Regent of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, met the three nominated candidates for the mentri besar’s post at 5pm yesterday.

The candidates were Ngeh (Sitiawan), state PKR treasurer Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (Behrang) and Mohammad (Pasir Panjang).


MCA is still race-based and never woke up after the last jolt. Just because the constitution is silent on deputy MB, doesnt mean the Regent cant appoint one or two. Penang set the precedence. Perak follow and I hope Selangor will too.

I doubt you will see this top post representations in other BN states.

Mr. OKC, if you have guts, which I know you don't, go and tell all the MB in Negri, Melaka, Johor, Pahang, Perlis, Sabah and Sarawak to appoint Chinese and Indian as Deputy MB/CM in their states if BN is truly a multi-racial party. Walk the talk.

padam said...


no worry, uncle kit has apologized & will attend the ceremony after all (from malaysiakini)!

MAHAGURU58 said...

I know. I am subscribed to the Digi News SMS Alert Service and as anything unfolds, I am updated within minutes by it.

Let's hope that the Barisan Rakyat State Governments will not be rocked by any further scandals and issues raised from within the coalition.

God Willing.

Thank you Brother Kit Siang for waking up to your slip of the tongue, mind or whatever?

Let the Barisan Rakyat settle down and do their job for the sake of a better Malaysia for us all!


Thank you brother padam for the update.

All the best to you sir! :)

msian1970 said...

Hey OKC!

This is interesting... LKS got a lot of flak, of which, one of the reason is he's being disrespectful to the Sultan of Perak by questioning the choice of the Sultan. He apologized for that.

You said DAP cheated the voters because a PAS MP is now the MB, against the voters' wishes. So in other words, you are saying the Sultan goes against the voters' wishes. You too are disrespectful to the Sultan.

You also said having a PAS MB creates fear and instability, so you are implying the Sultan is indirectly creating fear and instability with his choice. You are disrespectful.

The Sultan in his wisdom wanted all communities to be represented and have 2 deputies installed from different communities. You are questioning the Sultan's wisdom, you are disrespectful.

Pak Lah warned LGE against stroking racial sentiments yesterday and today you are doing what Pak Lah said shouldn't be done, you should apologize to Pak Lah or you would be seen to be disrespectful to Pak Lah.

LKS has shown his guts and maturity in taking the feedback and apologizing.

Do you?

CruelAngel said...

Just Tolerance can help this 3 work together!!!

I am living in Dubai, an islamic country and I am not muslim.

I feel safe and happy here. My advice to all none muslim friend in Perak.

Dont be afraid!!!

If MB do his job good, everyone will be happy but first we must trust him!


Pendekar said...

Bukan saja di perak , di Pulau Pinang pun sama
DAP hanya menempatkan kebanyakan EXCO dari kalangan mereka, sedangkan pengundi yang mengundi adalah terdiri dari semua kaum yang menyebabkan DAP menang besar.
Sepatutnya WAKIL EXCO menstilah mengambarkan jumlah penduduk di pulau pinang .Melayu adalah kaum kedua terbesar di Pulau Pinang. Sepatutnya jumlah EXCO bukan melihat dari siapa yang menang tapi mesti mengira purata nisbah jumlah rakyat/ kaum seseatu negeri . Keadaan ini menjadi lebih runcing apabila DAP langsung tidak mempedulikan PAS di Pulau Pinang apabila tiada seorang pun AHLI EXCO DARI KALANGAN PEMIMPIN PAS.