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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rafidah Aziz throws a spanner in Pak Lah's works!

I am referring to Abdullah Badawi's plans to wipe the slate clean and try salvage the BN from facing a total annihilation in the next Malaysian GE being foiled by the Wanita UMNO Chief Rafidah Aziz who remains steadfast as the Wanita BN's Leader!

Little did he expect the Wanita UMNO Supremo to remain as a stubborn old mule refusing to budge from her seat of political power despite his removing her from the Malaysian Cabinet?

I mean if she had lost in Kuala Kangsar then she would have been automatically phased out from the Malaysian political scene?

Problem for Pak Lah is that the UMNO 'Iron Lady' seems welded to the Wanita UMNO Chief's seat and even 'Mami Shahrizat' got her ass whupped by Nurul Izzah in Lembah Pantai making it quite a dead end as far as his attempts to revamp the BN's fortunes in the near future?

According to sources in Harakah, Rafidah Aziz and Muhyiddin Yassin have been the main stumbling blocks to Abdullah Badawi's plans to muscle in his beloved son in law Khairy Jamaludin into the UMNO's Supreme Council.

Rafidah Aziz and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Haji Yassin have objected vehemently to Abdullah Badawi's machinations to see to it that Khairy Jamaludin gets to slide in smoothly into the highest council of political power in the nation's largest party of racist nationalist supremacists which is the United Malays National Organization.

In a sense although she is accused of being a major corrupt politician in UMNO after so many years of being the Minister of Trade of the Malaysian Government and also as the 'AP Queen', she still packs quite a wallop politically by being the Wanita UMNO Chief and wields quite a punch!

Even Shahrizat can't outshine the 'Iron Lady' and has to toe the line when it comes to the powerplay in Wanita UMNO!

Azalina Othman can only wait for the day when Rafidah Aziz either quits politics or kicks the bucket so to speak?

Right now Rafidah Aziz has thrown a spanner in Pak Lah's grand designs to effect a total makeover of the BN!

Do you think that the old man is gonna build up his courage to extricate Rafidah's butt from the Wanita UMNO Chief's seat?

Why have we not heard from the loudmouth son in law of his who was so vocal in challenging Anwar Ibrahim to a debate about the matter of the oil prices reduction if the DAP-PKR-PAS gets to rule over Malaysia?

Any ideas?


Saidul A Shaari said...

Who? Khairy Jamaluddin?

He's up to something to alright and it is probably something no good. Oxford graduates were known for their resourcefulness, Khairy is not going to throw in the towel just yet. He might even come back stronger!


Malay Women in Malaysia

MAHAGURU58 said...

Whatever KJ tries to come up with, he is going to face a mountain of objection to his designs on getting even close to the seat of power at the Prime Minister's Office at Putrajaya?

The BN have lost their credibility to rule over us and Abdullah Badawi is only holding on to the BN's ship which is fast going down in the ocean of Malaysian's distrust!

Khairy Jamaludin might want to bail out and seek new shores to conquer?

As far as this nation is concerned, a new dawn is truly coming up promising a better future for all.

obefiend said...

dont count khairy out yet?

if he is really the super mastermind that we often heard rumours about, i'm sure he got sumething up his SONGKOK.

he has been quiet lately. no doubt thinking and scheming his way up the precarious political ledder

the worse mistake us rakyat could do is underestimate him. The BN underestimated the Blogger.And now us blogger is under estimating him. i dont think it's wise to write his epitaph just if he is really a spy god knows what kind of resource he has got in his disposal. just waiting like a coiled viper to strike us.

having said that i wish he dies in a plane crash in the next 7 days. that would be much welcomed. HAHAHA.that could be the hay that broke the camel's back of Abdullah's resolve!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum bro.

Hahahahaha! You sure must hate Khairy to the max to wish him a speedy trip back to Allah!

The thing is we aren't supposed to go wish such things to just anyone in Islam?

Naughty naughty Brother Effi!

Surely you do not wish to see Nori become a 'Balu Berhias' @ ' Decorated Widow'?

Not good to wish so bro.

We should just wish that KJ will be inspired to turn over a new leaf and not talk as if ALL other Malaysians are idiots and that his cat will not be let out of the bag in the very near future?

Let's just hope that Anwar gets to contest in a by election after April the 15th and lead the Barisan Rakyat into power over Malaysia's Federal Government!

Insya Allah.

As far as Abdullah Badawi is concerned, I wish that the old man will do the right thing and announce his resignation soon.

Time for him to go take care of his amals and 'layan cucu'. :P

I hope that Parliament will propose a maximum of 3 terms for any future PM!

KJ can try being a good opposition member then?

The thing is whether the fella is capable of coming up with constructive ideas and proposals?

From what we have seen in both the print media and You Tube is his arrogant and cocky abrasive manner challenging everyone who doesn't kow tow to him?

What class does he have to engage in a debate with the likes of political masters such as Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim for example?

It would be like a case of sending a puppy to fight a Rottweiler?

Nitro said...

hi there tok mahaguru.

nice blog u have here.

This probably will not be related with this kak pidah drama, but i'm gonna share my sentimens with our political scenario these days.

i'm am one of the privilege malay who benefits from UMNO and the government. no i did not get any form of contracts because i am not a contractor. but privileges provided in terms of education. my wife is a medical doctor from HUKM and she only have to serve minimum 3 years for the government in return for getting her MD. My parents are both retired civil servant. my sister secured a MARA scholarship in support for her education in cardiff and now she is a LLB.

but all this does not mean that we are golongan bertongkat. malays are smart and hardworking. i when to an interview few weeks back at khazanah. i must say we really have a lot of smart and intelligent malays out there. But no matter how hard they work, malay will still probably be handicapped for a few years to come simply because of lacking in terms of foundation. for example, a smart malay and a smart non bumi compete each other. but the smart malay is still the underdog simply because he does not have the resources for him to to push him further. while his non bumi counterpart have a foundation to carry on to the next level.

i like to use a car racing competition as an analogy. a kancil and a ferrari competes together. both drivers have great and excellent driving skills. however, the kancil driver will be left in smokes by the ferrari simply because technically, the kancil does not have enough horse power. but in order bring fairness to the game, the rules now change stating that the kancil must start ahead compared to the ferrari. at the end of the day, bot drivers finish the race together. isn't it beautiful?

saudara mahaguru, i am one of those BN supporters who (with heavy heart) voted againts BN in my parliamentary seat of segambut. My parents who is a staunch supporter of BN for so many years ALMOST did not cast their vote on that day. but as soon as we heard that the BN is going to loose big time, they reluctantly cast their vote in the end. i too upon hearing that BN is going to loose quickly bring my wife to vote at her constituency in hulu langat. i was asking her NOT to vote previously but i changed my mind at around 3pm as soon as i heard BN is about to be slaughtered.

the rest is history.

I believe, millions of Malaysians share the same sentiments that i have on that day. we have places which only secure 60% votes, an average of 300k spoil votes, and hundred of thousands protest votes such as mine. that combo give a TKO to BN.

question is, why the heck did malaysians whack the government so badly? why on earth, Malaysians who gets so much benefit from the government, could suddenly turn their back on them in an unforgiving manner!? I think all of us have the answer. but that answer we have is irrelevant if the leaders up there still refuse to accept the fact that the rakyat sudah MUAK, MELUAT, MENYAMPAH dengan retorik pak lah dan menantunya.

Yes, i thank the government for what they have provided us malaysians, but i cannot accept corrupt leaders. BN and UMNO status quo have not changed. it is paklah, MT and those people around him that changed and created this mess. i hereby put paklah and his SIL responsible for making this country turn into a soon to be 2nd indonesia.

saudara mahaguru.

i am worried with our political future and the country stability. for years to come, we are going to live in a hostile political environment. we are no US, JAPAN or UK where dwi system party is in place. we are NOT THERE yet to accept such systems. our society is still very much corrupted and easily bought. this goes from civil servant, politician and YES, EVEN opposition politician. i cannot accept a lot of UMNO politician out there. but there are also alot of opposition leaders which give me the shivers. honestly, i can accept (and even vote!) for ppl such as hatta ramli, nasarudin, husam musa, but i still dont trust the likes such as azmin ali or anwar. amongst those, anwar is the person i dont trust at all. he is like sesumpah, saying things differently when he is in ABIM, UMNO, out of UMNO and hindraf! he is corrupted too in his days in UMNO. i would say he is the father of money politics in UMNO and he is the one who started it! otherwise, how the heck did ghafar baba only secure 5 nominations?? he couldnt be THAT bad. sadly, not many people actually realize the REAL anwar, or probably ppl choose to ignore as long as BN is toppled?! i dont know. however, the level of my confidence on anwar is in the drain or at par with KJ. As far as i am concern, KJ and anwar is actually in one shelter.

my question is, are we, malaysians prepared to rest our fate on this person? lim guan eng openly support anwar to be the PM. did he forgot who anwar is? or is he playing dirty politics too? hence, my question earlier, if we have this type of people in our society, are we, malaysians prepared to live in a dwi system party? we dont really have any other choice.

at this point of time, i guess if we cannot turn to any UMNO or PKR politician for hope, i think we should turn to Allah instead. my doa is anything that is best for the country, and not doa for so and so leaders.lets us all pray Allah protect this country from musibbah.

Carling said...

I dont know why we need to think highly of KJ. He may have finished his studies in Oxford but does anybody know what were his results? All As or just barely passed? Were he just chasing skirts in Oxford or he spent his time studying? Anyway, he didnt study in the tough course like medicine, so there is no big deal about Oxford. If you look at old boys of MCKK, not all ended up smart and becomes big guns.

He is there bocs he is the SIL.Thats it, except the FIL is just too soft. Had KJ married AI's daughter, I am very sure AI would have nip the embarassments long time ago.

jamos said...

It's going to be a real nightmare, a doomsday for Malaysia if KJ were to come to power. I will migrate immediately should this happen. A young fart like him at 30, he is already so big-headed and kurang-ajar. Just imagine, what would become of him if he is in power? He will definitely be very much worse than TDM, DICKtator of dictators.

gangeticus said...

A spanner? A whole toolbox, me thinks. Listen to what she said:"...why didn't Pak Lah tell me at the outset. I wouldn't have stood in the elections..." (or at least my understanding of it).

She is clearly peeved and the recent question of Azalina ("She's not even a Wanita...etc.etc.") makes me think she's got a big bone to pick with the top man.

Whatever it is, its gonna be good! The machinations, I mean.

Peace bro!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Brother Nitro.

I appreciate your heartfelt views and can understand the reasons behind your worries as to what is taking place here in our nation?

For the first time since our nation gained Independence, citizens of this multi-ethnic,multi-faithed,
multi-cultural <> 26 million populated country, have woken up from their political awareness coma which saw them sleep through or rather suffer through 50 years of the BN's dictatorial reign of absolute power.

The Malaysian Opposition were treated like the pariahs of the nation and for 50 years were subjected to the dictates and whims of the humongous machinery of the BN which grew fat and too bloody powerful because the citizens of Malaysia fell victim to the BN's spin that only they are the blessed ones capable of governing Malaysia.

The Malay Rulers were reduced to just watch from the sidelines as the BN called the shots and overran the democratic aspects of fair governance.

No one had been in position to question their lopsided policies both in Parliament and in the day to day running of the nation.

The BN lorded it over the media and simply rubbed the peoples noses into the self adulating propaganda they were dishing out to the masses day in day out over the last 50 years.

The Malay Rulers saw their already diminished roles as the Constitutional Monarchs of this country further clipped by the taking away of their legal immunity during the rule of Mahathir Mohamad, the 4th Prime Minister and the one who ruled Malaysia for 22 years, far longer than all the other Premiers of this nation.

Mahathir reacted so due to the Sultan of Johor's murderous crime of whacking a caddie to death and physically assaulting a hockey coach.

As such, the whole Conference of Rulers had their legal immunity removed by Parliament and are now subjected to legal prosecution in a Special Court if Their Majesties were to ever try to emulate the Sultan of Johor's violent streak?

Brother nitro,

The BN got whupped in the recent 12th Malaysian GE because the people of Malaysia are now starting to be better informed due to the advent of the internet and the proliferation of blogs like mine.

As more and more Malaysians start to get the true picture, their outrage and disgust of the BN's corrupt ways has seen them vote for change and what a bloody change we have all made?

You can rest assured that the dictators of the BN will be reduced to being a small Opposition in the next GE!

Anwar for all his faults remains today as the top choice for being the alternative PM to the incumbent Abdullah 'Sleepyhead' Badawi!

Malaysians are on their way to start exercising their democratic rights to the max!

The future doesn't look that bright anymore for Malaysia's long ruling BN tyrants.

A new Federal government is fast taking shape in the form of the DAP-PKR-PAS amalgamation that calls itself as the Barisan Rakyat.

Abdullah Badawi better start packing or shredding his files IF he has anything to hide?

Khir Toyo and Mahadzir Khalid have proved to be those who destroyed official files before handing over the State Government offices to the new coalition governments.

Scared that their corrupt ways getting discovered?

Whatever it is, we are sure going to see more never seen before developments in Bolehland!