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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Syabas to the new Penang Deputy Chief Ministers!

Syabas to the Chief Minister of Penang, Saudara Lim Guan Eng of the Barisan Rakyat for his decision to appoint :
  • PKR State Assemblyman from Penanti Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin as Penang's Deputy Chief Minister (1)
and giantkiller
  • Professor Dr.P.Ramasamy who defeated Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon at P46 Parliament of Batu Kawan as the first ever Penang Deputy Chief Minister (2) from the Malaysian Indian community!!!

Photo courtesy of Harian Metro. 10th March 2008.

If this is not a slap in the face for the BN who failed to recognize the Indian Community of Malaysia all these last 50 years, I don't know what else is?

Samy Vellu and the MIC!

Don't even dream of getting the Malaysian Indians support for you ever again?

You might as well call it a day and go rest in peace or did someone say piss?

I don't know...getting old lah..can't hear that well? :P


Now, the rest of Malaysia can rub their eyes awake and just wait to see what else is going to happen?

I recall my favorite grandson in law, Amir Rafique ask me in his cute way, " Atok Uncle! What happened?"

Hehehehehe...many things are going to happen, as I see it.

The BN will for the first time in this nation's history be hard pressed to do better than what the Barisan Rakyat are doing?

When PAS introduced many new measures to improve the lives of the Kelantanese, the BN tried to be copy cats and did exactly as what Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat came up with?

The maternity leave for civil servants was extended to 60 days and now to 90 days if I am not mistaken?

The PAS led State Government of Kelantan were trailblazing many other improvements to the people's lives in the East Coast state which saw the BN struggling to keep up with?

But those were all small things.

Now, for the first time in this nation's history, the marginalized Indian community of Malaysia is seeing one of their own be appointed to be a Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, something that will never ever have happened if the BN was still ruling Penang?

I am proud of the Barisan Rakyat leadership for making this happen. This is a day to remember for all Malaysians.

Our nation is finally going to be free from racial politics!

A new dawn is truly taking place for Malaysia!

All our prayers and wishes for true justice and fair play for all Malaysians is slowly but surely taking root here during our lifetime.

I never imagined that such improvements will take place during my life here?

I now believe that there is still hope for our country to be a truly fair and democratic home for all Malaysians.

Insya Allah.

So dear Malaysians, start getting used to a better choice for our Federal Government of Malaysia.

Start waking up to what we can achieve if only we can wise up to the fact that the BN Government has been colonizing us just like the former British masters of old?

We need to look beyond our differences in skin color and what faith we believe in?

We need to know and understand each other better. We are all Malaysians no matter what race or creed we belong to?

All my life I have been happy to co-exist with my fellow Malaysians from all other races and I for one wish that this country will forever remain so, a thriving, developing, progressive nation that respects its citizens and gives each and every one of us, our space to live and let live in peace and prosper together as one people?

We can do this if only we free ourselves and our minds from being suspicious of each other?

Sure, there will always be those sickos amongst us who will rattle the saber so to speak and try to unleash chaos and mayhem just to further their own vested agendas?

To hell with them!

Just remain rational and realize that we are all brothers and sisters who are called Malaysians the minute we step out of this country and are not segregated according to our race by the foreigners?

Yes, America is a bit paranoid of all Malaysians but hello, there is a whole wide world of other countries we can visit ?

Remember the good old days when Malaysians built the foundations of this country?

Malays, Chinese, Indians, Orang Asli's, Eurasians and all other ethnicities joined together and helped lay down the foundations of Malaya which is now Malaysia?

We can do that again with supporting Barisan Rakyat, the People's Front!

I wish to express my sincere gratitude once again to Saudara Lim Guan Eng! Malaysians Boleh!!!

Go do us proud!


anthraxxxx said...

Brother mahaguru,

As expected, UMNO has started to discredit BR's efforts by making noise on the abolishment of NEP in Penang. What are your views on this?

MAHAGURU58 said...

Brother anthraxxxx,

I shall respond to your question with a whole article on the subject.

For starters, here's a prelude.

Time to lay out the truth with regards to what I as a Muslim who believes absolutely that our true Islamic teachings does not discriminate between ethnicities!

Malaysians need to know the difference between the Muslims of UMNO and those in PAS?

UMNO Malays are racists.

Yes they are Muslims but they are nationalists.

To them race is all that is important but they fail to remember Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam's Last Sermon to ALL MANKIND!

Those of us who support PAS are humanists.

We do not differentiate based on skin color.

Yes, we are Muslims and we are those who are being labeled as 'Islamofascists, extremists, etc.

Well, this Muslim has yet to go force anyone from the Non Muslims here in Malaysia to be a Muslim!

This Muslim here has yet to go chop off any Non Muslim's head or hand just because we are different?

Hell, there are so many Islamophobes out here that warrant being kicked in the ass or wherever else for BELIEVING the bull that UMNO nationalists spew and threaten the Non Malays and think that all Muslims here are like those who are in the BN's UMNO?

Believe me when I say that Muslims like me or those in PAS will lay down our lives and die defending anyone who is in our protection before we allow anyone to harm you IF and WHEN the situations get to ever be like that in this land?

May Allah forbid!

Muslims who follow true Islamic teachings as left to us by God's Last Messenger are not bothered as to who you are or what faith you ascribe to as long as you are not hostile to us?

The Jews of Medina in the Prophet's time signed a treaty with him and lived in relative peace amongst the Muslims save for those hypocrites who waged a clandestine war against the Believers.

As far as the NEP is concerned, it is but a nationalist agenda which has more to do with spoon feeding the Malays rather than having to do with Muslims.

There is a difference there.

Not all Malays support UMNO's divide and rule policies.

That's why we have the Islamic Party of Malaysia @ PAS which will not compromise with UMNO with regard to these unfair and discriminating policies!

As far as I am concerned, I have not and do not depend on UMNO for my sustenance.

To me, the NEP is just a policy of the crooks in BN who do not actually give benefit to all Malays.

The NEP is enjoyed by UMNO's leadership not the average Malay in the kampongs and city areas.

So, to conclude here I say 'Well done' to Guan Eng.

Let's be fair to all and strive hard to earn our keep.

That to me is more honorable than to gorge oneself silly whilst our fellow Malaysians from other races go hungry!!!

Islam forbids us to enrich ourself and leave our neighbors poor!

The Holy Prophet warns us in his hadith not to feast on our own whilst our poor neighbor goes to bed with a hungry stomach!

The food becomes HARAM for those who did not share it with their neighbor!

It is a parable for us here in Malaysia to not discriminate between Muslims and Non Muslims in sharing wealth and opportunities between us Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc.

Ask any true Muslim about this?

He or she will concur.

This is the very reason why I challenged Karpal Singh about his 'cross his dead body statement'?

He has not been given the true picture about Islam and I don't blame him for his misunderstanding.

It is the racist and discriminatory ways of UMNO that has misled Non Muslims into thinking that their ways are Islamic ways?

No way!

I and others like me in ABIM and ACCIN are trying to share with those of you Non Muslims as to what Islam really is?

It's not easy, I tell you.

Years and years of misleading policies of UMNO has led to this sad situation where Muslims like us get branded as this and that together with the racists and nationalists just because we share the same faith as them?

In reality we are not as they are?

That's why PAS still exists.

The day that UMNO returns to true Islamic teachings and drops all these racist and nationalist policies, PAS has promised to be together with them and live as true Muslims.

Right now, we are witnessing the nationalists trying to again use the racial card to wreak havoc?

I believe that Malaysians are more mature now and know how to differentiate between UMNO Malays and us Malaysian Muslims.

I ask all Malaysians to support Barisan Rakyat and stop believing in the crap that the BN still tries to dish out to us?

Look at the way the Barisan Rakyat government have started to deliver?

We owe it to ourselves and our family to stay calm and not be drawn into their agendas.

Work together to make Malaysia our home, free and fair to all.

That's it for now. Thank you.

Peace to all Malaysians.

We who are Muslims

East-West said...

Let's look to a new dawn for all Malaysians!!

malayamuda said...

now isnt that great !

Chief Minister is Bangsa Malaysia, deputy Chief Ministers also Bangsa Malaysia.

You know Mahaguru, somehow I feel with these openess in the new administration, BN is going to have a though act to follow.

They said if we voted opposition country will lose investors and there will be civil unrest. We proved them wrong unless Pak Lah is planning something for tomorrow since he like the number 13.

They said if we voted MIC and MCA out there wont be chinese or indian reps in cabinet. Again I think that wont happen.

They were quite sure the Chinese and Indians will not vote PAS and again we proved them wrong !

Now what will they say if in Pahang we dont have chinese and Indian Timbalan Menteri Besar from ethnic chinese and indians or maybe even Deputy Prime Minister.

BN is in for trouble. The opposition is a tough act to follow.

anthraxxxx said...

Thank you for the swift reply brother.

For me, I am definitely against any form of hostility against other faiths because I was brought up in a multi-faith and multi-ethnics environment in my beloved Malacca, beginning from the early 80s. My primary school is multiracial and even my kampung is a multiracial mix. So there is a good exposure for me since I was young. As a Malaysian, I am really looking forward to see peace would prevail in this nation and I also hope my children will also experience what I have experienced as a child.

Take care brother.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Thank you all for your feedback.

Do know that we are all in the same boat and we need to make sure that no one gets a chance to drill a hole in our ship?

Malaysia is our home and we must defend it against those who just want to keep lording it over us using the racist policies of the BN!

Let's support the Barisan Rakyat and prosper together.

Emmanuel said...

Hehe bro....

Give a few months and those suspicious of the abolishment of the NEP will be satisfied when they feel the effect of more money in the pocket, a better economy and a cleaner, leaver government!

Hidup Barisan Rakyat!!

I helped with the campaign in Klang.It was heart wrenching to see Manoharan's mum crying for her son who is in ISA, and more heartwarming to see the PAS guys there cry too.

It was a beautiful experience for me where PAS stood hand in hand with the DAP to guard the polling stations against pengundi hantu.

It was touching and amazing to see when Ronnie came out victorious in Dewan Hamzah Klang, the ustaz ustaz from PAS cry, embrace him hold up his hand and cry Takbir!!

And reading a doa kesyukuran for him! Amazing, my brother is the only word! And to think 3 weeks ago, if you were to tell anyone this they would laugh at you and tell you it was impossible.

The eyes of the people are now wide open.We were never enemies after all.And we had a common enemy all along.

malayamuda said...

you know when i heard that during campaining at Lembah Pantai, Datuk seri Anwar Ibrahim said he would release the Hindraf leaders if they were found not to have any connection with terrorists.

The largely Malay crowd, clapped and cheered him.

I had tears in my eyes when I read that. Malaysia is dismantling racism and racial discrimination which has been state sponsored for the past 40 years

Antares said...

We were living under a curse for 22 years. An Indian Muslim man like yourself - but whose heart was nowhere as pure as yours and whose faith was merely for the sake of appearances - with a powerful name (meaning, in Sanskrit, Great Hero) put the entire nation under a hypnotic trance and foisted on us a false vision of development (only material, but not spiritual, and only superficially intellectual). There was much fear during his reign and, indeed, his detractors were correct in naming him Mahafiraun. Under his iron-fisted rule, the police force was bent to do his bidding (even committing crimes on his behalf); the judiciary was attacked and enfeebled almost beyond restoration; and the news media were castrated and forced to sing his praises in high-pitched voices. Then the turning point came in 1997 when his deputy took over as acting PM for two months and showed himself to be too independent-minded. From that moment on the rift between the PM and his deputy grew into an open feud, and finally war was declared when the DPM was sacked, arrested, beaten up by the IGP, subjected to a grotesque mockery of justice and imprisoned for 15 years. The ISA was invoked repeatedly to silence the outspoken and scare the rest of the nation into submission. This public washing of Umno dirty linen ultimately forced the retirement of our Mahafiraun. His successor came in smiling affably and promised reforms. But nothing changed, the corruption only got visibly worse; by early 2007 it was obvious to everybody that Umno-BN was getting away with MURDER! This is why on March 8, 2008, there was a tsunami of anti-BN sentiment that swept away the 50-year-old curse and broke the spell of Umno supremacy. BN's dangerous policy of racial politics was exposed as nothing more than a way to fleece us of our collective wealth and hijack our destiny as free, open-hearted and peace-loving peoples. And now the dark cloud has been blown away and the sunlight is beginning to dispel the shadows. Let noble qualities flourish once again in this fair land. Let us be governed above all by love, compassion, and wisdom. Never again shall we allow ignoble characters the chance to hide behind big desks and expensive suits. May our beloved Malaysia attain glory and distinction not through infantile publicity stunts (like putting a Proton on the North Pole or sending a gay dentist into space on a Russian craft) but by the courage, honesty, talent, and
joy on the faces of all our children and grandchildren.