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Monday, March 17, 2008

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah predicts BN's Fall in 13th GE.

Looks like UMNO is about to face the greatest challenge to it's existence in a few months from now as one by one of it's top leaders are calling for the party to convene and discuss the future of the Malay Nationalist party which has been calling the shots of the Malaysian Federal Government under the Barisan Nasional since the nation came into being in 1957?

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is the second high ranking UMNO official to come out with a letter that is creating a tidal wave crashing onto the UMNO leadership.

Although his letter to all the UMNO Chiefs and Division Chairmen is not calling directly for UMNO President Abdullah Badawi to resign but it's implication is just going to rock the party to it's foundations!

Tengku Razaleigh is very straight forward in his letter and openly states his fears that the BN will be wiped out in the next Malaysian General Elections?

UMNO is facing it's greatest challenge and might even be looking at the possibility of never ever regaining it's political leadership in the future?

I just see one way for them to get out of this predicament. Change of leadership and also their arrogant mindset.

Looks like 'I am Prime Minister' Abdullah Badawi is the root cause of UMNO's downfall.

When do you think the reality is going to hit the fella? From the way we all know his style, he is going to just deny that it was his fault and there will be many of the UMNO fellas who will go and tell him,' Kami tetap sokong Dato' Seri!'

It is these types of morons in UMNO who are the ones who have and are bringing the Malay nationalist party to it's demise.

What do you think? Will Abdullah Badawi make it through this political storm about to smash UMNO and take him along with it?

Click on to the scans here to read these letters in a larger view.


malayamuda said...

Brother Mahaguru,

The faster BN falls the better for us. Look at how many files are going missing from the Kedah and Selangor state governments.

If there is nothing to hide why steal the files? Corruption is rampant by the BN.

I believe Putrajaya will also be going thru their files to see which should be discarded within the next 3 months just in case Dato Seri Anwar manages to come to power.

We need a change. POwer breeds corruption, absolute power breeds absolute corruption.

Mr Rajamani Thialan said...

Brother Mahaguru, If Pak Lah resigns, Najib will probably succeed him.Is Najib better than Pak Lah?


MAHAGURU58 said...

My sentiments exactly Brother Malayamuda!

The old Malay adage comes to mind. 'Berani kerana benar ; Takut jika bersalah'.

The destroying of official files by the previous BN State Governments just proves that they have something to hide?

Everyone who has at least an iota of commonsense will know that such files are being destroyed or hidden because of incriminating proof of wrongdoing or proof of corrupt dealings?

So, this just goes to add further suspicions of the general Malaysian public about the BN!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Brother Thialan,

It's common knowledge that Najib does not have the strength of conviction to stand up for the truth because he too has his fair share of skeletons in his closet.

Everyone speaks of his connections to the Altantuya case, his khalwat cases and his failure to be firm against the excesses of Abdullah Badawi because he might be also in on those matters?

Whatever it is , the end of the BN is in the horizon.

Let's see what happens next?

To answer your question as to whether Najib is better than Pak Lah, I say no.

He's just trying to play safe and watch his position as the DPM.

I say such a position only betrays his self vested agenda and he does not give a shit about the welfare of the general Malaysian population.

Mr Rajamani Thialan said...

Thanks for that comment brother. Have you seen the news? Rafidah has been dropped, Tan Sri Hj Muhyiddin Yassin now is the MITI minister. Zaid Ibrahim is the law minister and MIC has lost the works ministry.

Your thoughts on this..


red_devilz88 said...

Y are u giving us news and words bout what people are saying on our government or the shadow government?i want the politician, to blog about what had they been doing for the people. Please do not dig other people's skeleton in the closet. That's not what ANY servant of the people should be doing. 'YANG BERKHIDMAT'(Sabah had change the YB definition to that apparently).If a minister is doing a good job, i do not care he has a sex scandal or not. I will respect him if he steps down because it's ministerial responsibility. But if he choose to stay, well and good for me.