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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tsu Koon offers to quit ; how about Abdullah Badawi?

I would like to congratulate Koh Tsu Koon for at least having the commonsense and show of integrity by offering to resign honorably from his Gerakan acting Presidential post as a mark of accepting responsibility over GERAKAN's total wipe out from the 12th Malaysian General Elections yesterday!

At least he still has the balls to own up to his failure in retaining the GERAKAN's hold of power over my home State of Penang and Province Wellesley?

The irony is that his BN Chairman in the person of the thick skinned and recalcitrant Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi does not have the slightest sense of gentlemanly conduct by refusing to admit any wrongdoing or blame on his part and still chooses to shamelessly remain as the Malaysian Prime Minister despite his coalition being kicked out of 4 major states of Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor that they had lorded over all these 50 years?

The BN even failed to even make any inroads into their most coveted State of Kelantan from the rule of their arch political enemy, PAS, the Islamic Party of Malaysia?

If Abdullah Badawi had any sense of shame or integrity, he would have seen the tremendous show of disgust that the Malaysian citizens have shown for him and his BN Coalition Government in yesterday's 12th Malaysian GE?

Problem is his epidermis is thicker than an elephant's butt or African rhino?

What shall we do? Can we recommend an overnight soak in sulphuric acid or some other form of skin softener or thinner?

Any dermaticians or skin specialists out there?

Hehehehe...this is one stubborn case of the shameless who fails to understand the Malaysian people's signal to him!

By the way, I learn that the grand old man of Malaysian politics, former Malaysian PM, Tun Mahathir is now calling for Abdullah to resign as he has practically been the sole cause for BN's loss of those 4 major peninsular states from the clutches of the ruling coalition?

Err...Tun! Aren't you the very person who put him there in the PM's seat?

Should we thank you for giving the Barisan Rakyat the much needed trump card in the form of the people's collective hatred of Abdullah Badawi, that we needed as a viable excuse to kick the BN out of power in those states?

I mean this could be regarded as a starting turning point for us Malaysians to achieve total freedom and escape from the BN's dictatorship in the next 13th Malaysian GE?

So, Thank you Dr M for making our wishes come true! At least Penang is now free from Koh Tsu Koon's lethargic ball carrying apple polishing sucking up to the sleepyhead of Kepala Batas!

We also thank you the people of Sg Siput for kicking Samy Vellu in his balls and sending him home crying with his tail tucked deeply between his sorry butt!!!

Rombo Nandrik! Thanks Malaysians of Sg Siput!!! You folks have made our day all over Malaysia!!! Really appreciate you guys and gals! Terimakasih Malaysia!!!

The people would also like to express our appreciation to the voters of Sungai Petani for ridding the nation of the latest Bodek King @ Zainuddin Maidin to rule over the Radio Television Malaysia and Propaganda Ministry who sort of fouled up our nation's airwaves with half baked character assassinating ridiculous excuses for video clips showing the 'Pakatan Pembangkang' at their worst?

How is it that when the DAP, PKR and PAS unite as an alternative coalition of rightful Malaysian political parties, you insinuate them as being in the negative term of 'Pakatan Pembangkang' whereas when you kiss and cuddle with the MCA and MIC plus all the other ethnic based parties you get to call yourselves as Barisan Nasional?

You think Malaysians of today can't see through your attempts at labeling and playing around with double meaning loaded words, terms and expressions?

Hello!!! Welcome to the world of where we Bloggers of Malaysia will kick your sorry ass butts and expose you for the dimwits you truly are???

Talk about idiots pretending to be intellectuals and masquerading as honorable politicians?
Humbug!!! A total failure as far as being a leader can ever be?

So, will we see history in the making ala Nixon as far as the BN b'leader is concerned?

Will he wise up to doing the right thing which would be to resign as we all wish him to do and save us the trouble of having to drub him out in the next GE?

What do you think? Will he quit or remain as the clueless one in Putrajaya, still?


YuTor said...

found this comment on one of the blogs about TDM trying to force Pak Lah out

Pang HC Says:
March 9, 2008 at 4:22 pm

Rerun of 1969 -Razak/Mahathir/Ghazali staged coup against Tunku after Alliance’s heavy loss. It’s one full circle - Mahathir/Najib staging another coup against Pak Lah - this is a sinister plot of getting rid of Pak Lah with Najib ala UMNO style and a reasserting of Mahathir’s influence. We don’t need Mahathir to teach us how to discern — Najib will be a nightmare!

Pak Lah must resign the whole Umno team and having won they won't be doing that. Enforcing the original constitution is still the best method and Barisan Rakyat must work towards it.

Maverick SM said...

Thats the difference between an honorable man and a power crazy idiot.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Both you gents have stated the obvious.

Yutor , the day that the UMNO fellas including the sleepyhead of Kepala Batas does that, cats will grow horns and the sun will rise from the west!

They are too damn proud to even say that they are sorry?

Siong said...

can u be assured that nagib can do a better job? doubtful...

EdChoo said...

Aiyah, our PM and all the outgoing MBs of Selangor, Kedah and Perak are either still seeing stars in lala land or they must be just too 'angkuh' too admit their mistakes and offer to resign.

I don't think PM will resign for now. He has got too much pride. I see Khairy's little dirty invisible hand at play now. He's telling PM, why should you resign! We still won the election, right, eventhough not by the 2/3 majority we were hoping for, but a win is still a win. We have been given a majority and a mandate by the people to form the next government. You knowlah, Khairy, spin, spin and more spin. PM also blur, already.

But what to do, Khairy himself is in deep shit with all the toes he stepped on and all the people he shit on along the way. People especially our DPM are gunning for his ass. Game over for him if PM steps down tomorrow.

PM is staying firm for the next couple of days and hoping to ride out this wave of discontent. At this moment no cabinet ministers, MBs, CMs or BN MPs have openly voiced out for his resignation. All the ministers went to his residence and pledge support, blah, blah, blah. Playing mind games only. My reading is everyone is just waiting for someone to speak out. To get the ball rolling per se. You know,lah all kaki bodek. So a waiting game,lah. You wait for me, I wait for you. Nobody wants to be the bad guy. At the end of the day, no one will speak out. So PM is just sitting tight and waiting for this to happen. Silence is golden.

He will probably ride this out till the next UMNO General Assembly. Anything can happen then...maybe a challenge??? Ting Ting Round 1....anyone!

I see this result as a fantastic result for the opposition and if all these elected MPs do well in fulfilling their pledges and promises, I foresee a really possibility of the opposition forming the next federal government in 2012.

2008 is just a prelude of what's to come in 2012..

Valhalla said...