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Sunday, March 23, 2008

When is Mahathir going to apologize to us Malaysians?

I am sure that many of us appreciate the way Zaid Ibrahim, the new Minister of Law in the Prime Minister's Department has come forward with an apology on behalf of the BN Federal Government for the way the judiciary was brutalized by the Government of Mahathir Mohamad in 1998!

For all the adulations that Mahathir received for bringing Malaysia out from the struggling economy back then as a result of the prevailing financial storm in that year, it can't be denied that Mahathir throttled the judiciary and choked the life out of it with his overpowering dictatorship!

The thing I would like to ask has Mahathir ever apologized sincerely for his screwups after all these years?

I know that the Grand Old Man of Malaysian Politics has a way of seeming to say that he is sorry for this and that but if I read him correctly, he was just being sarcastic and not really being repentant as in the manner he spoke at the Century Paradise Club in Hulu Kelang!

The Dialogue with Mahathir came about as a result of my suggestion to Raja Petra Kamarudin to give Mahathir a column in his web portal for us to communicate with Mahathir but Raja Petra countered by proposing to host the former PM with a dialogue and allowed us to have a one on one with him at the club!

Follow up with the rest of the 'dialogue' by clicking to the links below:

As you can see, Mahathir was being sarcastic in 'apologizing' to the nation for his crimes against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim?

The thing is will Mahathir ever sincerely apologize for:
  • sacking Tun Salleh Abas?
  • allowing so many corrupt politicians to remain in the BN?
  • appointing Abdullah Badawi as his successor and screwing up the nation in the process?
  • a zillion of other things that we can fault him and his 22 long years of lording it over us?
I for one don't think that Mahathir will ever apologize to Malaysians in the real sense?

We just might have to live with it and see what other drama is going to take place in Malaysia?


anthraxxxx said...

Whether he'll apologize ornot, I think he'll answered like what he was asked about Anwar's prospect in becoming PM:-

"In your dreams".

MAHAGURU58 said...

Hahahahaha! We all know that Mahathir 'ada batu besar atas kapala!'

Damn big ego I hear?


CP Waterman said...

Mahathir certainly has a big part to apologise to the nation for what wrongs he has done.God has been exceedingly gracious to have accorded him the EXTRA time & oportunity to go so.
The fact that Badawi enjoyed a massive mandate in 2004 to clean up the wrongs but did nothing about it lends him an equal part to apologise too and should take immediate actions to prove his rependence, if he ever apologise.

MAHAGURU58 said...

The fact remains that both Mahathir and Pak Lah have a lot of apologizing to do but both chaps have permanently bloated egos that stops them from doing so.

I'd be happy if either one proves me wrong!

Thegame said...

Dear countryman
God is keeping the old rat alive so that he will pay for all the wrong he has done to us and the country.Once the judicairy is in place the game will begin.Said Ibrahim is the man who will see to it.After that its up to the civil society to bring charges against this evil maha-thirudan.God's will shall prevail.His law is supreme.

MAHAGURU58 said...

The BN itself is going through a volatile upheaval as we speak?

Terengganu is witnessing a royal mess ! (Pun intended).

The MB elect is said to be a serial rapist?

The former MB is said to have enriched his family's enterprise and has fattened his wallet with ill gotten gains and also accused of being rude to His Majesty The Sultan of Terengganu?

Wonder whether Zaid Ibrahim might be able to drag Mahathir before the courts?

Even the Judiciary and Justice System is said to be 'Just Tease'?

I have my doubts sir. :(

DOITNOW said...

Whats an apology? its cheap even if its not forthcoming from Tun Mahathir. He will not condescend to even apologise due to his pride and arrogance.

For the injustices to nation and people in the 22 years of his autocratic rule, surely we cannot settle for an apology. It is too simple, too cheap and too frivolous.

Instead, we should bring to book all the perpe"traitors" of all the wrongs, injustices, corruption, rape of the nation's coffers,marginalisation of the people, etc.etc.. We need to make them all ACCOUNTABLE for their dastardly acts, and to make restitution where required and possible. They should be made to pay for their crimes against the Malaysian people and humanity.

The talking is over, the people have spoken. We need to see Justice done. That is what I expect the least from Zaid if he indeed is who he professes to be, and the duties he pledged to discharge.

MAHAGURU58 said...

That's the problem with octogenarian dictators.

You can't go whip the old fella because of his age and double bypass heart surgery?

Can't throw him into prison either.

So, that's the stalemate we face.

What can Zaid do?

DOITNOW said...

No, we cant be paralysed to take action just because he is an octogenarian. We can pursue to recover any illgotten gains, we can reinstate all those who were wrongly indicted. We must go undo all the wrongs and injustices, either in the system, the institutions, the laws.

As for him, he can be brought to trial, and put under house arrest when found quilty, shame him, cut him out from society (the likes of Suharto??) deny him any political platform, withdraw his honors, consign him to be citizen M which will be the biggest dent to his ego. so, there are many many ways to apply justice.

Zaid should pursue ACCOUNTABILITY irrespective of race or position. Then and only then can credibility and dignity be restored in our country...

A Voice said...

There is a thing called "a person is innocent until proven guilty". Using the same logic, a person is "not obliged to apologise unless he is proven wrong".

The popular opinion is that he is blamed for the Salleh Abas dismissal. Whose opinion is that? Salleh Abas, his supporters, Bar Council, and anyone in support of it.

Don't you think Mahathir should be given a chance to answer. Maybe he has certain fact that no one else knows.

As I see the fact, there was justification for Salleh Abas to be put on review. What I see as wrong is Hamid being on the panel of Judges to review Salleh Abas. Is that Mahathir doing it or Hamid? The power to appoint lies with the standby Court President.

Now thats just me talking. I am no Mahathir. Do save me from details. I'll let lawyers do the talking.

Zaid apologies raised an issue of credibility on him. In 1991, he led a group of lawyers to demand for a Special EGM to request Bar Council to stop questioning Hamid Omar. Thats hipocrasy. I do not buy the words of a hypocrit.

I am sure you are aware of Zaid's role in Interfaith issues. Is he not considered a fasiq? Do you believe a fasiq?

Fasiq and Munafiq ... wow double dip.

As I see, if Zaid is serious abt improving the judiciary, he better deal with the real issue of judicial reform and not trying to be popular by succumbing to mob demands.

As it is Karpal has sounded off Bar Council support for Zaid's apology as stupid. Koh Tsu Koon said the same thing abt dealing with the real issues of judicial reform.