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Friday, March 14, 2008

Who should replace Abdullah Badawi as the new PM?

Since everyone is now calling for Abdullah Badawi to call it quits and to resign gracefully or suffer a vote of no confidence in the next UMNO General Assembly since the BN is still running the Federal Government of Malaysia, I would like to ask you as to who do you think merits being the next Malaysian Prime Minister?

I know that it's tough to choose from the BN's stable of crooks and gooks but just for the sake of choosing a viable successor, who do you think is worth selecting from the BN's basket case of rotten eggs?

Everyone will sure cry foul if Najib is selected for the man is accused of having connections to Razak Baginda's case and the exploded Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu?

Who else?


The man doesn't come across as Mr.Feel Good and there is a very big chance of the nation losing it's smile for the very sombre character that he is?

Let me see....Hishamuddin?


All the Chinese will cry,'No Way!!! We don't want no Kerismuddin!'

Rais Yatim?

Maybe... We can all sport Baju Malaysia and be the most stylish ones in Asean.

Abdul Hamid Jabbar?

Can be considered.

But anyway, let's all wait and see if ol' sleepy head from Kepala Batas has any ounce of self respect in him to heed Mukhriz's call?

From my observation of the fellow, I don't see him even paying a hoot to Mukhriz for the Imam Hadhari is so full of himself that he can't hear all these insults and lambasts against him?

Yet, in the spirit of thinking positive, tell me who do you think qualifies to replace Abdullah Badawi?


Kata Tak Nak said...

It's like choosing the best hyena in a pack of hungry ones.
Maybe Razaleigh. Why? I don't know, as long as its not Najib.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Cikgu!

Hehehehehe...that's the truth.

We are lost for choice because every BN bugger has a track record that stinks like hell...not that I have been there yet?

Hehehehe...Razaleigh, eh?

Isn't he a bit too old to lead Malaysia?

Anyway, let's see what others have to say?

Thanks Cikgu.

Hope u r in the best of health.


Henrik Gustav said...

must not be najib or hishamuddin.

shahir would be awesome, but get no support.

i don't see UMNO being saved in near future

anthraxxxx said...

Definitely not Khairy LOL.

malayamuda said...

who will replace Bodowi ?

well Mahathir has destroyed practically everyone there is no one left to head UMNO

Well definate not Najib, BN is so concerned about Anwar spoiling Malaysia's name overseas they definately wont want to jeapordise Malaysia's good name by putting Mr Mongolia there.

Muhyidin cannot la, like you said he looks sad all the time and he seems to have village cave man thinking.

Who else ? Hishamuddin nom way. He's too childish. He may brandish his Keris and come next elections they will lose all states.

Hurm........... Boy Oh Boy there is NO ONE Lah expect Anwar Ibrahim from the opposition.......

I hope BN will just disintigrate and just close shop.

The Sarawakians and Sabahans are the King makers now ? Why not give Anwar Ibrahim a shot.......cant be worse that he rotten eggs we have now

donplaypuks said...

i don't think it really matters since BN will not form the govt. after the next elections.I predict that the coalition parties in Sabah & Sarawak will desert BN sooner, if not later.

My evaluation of candidates you mentioned and why they cannot be PM:

Mopydopyddin - unexplained wealth
Kerismudin - racial monger, immature
StickyRice - hypocrite after writing 'why ISA must be abolished'Phd thesis. racist in disguise
Jabbar The Hut - secret agenda to go to war with S'pore after what happened to his dad who started communal riots there

But if I my 'drutthers, then perhaps an acceptable candidate to lead BN is someone completely from the outside like Hussein Onn - after only the dead can lead the dead!!

Yayasan Mariam said...

I'd love to see shahrir in that position, so far he seems to be the sane one around. But then again, that was said about pak lah not so long ago, and see what happened?

donplaypuks said...

Further comments on likely new PM:

Mr. Rosmajib - illegally runs Mindef, b4 this, Min of Edu. Has banrupted both and is now a billionaire.

Raleighbikes - has still not explained negligence in 1st Bank Bumi scandal. cannot be trusted after planned coup against Maha Firaun Darthvader

Maha Firaun Darthvader II - no experience, will be a puppet of Maha Firaun Darthvader I

BravoTango said...

Duh..we gave DSAI the benefit of doubt for you know what, shouldn't the same principle applies to Najib, too? Or do one understands that now the only good Melayu is a dead Melayu, at least those in UMNO that is?

MAHAGURU58 said...

Hahahahaha...very enlightening comments from all you fine folks!

Thank you.

Keep them coming!

Will see u all after prayers.

It's Friday and I have to run.

Have a good lunch folks.

Hidup Barisan Rakyat..that is if the boys keep calm and rational.

I surely hope so.


Anonymous said...

from BN,
i don't see much great credibility for another PM from BN. Shahrir Samad seems to be the best, though, from having his own firm stance in certain issues.

btw, i'm 'Penulis' from the comments given to you before. I've written something finally. Criticisms and comments is highly welcomed.

dhomirhahs said...

Mukhriz ...

yes, Definitely not Khairy
donplaypuks said...

Maha Firaun Darthvader II - no experience, will be a puppet of Maha Firaun Darthvader I

better than somebody that had experience being puppet to unexperience ( like our "beloved " PM now

Denzuko1 said...

I remember when I was much younger, someone mentioned of this urban legend that the Prime Ministers ill follow a sequence which makes up of the word Rahman, started with Tungu Abdul Rahman, Abdul Razak, Hussen Onn, Mahathir Mohamad, Abdullah Badawi.

If this is true, the next in line should be Najib. Else Umno will have trouble finding another one matching the profile.

malayamuda said...

really funny these BN goons. Racism prevalent in UMNO and Abdullah Ahmad Bodowi gives stern warning to Lim Guan Eng.

Saw the NST today ? Kerismuddin says that if BN doesnt re invent itself it will lose support. He says that BN never listened to the people. But that goes to you to Keris. When people werent happy with your Keris acts in UMNO you didnt listen, you still came back the following year with the Keris. Try to show you have balls of steel.

Most of us who voted the opposition had the Keris in mind when we voted. So Kerismuddin should also resign together with Pak Lah

angrylittledog said...


Roti Kacang Merah said...

denzuko1, if that's the case, then it might prolly be 'Nuar Ibrahim, who knows?



if PM still has to come from BeeEnd, then Shahrir Samad, please. at least he got teloq for the things he believes what is right and wrong. InsyaAllah.

mytrainmaster said...

Remember someone said that Tun M wanted to repay Tun Razak for bringing him back into UMNO. That's why TDM is elevating Najib. Others suggested TDM elevates Razak's other sons.

Geez, this sounds like Yoda talking to Obi Wan. There is Nasir to bet on. I am not sure if he is a politician.

MAHAGURU58 said...


I agree that from all the remaining BN fellas, only Shahrir Samad seems to be the one with at least some sense of integrity in him.

The rest of the bunch are the 'We hear and we obey' kakis'.

These type of fellows can't be trusted as they would willingly bend over to accommodate Paklalalala.

The problem is that I hear that the UMNO Supreme Council aren't that happy with Shahrir due to his outspoken stance and his unwillingness to compromise with any of those corrupted ones?

Mukhriz is a newbie in the Parliament and has to accumulate some brownie points before he can be considered as a suitable candidate for consideration?

Let's see how things go.

Keep blogging.

Cheers. :)

MAHAGURU58 said...


I hear that PKR are asking for the SPR to do a recount for the Rembau seat that KJ won but don't know whether the SPR will do that?

Anyway, this KJ has a lot of 'screwups' in his past that are being scrutinized by the BR and most probably is not going to be able to sleep in peace with all his shit being dug up?

KJ can just dream of being the PM before 40 as has been stated in the internet sites.

The way things are going, the BR will be forming the next Federal Government of Malaysia.

If Datin Seri Wan Azizah gives way to Anwar for a by election to be held, most probably Anwar will win and the chances of MPs of Sabah and Sarawak doing a crossover to the BR might just see the BN be the Opposition very soon?

Let's see how it goes?

MAHAGURU58 said...

Thank you folks for your excellent feedback.

At least we now know that the 12th GE saw the BN get whupped real bad as a result of knowledgeable voters who have resorted to the internet to get the truth about the matters and cast their votes knowing full well that they hold the key to this nation's future?

Mahaguru58 salutes each and everyone of you for doing the right thing.

Let's now see if the BR whom we have voted into power know how to return the favor by ruling wisely and fairly over us?

Let's hear from more Malaysians as to whom they think should replace Abdullah Badawi?

MAHAGURU58 said...

Frankly speaking, I don't think that the R.A.H.M.A.N. theory ought to be believed in much?

From the looks of it, Abdullah Badawi is going to be booted out by the very UMNO members because right now he is a major liability to them!

That is if the UMNO Supreme Council manages to grow some balls by the time UMNO has it's annual General Convention again?

For all we know such a situation has never taken place yet?

Who knows if desperation drives the UMNO SC to doing just that?

nchanted cat said...

Scary isn't it? Running the country isn't going to be a party nowadays. Whatever it is, hopefully, before anyone becomes the next PM, questions on the Altantuya murder, judicial fix, commissions on military purchases, toll hikes etc, will be answered. It is really exhausting to find issues cropping up here and there and we are either treated like people with less than average intelligence by the answers given or we are just made to forget about them as they divert our attentions to other issues.

Does it ever end? The people have their own problems too, real ones - high cost of living.

DewA LavaU said...

why not Syed Hamid Albar?He is good too I guess.

aliya said...

All warfare is based on deception. I propose Najib as the PM and Hishamuddin as the DPM :P

pizza said...

I am surprised you folks left out Rafidah Aziz. She is well respected, knows her stuff and is a hard work. I feel she has what it takes, but the problem is Malaysian society may not be ready for a female PM.

Khairul H. said...

You guys are all wrong! The best candidate for the new President of UMNO and therefore PM of M'sia is....ME.

Undilah Khairul H.! Negara Maju, Rakyat Sihat!


But seriously, I don't see any viable candidate in UMNO. The two charismatic living leaders in that party were Mahathir and Anwar. Love them or hate them, you have to admit that these two had what it takes: ideas, charisma and the energy. I don't see that in any current UMNO elite. Shahrir maybe. But he doesn't have the numbers and frankly I dont know why he hasn't jumped over to PKR. Shahrir is probably the only straight arrow left in a party of broken arrows.

Pak Anjang Mail said...

We have denied BeeEnd d 2/3 they r kelam kabut at Perlis & Trengganu; d losers showing off at Penang; so on so forth...enough is enough, we hv said, right?

So, no need 2 get headaches/migraines thinking who else d best candidate frm BeeEnd.

Find ways 2 gain 2/3 majority for Barisan Rakyat, form a new government. Read what Dr Abd Aziz Bari said in Harakah Spescial Edition this week...we fully support d idea..then BeeEnd will really B D END...ha3.