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Friday, March 14, 2008

Who should replace Abdullah Badawi as the new PM?

Since everyone is now calling for Abdullah Badawi to call it quits and to resign gracefully or suffer a vote of no confidence in the next UMNO General Assembly since the BN is still running the Federal Government of Malaysia, I would like to ask you as to who do you think merits being the next Malaysian Prime Minister?

I know that it's tough to choose from the BN's stable of crooks and gooks but just for the sake of choosing a viable successor, who do you think is worth selecting from the BN's basket case of rotten eggs?

Everyone will sure cry foul if Najib is selected for the man is accused of having connections to Razak Baginda's case and the exploded Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu?

Who else?


The man doesn't come across as Mr.Feel Good and there is a very big chance of the nation losing it's smile for the very sombre character that he is?

Let me see....Hishamuddin?


All the Chinese will cry,'No Way!!! We don't want no Kerismuddin!'

Rais Yatim?

Maybe... We can all sport Baju Malaysia and be the most stylish ones in Asean.

Abdul Hamid Jabbar?

Can be considered.

But anyway, let's all wait and see if ol' sleepy head from Kepala Batas has any ounce of self respect in him to heed Mukhriz's call?

From my observation of the fellow, I don't see him even paying a hoot to Mukhriz for the Imam Hadhari is so full of himself that he can't hear all these insults and lambasts against him?

Yet, in the spirit of thinking positive, tell me who do you think qualifies to replace Abdullah Badawi?