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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pengajaran Hidup - Hanya kepada Allah daku berserah!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Saudara saudariku yang dihormati.

Didalam hidup diriku ini, kekadang diri ini terlalu prihatin dan risau tentang hal ehwal ahli keluarga diri ini jika mereka terlibat didalam permasaalahan hidup masing masing sehingga diri ini tidak dapat tidur lelap asyik risau dan bersedih diatas mala petaka yang menimpa diri mereka yang berada jauh dikampong halaman.

Bercucuran airmata ini turun membasahi pipi berduka diatas cobaan hidup duniawi ini dimana yang tercinta sedang bermasaalah jauh disana sedangkan diriku ini tidak berupaya terbang segera pergi membantu apa yang terdaya.

Maka diri ini lah yang beriya iya benar menelefon sekejap sekejap bertanya tanya tentang apa perkembangan situasi semasa disana dan risau memanjang prihatin kepada yang terlibat.

Namun setelah sehari dua diri ini berkeadaan runsing, risau, sedih dan tidak tenteram, terdengar kabar bahawa ahli keluarga tersebut sudah bebas, selesai masaalah dan kembali ke pangkuan keluarga.

Namun kekesalan terasa dihati bila yang dirisaukan, yang dirunsingkan siang dan malam, pagi dan petang tidak terasa perlunya menghubungi diri ini kembali menyatakan bahawa dirinya sudah selamat dan tidak perlu dikhuatirkan lagi?

Apakah sia sia diri ini berasa gundah gulana, mengalirkan airmata, terasa duka lara memikirkan tentang dia yang dirindui, manakala bagi dirinya seolah tidak mengambil peduli akan kerisauan orang tua ini yang sekian lama mengorbankan keperluan diri demi keselesaan dirinya dan meninggalkan segalanya berhijrah sehelai sepinggang ke kota besar mencari kedamaian dan ketenangan sekeping hati yang retak seribu, mencari keredhaan Ilahi demi mengakhiri sisa sisa hidup ini dengan usaha mencapai nafsul mutma'innah?

Ya Rabbi! Hanya padaMu hamba ini berserah, bertawakkal padaMu Ya Rahman kerna Dikau tidak menghampakan munajat dan do'a rintihan hati hamba hamba Mu Ya Allah.

Diri ini mempelajari satu pengajaran hidup tentang perlunya diri ini mengetahui samada harus atau tidak diri ini bersusah payah merisaukan tentang seseorang padahal insan itu tidak peduli sama sekali mengirim kabar, mengutus berita supaya hati manusia ini tenteram tidak bergundah gulana lagi?

Hanya Zikrullah sahaja menjadi penenang jiwa ku ini. Ya Dzul Jalali Wal Ikram.

Tawakkaltu Allallah hu La ila ha ill lall Laah huwal Azizul Hakim.

Qullu nafsin iza iqatul maut. Insya Allah.

The Life of the Last Prophet narrated by Yusuf Islam.

Dear readers,

May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon us all. Ameen.

To those who would like to learn about the greatest Messenger of God, Muhammad, the Mercy of Allah for all Creation, here are a series of videos provided by Sister Juwayriyah, who has graciously shared with us these delightful videoclips.

The narration is by Brother Syeikh Yusuf Islam, the former Cat Stevens, a popular superstar in the entertainment world of the United Kingdom in the 60s and 70s.

Listen to him sharing the 'Life of the Last Prophet' in the clearest of speech and articulation that is just so admirable.

May Allah reward the Syeikh for his efforts. Not forgetting Sister Juwayriyah for her contributions. Jazakallah dear Sis.

I have also shared here with you some heartfelt songs by a beautiful voiced singer called Sami Yusuf who has a wonderful way of singing about Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassalam, the very teacher of all Mankind sent to each and everyone of us , if only we put our hearts and minds to learning from him.

He teaches us to be kind to all in our life. I humbly call upon you my dear brother and sister to learn about the one who is our Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam. Insya Allah.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala cleanse our hearts of our egos and purify us with His Light!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Malaysian Night Markets are a Visual and Culinary Delight!

Greetings my fellow Malaysians.

I pray that you are in the best of health, wealth and having peace of mind.

I would like to share with you something that I am sure most of the Malaysian public would feel comfortable in visiting the night markets @ 'pasar malam' and tasting the simple delights of Malaysian culinary selections that are sold for a fraction of what it would cost us at the higher end places.

Welcome to the Pasar Malam's of Malaysia. Feast your eyes on what I have here for you.

This is 'Apam Kukus' @ Steamed Cake. Usually found being sold in the northern states. This Apam seller hails from Kedah. These 'apam' are eaten with salted coconut flakes. These particular 'apam' are sold at 5 cakes for a ringgit.

These Malay ladies are selling Chicken & Beef Satay and Rojak @ Fruit Salad with sweet, sour and spicy 'sambal'.

These are the sticks of satay waiting to be grilled over a blazing bed of charcoal. A stick of satay sells for 50sens here. Rice cakes are optional.

The durian seller. At the night markets, durians are usually sold at a bargain. As you can see in the background, three fruits were being sold for RM10.00. Besides them are the ones being sold for 2 fruits at RM10.00.

The special ones especially those D24 specimens are sold much more expensively. Such designer fruits can cost RM15 upwards each.

Your local grocery store on the streets of Malaysia. Lower income bracket Malaysians love shopping at night markets because the goods are usually fresh and sold at a price cheaper than at the big time superstores and hyper marts of this country.

These teenagers followed their mom to buy groceries. Good to see such bright sparks being filial to their mother. May they grow up as obedient and filial children, successful in their life's. Ameen.

Now, this is one trader who would surely brighten up any kid's night out with his or her parents?

The balloons seller!

And here is one video clip that will make some men copy down these fellows phone number for these guys offer a special service.

Male sexual health treatment using a special ointment. 'Minyak Belacak' @ Mudskipper Oil. So go ahead and enjoy watching this clip. Sure bound to be very interesting, I tell you! :P

Life is pretty fascinating here in Malaysia, right now. On one hand we are witnessing many new Opposition MP's @ the largest number of Opposition MP's in the history of Malaysia's Parliament!

But as some of my readers mention, it's been two months of non stop politics in the Blogosphere here so I am sharing all these other interesting facets of our unique Malaysian life.

Let's all not forget to appreciate what we have with us and stop going overboard in playing along to the political circus that we all need to take a break from every now and then.

We have only this one life here on Earth, people. Let's learn to stop and smell the roses or taste that 'Yong Tau Foo' so to speak.

After all, life is a whole kaleidoscope of sight, smell, sound and taste. Let's live it to the max!


Chow Kit Wet Market Central Kuala Lumpur

Dear readers,

I just uploaded one of the videos I took of the scenes around the Chow Kit Wet Market, a dynamic lively trading place for traders of Indonesian descent and one of the most interesting wet markets you can find here in the busy metropolis of Kuala Lumpur.

Just ask about 'Chow Kit' to any true blue KLite and you would get an interesting reply speaking of noisy fruit traders, fish sellers, chicken traders, vegetables, 'ulams', and anything else that Malaysians are fond of?

In this video I shot scenes of traders selling fruit, fritters, apam balik, used jeans, a medicine man and an ulam seller.

Hope you like it.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Elections Commission tries to muzzle People's Alliance.

I read with disgust the blatant attempt by the Elections Commission of Malaysia to muzzle the Malaysian People's Alliance @ Pakatan Rakyat by broadening their so called powers to control political parties from using the internet by way of using web sites, blogs and sms to carry out their campaigning?

Is this not the stupidest shameless unethical manner that the EC @ SPR has ever come up with to try bolster the BN's chances in the next GE?

I say that it's not only the dumbest thing I have come across since getting interested in our nation's social and political matters; it's also the clearest proof that this Elections Commission is clearly biased against the Malaysian Opposition parties!

Click here to read the report in Berita Harian of the Deputy Chairman of the EC, Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar stating the intentions of the Elections Commission to do just that pending the next Malaysian GE.

Opposition parties must rally their legal officers to look into the validity of the EC to attempt to muzzle the Opposition further and challenge this attempted violation of the right to free speech in court!

Not only has the BN monopolized the broadcast media, print media, etc. now their stooges in the EC are attempting to set limitations online as well?

Will Malaysia's Opposition remain silent about this?

Is there any limit to the EC's foolhardiness?


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pasar Pudu Kuala Lumpur Virtual Tour

Dear readers,

Join me as I take you on a virtual tour of Pasar Pudu, one of Kuala Lumpur's oldest wet markets. This market showcases mostly the Chinese traders and hawkers who congregate into a thriving hive of activity just off Jalan Pudu, another town in Kuala Lumpur that goes back hundreds of years.

As Malaysians, we have to acknowledge that there are various ethnicities who make up the kaleidoscope of multi faithed, multi cultural Malaysians who give our country it's unique identity.

Malaysia's wet markets are an interesting central point of traders coming together to offer for sale and exchange of goods that aren't found in hypermarkets and superstores that have cropped up in the major cities and towns of this country.

Frankly speaking, there are some stalls selling pork in the inner areas of the wet market and those who are squeamish ought to refrain from venturing forth into the deeper areas of the whole area.

Funny thing is that some of my fellow Muslims are so squeamish about coming into contact with the pig but have no qualms in committing other major sins without a second thought?

Like Zina for example. Contact with pork can be washed off using the 'Samak' procedure but the fruits of Zina causes illegitimacy to run in the lineage of it's perpetrators for generations and generations.

Islam even allows Muslims to consume the meat of the pig IF they are forced to in situations where there are NO OTHER alternative sources of sustenance to enable them to live?

Personally, I'd never resort to that if it really comes to such a choice! So help me God!

Sandals seller.

Bread seller.

Vegetable sellers

More interesting visuals coming up in the next post. Hope you enjoyed your tour.

Peace out!

UMNO Cheras Leader Dato Wira Syed Ali Al Habshee unplugged!

This is a video interview conducted by MalaysiakiniTV and other media of the Cheras UMNO Division Head Dato Wira Syed Ali Al Habshee who speaks out loud about many issues that he feels strongly about with regard to the present political storm ripping through the party.

Photos credit : Agenda Daily.Com

No doubt that it is too late for Dato Wira Syed Ali Al Habshee to do anything to reverse the political fortunes of UMNO under the weak administration of the embattled UMNO President and Malaysian Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The whole system of UMNO stands in danger of imploding from within because the party had been rotting from the core for many, many years and always had its Supreme Council members quick to cut off anyone who dared to go against the grain of the establishment?

As a result, quite a large number of dissatisfied members from UMNO's grassroots defied the KL Chiefs and in the last GE, voted against the BN.

Dato Wira Syed Ali Al Habshee is being open in his stating that it is ridiculous of Dato Seri Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn to have apologized for his unsheating of the Panca Warisan keris of UMNO and kissing it befitting his position as the UMNO Youth Chief in the last UMNO General Assembly!

He also speaks clearly that he is all for the present UMNO President to hand over power to Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak as soon as possible to prevent UMNO from sinking into the abyss of political has beens after their 5 decades of political dominance over this country which seems imminent seeing the way UMNO members nationwide are voicing out their dissatisfactions over the way Abdullah Badawi has handled himself and cost the BN the unprecedented loss of 4 more states in the recent polls!

The question now is whether Abdullah Badawi and his cronies will allow the very vocal Cheras UMNO Division Head to get off easily after this open call from Dato Wira Syed Ali Al Habshee asking Malaysian PM Abdullah Badawi to resign from his seats of power a.s.a.p.?

Has UMNO learned from their loss in the 12th GE or will they play see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil as usual?

To Dato Wira Syed Ali Al Habshee, good luck to you sir and hope that you brace yourself for the backlash coming your way.

The ballcarriers in the UMNO Supreme Council have still not been cured of the cataract clouding their eyes and have tons of earwax blocking their ear canals and befuddled brains that refuse to listen to reason, especially from folks like you who will be accused of having Arabian DNA in your blood?

Their definition of Malay is whoever will pawn his or her ideals and principles just for the sake of apple polishing the sleepy headed one in Seri Perdana.

Best wishes Dato! You surely are gonna be needing them. Lots and lots for sure!

Selamat berjuang!

PC World YouTube Channel helps solve internet problems.

Dear Readers,

I don't know whether you have come across this PCWorld channel online?

I find it quite useful because there are lots of tips being offered by the IT and Computer experts from PC World, sharing very useful information to those who have problems in surfing the net and handling their computers.

In the process of us surfing for the latest news and views about the social-political-religious issues that we care and feel strongly about, we should also update and educate ourselves as to the latest advancements taking place in the world of information technology and computers.

I for one believe that the editors of the PC World website are doing a great service for mankind.

May they be successful in their careers. Ameen.

Forum Perdana Prof.Dato Dr.Harun Din di Stadium Melawati malam ini.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh.

Insya Allah, malam ini akan di adakan Forum Perdana bertajuk 'Menjana Islam Syumul dikalangan Ummah' di Stadium Melawati, Bandaraya Shah Alam.

Majlis akan dimulakan pada jam 8.00 malam, Ahad 27hb April 2008 dimulai dengan Solat Isyak berjamaah.

Para panelis adalah:
  • Professor Dato Dr.Harun Din, Timbalan Mursyidul Am Parti Islam seMalaysia
  • Dato Ismail Kamus
  • Ustaz Roslan Mohamad
Moderator : Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri YB Dato Dr Hassan Mohamad Ali

Majlis Forum Perdana ini adalah anjuran Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor dan didokong Kerajaan Negeri Selangor Darul Ehsan.

War warkan lah tentang majlis ilmu ini. Semoga program program sebegini terus dijalankan dan juga para ulamak muktabar didalam negara ini akan turun ke padang, membimbing ummah ke arah kebaikan dan berusaha menghindari masyarakat dari terus hanyut dibawa arus maksiat yang sedang bermaharajalela di tengah tengah orang orang Melayu akibat kealpaan kerajaan persekutuan Barisan Nasional yang sibuk berpolitik sehingga hal ehwal tarbiyah umat Islam dibiarkan sahaja.

Nasib rakyat beragama Islam wajib di ambil tahu oleh para pemimpin kerajaan bukan setakat di biarkan mereka terbawa bawa dengan budaya hedonisma yang boleh menghancurkan masa depan ummah.

Jangan lupa. Malam ini jam 8.00, Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Semoga Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala merahmati kita semua. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mahathir's HardTalk against Abdullah Badawi

It comes as no surprise to me in watching Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad expose his mean streak in lambasting the current Malaysian Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi on the BBC's HardTalk political discussion program hosted by Stephen Sackur, the equally caustic BBC host recently.

The thing is Mahathir shows his true colors by remaining obstinate and portrayal of the delusions of his own self thinking that he is the squeaky clean best former Malaysian Prime Minister for all time?

I believe that it is as people say that some people can go to such lengths in being a narcissist that whatever they conclude and think of themselves being so perfect and sin free, that they really live in a cocoon of self worshipping state of dementia that they refuse to believe that they have erred in their ways in their life?

Mahathir Mohamad shows such tendencies and I for one think that he will never come out of it?

Din Merican wrote about Mahathir's rants and raves in a letter to Malaysiakini where he says Mahathir has shot himself in his mouth and foot repeatedly all these while and this time he has done it on world television for the HardTalk BBC program is watched worldwide by billions of people.

There's one more part that the BBC dare not share with the world here in You Tube where Mahathir socks it to the Brits and the Zionist Jews and remains firm towards Stephen Sackur and doesn't give him room to pin Mahathir down any where in the Hard Talk program!

Mahathir may not be the best Malaysian Leader of all time but he sure has balls of titanium in standing up to the Western media especially the notorious Hard Talk host Stephen Sackur who almost always drives other leaders flustered in trying to answer his hard hitting slammos!

The Mahathir phenom is here to stay and there's no way this old man is gonna keel over and say sorry to anyone!

What's your take on the Hard Talk episode here?

Is Mahathir right or wrong in sticking to his guns and refusing to apologize for his actions when he was in power?

I ask that those who wish to comment on this topic do so in acceptable manners. Thank you.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Antara Melayu Menghunus Keris dan Gertakan Maori!

Tergerak hati ini membicarakan kemelut yang sedang dihadapi pelbagai lapisan masyarakat di Malaysia.

Pertama sekali saya melihat keadaan Melayu seperti Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn yang dituduh menakutkan orang orang bukan Melayu dengan penghunusan keris UMNO nya.

Bagi saya, keris itu dah lambang Melayu UMNO. Dia sebagai Ketua Pemuda UMNO berhak menghunus kerisnya dan melafazkan taat setianya terhadap sumpah setia mempertahankan jati diri orang orang Melayu.

Itu tak menjadi salah. Perbuatan menghunus keris dan mengancam membasahi keris tersebut dengan darah orang orang Cina seperti dilakukan oleh Najib Tun Razak itu yang salah semasa Najib menjadi Ketua Pemuda UMNO dahulu!

Jika perbuatan mengancam sesuatu kaum seperti yang dilakukan Najib didiamkan , maka itu tidak adil namanya kerana ada unsur ancaman tertentu terhadap sesama warganegara!

Ada perbezaan diantara tindakan Hishamudin dan Najib.

Lagi satu kemusykilan saya, apakah orang orang Melayu harus kehilangan sifat dan semangat keperwiraan mereka dizaman ini?

Keris adalah senjata tradisional Melayu. Melayu dan keris tidak patut dipisahkan. Cumanya Melayu harus berhemah didalam penghunusan keris mereka supaya tidak kelihatan sebagai mengancam bangsa Cina tanpa perlu?

Cina Malaysia zaman sekarang tak adanya yang bersengketa secara terbuka terhadap orang orang Melayu.

Mereka juga anak bumi tanahair ini. Generasi warganegara Malaysia kini adalah mereka yang lahir di bumi ini sama seperti kaum India, Sikh, Orang Asli, dsbnya.

Setiap warganegara berhak diperakui sebagai anak watan pribumi ini tanpa di anak tirikan sesiapa?

Memang seluruh warga Malaysia perakui orang orang Melayu sebagai bumiputera namun harus juga dipertimbangkan akan hak hak warga Malaysia yang lain dimana mereka juga lahir disini.

Kemana lagi perlu mereka pergi kerana ini adalah tanahair mereka juga?

Kesultanan Melayu dipertuan oleh setiap warga Malaysia tanpa mengambil kira keturunan dan pegangan agama masing masing.

Ini adalah hakikat yang perlu kita faham dan terima dengan seikhlas hati. Tidak harus ada sesiapa mempertikaikan Kesultanan Melayu kerana negara Malaysia ini merupakan negara beraja berparlimen. Ini adalah hasil persetujuan sekelian pemimpin pemimpin pelbagai kaum semasa membentuk negara Malaysia.

Bilamana Hishamudin menghunus keris Panca Warisan UMNO, adakah beliau mengancam sesiapa?

Jika benar Hishamudin ada mengancam sesiapa, maka baru lah ada asas untuk mendakwa nya dengan terbukti bersalah melakukan jenayah mengancam dengan niat.

Jika sebaliknya, maka tidak patut beliau di'kambing hitam'kan oleh sesiapa pun apatah lagi oleh musuh musuh politiknya?

Satu persoalan bermain didalam benak fikiran saya. Jika Melayu tidak menghunus keris dan menjaga kesinambungan warisan keperwiraan persilatan Melayu, siapa lagi yang akan meneruskan warisan bersejarah warisan pendekar Melayu zaman silam?

Apakah kita mahu Melayu seperti Hishamudin bersifat munafik dan bermuka muka mengatakan tidak bermaksud mengancam sesiapa?

Perbuatan menghunus keris dan mencium bilahnya ada lah satu perlakuan seorang pendekar Melayu.

Adalah salah jika kita menahan pemuda pemuda Melayu melakukan apa yang alami bagi seseorang pendekar?

Sepatutnya baik Melayu, Cina, India, Sikh dan sesiapa sahaja disarankan memelihara semangat keperwiraan masing masing supaya musuh negara gentar terhadap kedaya upayaan para pemuda kita!

Lihat sahaja para pemuda dan pahlawan Maori di New Zealand!

Mereka digeruni kerana sikap dan sifat kepahlawanan mereka dengan gaya pembeliakkan mata mereka serta acah acah mereka dengan senjata tradisional mereka!

Tidak ada pula sesiapa yang mengadu terasa diri di ancam dan digertak oleh pendekar pendekar Maori itu?

Ada beza ketara diantara mengancam memandikan keris Melayu dengan darah Cina seperti dikatakan pernah dilakukan Najib semasa menjawat Ketua Pemuda UMNO dan Hishamudin semasa menghunus keris dan mencium nya demi mempamerkan semangat keperwiraan Melayu.

Didalam kita memperbincangkan sesuatu perkara sepeka begini, harus kita berlaku adil terhadap sesiapa pun biarpun ianya Datuk Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn.

Semangat pendekar usah dicantas diatas nama sensitiviti kaum.

Pemuda pemuda Malaysia dari semua bangsa dan agama harus disokong menjadi perkasa mempertahankan negara dari sebarang ancaman musuh kita dari luar!

Ini pendapat saya.

In the Name of the Ringgit - Friday Prayer Traders Nuisance.

Lately, I find it quite a nuisance that there are traders from amongst the Muslims who just do not have any commonsense in them when trying to capitalize on the opportunity presented to them when it is Friday and Muslims congregate in large numbers at the masjids for the Compulsory Friday prayers.

I have grumbled to myself in my heart and tried to keep my temper from getting the better of me when at times, unthinking motorcyclists would indiscriminately park their bikes in the space under the tent at Masjid Azzubair Ibnul Awwam at Taman Tenaga, Cheras that was meant to accommodate the overflowing congregation during the Jumaat prayers.

Today, my patience ran thin and I had to take action by summoning a fellow Muslim to help me remove the goods of a group of serban clad, jubah wearing traders from a madrassa who had set up their business at the space where the Jamaah use for praying!

This took place at Masjid Saidina Othman at Bandar Tun Razak, KL!

Watch the short video above to get an idea of what I mean?

It is bloody ridiculous for these fellows who are supposed to be religious and well informed about the do's and don'ts when it comes not to inconvenience the gathered Muslims who needed to stay in 'Saff' and pray according to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam!

I have no problems whatsoever if they wanted to use the space on any other day to do whatever halal business they wanted to carry out in the masjid's compound but to be so bloody 'kiasu' and go occupy space that is meant for the congregation to pray to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala without considering as to whether their actions were right or otherwise simply saw me blow my fuse today!

Not that I went berserk and ran amok or anything but I am a do'er and I just felt that I had to take matters into my own hands!

Take matters into my own hands I surely did by summoning a fellow Muslim to help me carry and shift the tables plus all their trading goods out of the space underneath the tent and move them out from the area!

I just got so pissed off that such Muslims nowadays can be so self centred and not bother whether their actions are right or wrong as they had robbed the Jamaah of the space to pray to Allah Azza Wa Jalla?

I can excuse the buggers if they were ignorant chaps from some far flung areas who didn't have any grey matter in the space where their skulls are?

The thing that got me afire was that these traders were ones who looked like 'alim's but their actions were clearly and absolutely 'zalim'!

It wasn't enough that outside the masjids were rows of traders, male and female all busy, occupied with their trades and businesses, these 'alim' chappies had the cheek to set up shop in the space reserved for prayers!

After the Friday prayers and after my sunat prayers, I approached the leader of the group and firmly gave him a piece of my mind albeit in a controlled manner.

The chap apologized and said that he thought it was okay for no one from the Jamaah had come forward and objected to their setting up the tables there?

Clear cut case of failure to practice what they preach at the madrassa's I assume?

I mean, any self respecting intelligent Muslim would surely not do what they did?

Taking up space meant for the Jamaah to perform their prayers and putting business before the interest of the Jamaah and not considering the needs to accord to the Jamaah their space to pray to Almighty Allah!

It just goes to show that the actions of a few self centred fellows in just wearing the serban's and sporting beards without accompanying such noble attire and appearances with the right conduct @ 'adab' and 'akhlak' that ought to be the highlight of their selfs when being in public?

Nowadays, it is unfortunate that the few unscrupulous ones like the chaps at the masjid today are those who inconvenience the Ummah in the name of the mighty Ringgit!

What a bloody shame?

I just wonder what other acts of stupidity are we gonna face from such kinds in the future?

May Allah help us all from such inconsiderates!


Pasar Pudu Wet Market in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur 24th April 2008.

I took an early morning trip to the Pasar Pudu Wet Market as it's been some time since I had been there to snap some photos of the market scenes showing the various Chinese traders in this vibrant market.

As you can see, the shops are yet to be opened for business as it was still too early in the morning. Most shops there open from 9.00am onwards.

I came upon this basin full of Peking Ducks which were about to be hung on the rack ready for customers to snack upon them early morning.

The stall is named Soon Fatt Beijing Roasted Duck. It's mainly for Non Muslim customers from my observation. No worries. Let our fellow Malaysians enjoy themselves. Bon appetit!

This is a herbs seller. In the foreground are bundles of sugar cane.

The Pudu wet market is a pulsating vibrant activity filled hodge podge collection of individual traders grouped together like a kaleidoscope of various Chinese business folks who complement each other with the varieties of goods and produce that they put up for sale.

Bargaining is part and parcel of the trading done here and you will hear all kinds of haggling and different Chinese dialects assailing your eardrums from all around you.

The photo shows Chinese housewives browsing through the clothes on sale. Early morning bargains.

Pigeons on sale for RM7.00 each. These birds are for either breeding or consumption?

Live chicken on sale.

'Ketam Batu' @ Crabs on sale. When I was a kid living in the village back home in East Jelutong, Penang, I used to catch such crabs which made their nests around the 'tongkang' wrecks embedded in the mudflats along the foreshore of my seaside village.

I would use a long iron rod with a hook at the end which I would push deep into the crab's hole! The crab would lock on to the hook with it's claw and would not let go even when I pulled it out with force.

It was easy to catch such crabs but we needed to be extra careful so as not to be careless where the crab might just clamp up on our hands if we were not alert!

I wonder where these crabs originate from? I mean, KL is landlocked. Could be from either Kuala Selangor or Klang areas?

I have lots more photos for you but it's getting late and I need to sleep. Will follow up on this.

Here's a video I shot of the Sri Paandi Indian Restaurant where I had a tosai made fresh for my breakfast.

Hope you enjoyed that. Catch up with you later. Have a nice day!

Peace out!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Al Fatihah - In Memoriam of Rustam Sani, Reformist, Writer & Blogger

Rustam Abdullah Sani, a Malaysian political & social reformist, activist, prolific writer, academician plus recently turned blogger passed away in the early morning hours at his residence in Gombak, Selangor today.

I first came to know about Allahyarham Rustam Sani when he was up on stage together with the other politicians at the Forum Keadilan in the Dewan Sri Pinang, Penang way back in 1999.

I pray that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala will shower his soul with Mercies and place him amongst those upon whom He Favors. Ameen.

Suratul Fatihah.

Suratul Yassin.

When sex is no longer sacred - innocent life's get wasted!

Among the ominous Signs of the coming of the Last Day, is when something as important as lawful sex within holy marriage no longer remains sacred and widespread acts of adultery or sex before marriage takes place amidst a society that tends to be lackadaisical about it!

Hardly a day goes by without us hearing of a rape, a molestation, sexual crimes hog the newspaper headlines and someone somewhere comes across a dead baby, thrown into the rubbish bins, sewers, rivers, swamps and other areas.

This scourge of immorality is spreading all over the world and Malaysia has on record it's fair share of these social breakdowns smearing the reputation of our society.

Following are some pictures of dead babies born out of wedlock that have been disposed off by their irresponsible mothers and fathers who have sinned yet do not have the will to face the repercussions of their succumbing to their raging lusts!

Brace yourselves for the realities of the present social ills that you are about to see.

This dead baby had been thrown into the rubbish heap.

An aborted foetus being observed by a Malaysian policeman. The fruit of sin. Tragic!

A decapitated dead baby dumped in a Malaysian oil palm estate.

Same dead baby close up. I want the young teens watching this to see this dead baby and remember that this is the tragic consequences if you fail to control the lusts and fall prey to the ones who will only abuse you and dump you and the baby once they have had their pleasure!

A pitiful scene of a life that was conceived in a moment of lustful illicit pleasure yet here it lies dead and disposed off in a manner that only uncaring humans amongst us could have the evil heart to do?

What if the parents of the perpetrators had dumped them off in the same manner? They would not have lived to have grown up and committed this atrocity!

A dead baby that was burnt in an attempt to dispose of the evidence that it was ever born? A life that was snuffed out due to it's illegitimate status born out of wedlock due to the social and moral breakdown of our Malaysian society in the land of 'Islam Hadhari'.

Most cases such as these are usually the crime of Malay teenagers and young adults who fall prey to the wooing of their irresponsible beaus and the 'tidak apathy' of our couldn't care less Malaysian society.

A dead infant scooped out from an open sewer. The policeman must have become immune to seeing such tragic victims of the lustful ones in this country. Does anybody in authority care?

Dead and disposed in a mangrove swamp. The ones who did this did not think of the consequences when they ooh'd and aaah'd in their moments of illicit sexual throes that after the baby was born, the cruel ones coldbloodedly resorted to kill it and dump the corpse into the mangroves!

A fine healthy baby born out of a sinful liaison of it's useless parents lies dead, dumped in the grass of a park. How could they have been so heartless?

Dead babies like this turn up at the entrances of surau's and masjids. Usually followed by a note such as this.

It reads:

Assalamualaikum. Sebagai hamba Allah saya tahu perkara ini Dosa Besar, tapi apa kan daya saya... Hanya satu saya pinta. tolonglah saya uruskan pengebumian arwah anak saya dengan sempurna...Berharaplah saya agar tidak diperbesarkan hal ini....Saya benar benar insaf dan bertaubat atas segalanya....Jadi berbesarlah hati saya sekiranya tuan atau puan sudi menguruskan. Hanya disini sajalah saya rasa tempat yang sesuai...moga moga ALLAH membalas budi baik tuan dan puan...anak ini bernama NUR AIN ATIKAH bte. ABDULLAH. Dilahirkan pada 20/12/2006 jam 5.45pg dan meninggal pada tarikh yang sama jam lebih kurang 11.30pagi..... .....Wassalam.....

Translated :


As a servant of Allah, I know that this matter is a Major Sin., but what can I do...
I just have one request. Please help me by taking care of the burial of my late child with dignity.
I sincerely hope that this matter is not dwelt upon any further. I truly , truly have realized my mistake and repent about everything. I would be honored if your kind sir or lady could please see to this.

I think this is the only suitable place. May Allah reward your kindness, dear sir or madam.

This child's name is NUR AIN ATIKAH daughter of Abdullah. Born on the 20/12/2006 at 5.45am and died on the same day at about 11.30am.



Thus reads the note of confession and plea for assistance of the wayward mom who asked for help in seeing to the burial of her dead illegitimate child.

How many more dead babies does this nation have to see before the authorities and members of our Malaysian society do something to nip these scourge in the bud?

It's time that Malaysians wake up and start attending to this growing problem. Our nation's youths and young adults need to be saved from committing these vicious crimes.

Start caring and watch over our loved ones before they end up as part of the sex crimes statistics.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala grant us the courage and inspiration to do what we need to?


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Doesn't DBKL check the quality of the contractor's works?

Have you noticed that the quality or rather lack of it seems to be the deteriorating standards of the public works carried out by the subcontractors engaged by the local authorities of the various states lately?

I snapped these pictures of the crumbling kerbs in Bandar Tun Razak near the CIMB Bank branch besides Jalan Jujur.

Do you notice that the kerb is made up of low quality crumbling concrete or rather substandard cement?

I remember seeing much more better quality public infrastructures commissioned by the British Colonials and even the Dutch Masters in the structures back home in Georgetown, Penang and at the Stadhuys Complex at Bandar Melaka.

Centuries old and yet remaining solid to this day.

I recall reading about mandores of the City Council of Penang supervising public works carried out by either the PWD @ JKR back in the colonial times ensuring that the quality of materials used and standard of workmanship were kept to the highest standards back then.

Doesn't modern day City Hall of KL bother monitoring such works by the obviously cheating contractors as shown by their lousy workmanship in the building of such kerbs in the photos above?

I have seen walkways caving in, roadsides going all uneven and crumbling here and there in KL that at times I wonder how the hell do these shoddy contractors get away with it?

Does DBKL have supervisors watching over these crooks to ensure that the contractors use proper materials and do a quality job or do they just not bother?

I am sure that the problem is not just in KL here but all over this country.

BN really proves to be a 'Kerajaan Harga Barang Naik'!

Can anyone update me as to when this silent price increase of the very basic foodstuffs such as wholemeal bread has been allowed to be jacked up in it's steadily climbing price per loaf?

Did Shahrir Samad, the new Minister for Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs approve this price hike of something so basic from RM2.70 per loaf of wholemeal bread to shoot up 30 sens in one leap to now retailing at RM3.00 per loaf?

Where is the logic of increasing the price of bread by 30 sens per loaf when the price increase for flour is about the same per kilogram?

Serves Malaysians right for continuing to return the irresponsible idiots of the BN back into power after more than half a century of being fleeced and squeezed out of every sen and ringgit that we can be ripped off by these crooks in power?

I long for the day when these scoundrels will be voted out of power!

To all Malaysians, when will you ever learn not to vote for these robbers who smile like the sly devils that they are and continue to slit our throats and empty our wallets faster than a speeding bullet?

Will Malaysians forever be doomed to be deaf, dumb and blind to the BN's atrocities?

Is it any wonder that the culprits are termed as BN the 'Kerajaan Barang Naik?'

May justice prevail in this land one day and the BN thieving crooks sent to the gaols!

Reality however tells me that in Malaysia, it is the people who continue to suffer like hell while the bloody buggers enjoy themselves living in opulence in palaces like Seri Perdana and play golf day in, day out at the expense of the unfortunate but idiotic taxpayers who at every General Election never fail to continue voting for the BN @#$%^&*!

Soay siow ey lang! Grrrrrrrr!

Touch n Go plus Smart Tag Customers get lousy service!

Kuala Lumpur. 21st April 2008.

I went to purchase a new Touch n Go card from the East-West (Cheras-Kajang) Highway Toll Office off the Salak South area as my old Touch n Go card at times acted up and can't be properly detected at the LRT stations due to it being more than 6 years old and needed replacement.

So, I drove in to the 'Pejabat Tol Plaza Lebuhraya Hubungan Timur Barat' just off Salak Selatan to get me a brand new Touch n Go card.

Imagine my disgust in seeing the way the Toll Office has set up it's ' Touch n Go plus Smart Tag' Sales Counter and Customer Service?

The Touch n Go plus Smart Tag users or customers are forced to climb stairs and wait in the stairwell which has no air conditioning except one small oscillating fan at the lone counter that they have atop the stairs?

This is the stairwell I am talking about?

What if the motorist is a weak, elderly person or a handicapped driver? Will he or she be able to drag his or herself up to the sales counter atop the stairs?

Do the Toll Plaza management even bother about taking into account the hardships their customers face in being treated like this?

Which unthinking person ever thought of setting up the Touch n Go / Smart Tag sales counter in such a locale?

Not that smart as we can all see! Blithering idiot would be the better term to call the chap!

Sometimes talking about things isn't enough and one needs to furnish hard evidence to back up one's complaint so here is a video to give you an idea of why I say that this Toll Office has probably the worst sales counter and so called customer service in the nation's highway system?

Feast your eyes to the despicable manner by which this Toll Office forces it's cash paying customers to climb stairs and leaves them hot and humid in the stairwell and has just one lousy counter to serve its obviously distressed customers!

What if the driver is a handicapped person or a pregnant mom or elderly person?

What bloody kind of service is this?

This is the only Touch n Go / Smart Tag Sales Counter that I have seen forcing it's customers to wait in the stairwell and obviously not giving a hoot as to the discomfort that they force their cash paying customers who come to reload or purchase their Touch n Go cards or Smart Tag units?

So much for their 'Khidmat Pelanggan' bullshit!

Those of you who are not hale and hearty, ought to consider going to other Toll Plaza's to do your business.

The 'Pejabat Tol Plaza Lebuhraya Hubungan Timur Barat clearly doesn't give a rat's ass about it's customers!