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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Butterworth Bus Terminal Blues!

Everytime I arrive at the Butterworth Bus Terminal, I cringe with anticipating the express bus that I am in toppling over as it's tyres descend into the many potholes reminiscent of the bomb blasted airport runway craters of Beirut.

Guess Koh Tsu Koon was just too busy trying to hold on to his Chief Ministership to have bothered to do anything about the crater filled bus terminal at Butterworth?

I sure hope that Lim Guan Eng, our new Penang Chief Minister will please order the MPSP to get those craters drained and have cement poured in and tarred over pending the completion of the new Express Bus Terminal there.

No point in allowing those new Rapid Penang air conditioned buses getting their tyres damaged and their alignment go bonkers after dropping in to those craters at the Butterworth bus terminal!

If that wasn't depressing enough, I was disturbed to see for myself an elderly Indian lady scavenging for aluminum cans from the garbage bins which I am sure she was collecting to sell at the recycling centres for a few ringgits!

I also chanced upon an elderly Chinese man who looked like a mental patient with a handicap on crutches plodding his way across the scorching hot terminal with all kinds of plastic bags tied to his crutches! :(

It's sickening to see all these sad situations still prevailing in our society whose governments are all so into those record breaking stunts that burn off millions of precious ringgits just so we can add our nation's name into the Guinness Book of Records or our own apple polishing record book of sorts?

What good did that blasting into space of that doctor cum part time model into orbit and eventually doing his thingamajig at the International Space Station do for Malaysians?

Many Malaysians are suffering here on Earth and we have the BN clowns at Putrajaya burning money like what people do during the Hungry Ghosts Festival?

Only difference is that these Putrajaya clowns burn real money!

There's no point in having a ministry that purports to be in charge of Social Welfare when the only welfare they are concerned about is theirs?

Poor desperate people like that Indian lady and the elderly mental patient need real serious help from the ones appointed into power?

The conditions for bus passengers at the Butterworth Bus Terminal is enough to drive people nuts and the hot, scorching sun plus the dirty, trash filled areas are a real nightmare that gives me the shivers everytime I have to be there?

There was this group of guys with a loudhailer adding to the din of the terminal with their staccato of 'Alor Star! Alor Star! Alor Star! Alor Star! Alor Star! Alor Star!' going off like a scratched vinyl record, irritating those of us who had to suffer the heat, the stench, the dirt and grime that is so prevalent there in that scorching hot stuffy bus terminal that we can be said to be among the worst 3rd world countries to have such a depressing bus terminal in what is supposed to be one of the most developed states in Malaysia?

A heartfelt advice to the new Pakatan Rakyat State Government of Penang!

Please go and take a look at the depressing conditions prevalent at the Butterworth Bus Terminal and do something about it!

Your chances at retaining political power in the next GE will be assured if you can take care of such things that the BN ignored all those 50 over years!

Do not forget the grassroot Malaysians who don't have the luxury of air conditioned vehicles to transport them here and there in ease as government officials enjoy!

The bus terminal urgently needs some restorative work done in order to make things better for the bus drivers and passengers.

I also hope that the law enforcement officers can go arrest those bus ticket touts who are a real menace and harass almost each and every bus passenger who arrives at the terminal from either the ferry or the express and local buses.

Such annoying folks ought not be left to disturb the people. It really seems like no law enforcement agencies really care about these daily lawbreakers who seem to be at large as they please without a care about government action?

Don't tell me that the relevant law enforcers are on the take?

I didn't see even a single MPSP 'Penguatkuasa' there! Not even one! Where the hell were they?

No wonder the bus ticket touts are acting like they own the freaking bus terminal and roaming all over the place at will?

Really frustrating to see Butterworth still remain as a depressing area with all these conditions turning people feeling really blue after all these years!


CHee XtheMan said...

I hope CM LGE to look into this asap. I agreed the condition of the B'worth bas terminal indeed in very bad shapes.
However, this is not a new issue in Malaysia, the public transport facilities in Malaysia is totally not up to the standard especially outside KL. Gov is spending tones of money in Putrajaya but the basic transportation facilities in the country still very much outdated and caused problem to those using public transportation especially the poor. Pls stop building the "Great" in Putrajaya. Therefore, pl channel more fund in to public transportation facilities a cross the country.

Anonymous said...

Face the truth, solving this congestion has never been a priority to the past state government and even Pak Lah did not even lift a finger to push any effort to lighten the burden for those using the bus terminal. Come to think about it, since the collapse of the old ferry terminal, little has been done. People has been suffering from schooldays to their working days. That is a long time to suffer. No one took notice, no one gave a fcuk on what is going on because it is their problem,not mine, that is that kind of mentality the leaders today have. I am so angry whenever I look at the Seberang Perai Bus Terminal. It is an embarassment to the state of Penang. Koh Tsu Koon did nothing, period.

gangeticus said...

Macam kena bom dengan US! Disgraceful, yet I think there is something going on that is stopping the remedy?

Anyway, good that you are feeling better. Hope you do take up Yoga. My father beat diabetes both with medicine and yoga.

Peace bro.

Felyx said...

RapidKL isn't any good either. What I fail to see bus passengers fall under the lower income group. Those days when 50 sen can get u from outskirts of KL to town in a mini bus. They were fast and efficient. You dont have to wait for more than 5 mins to get one bus. Then someone had a bright idea. They said it was polluting and took over all of them (or almost all) under Intrakota which introduce new clean air-conditioned stage buses.
They raised the fares to 90 sen and most of the time you wont get the balance if you give RM1. Intrakota then went into trouble. Then they came up with rapidKL which is not so rapid after all.
While Intrakota can get u to town for RM1, now you have to pay abt RM3 for the trip. RM1 to go somewhere nearer to town, then change another bus to get to town for RM2. That RM2 will cruise along the inner city for the whole journey (all u can ride).
But how many people has the time for a joy ride except pensioners.
Everyone is more concerned at getting to the office on time and coming back.
Sometimes the timing are so irregular that u have to wait for as long as 1 1/2 hours before you can get a bus.
Why cant the people who makes decisions in their high air-conditioned office go and wait for the buses to see for themselves. And also see how much the average bus commuters earn and whether this group of income earners can really afford the fare! and not take them for ransom.
The authorities shoudl swallow the pride and see which country in the world has the best transportation system per capita income. We cannot compare to first world countries. We are still far from there.
By the way my wife has decided to stop work. It's not worthwhile to take 1 hour to work and another 2 hours to come back. After deducting the pay for transportation, food, babysitter, there is not much left to save. I think many families are also facing the same problem.

aliya said...

The bus terminal has been like that for at least 5 years, after the old terminal burnt down. Actually the new terminal is being built at the old site but even the small ants seem to work faster than the workers over there.. guess you didn't notice it coz it's hidden behind the zinc enclosure. If you think the heat is bad, try coming during heavy rain!!

MAHAGURU58 said...


Don't assume that I didn't NOTICE that the new terminal is coming up?

Please reread my paragraph here:

'I sure hope that Lim Guan Eng, our new Penang Chief Minister will please order the MPSP to get those craters drained and have cement poured in and tarred over pending the completion of the new Express Bus Terminal there.'

Aiyaa Aliya!

I may be a lao pek but as a lao pek I do look around before I speak or in this case 'blog' about anything! :P