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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Declaring One's Embracing of Islam - About Time!

I refer to the Utusan Malaysia report stating that the BN Federal Government of Malaysia are considering introducing a law requiring converts to Islam have their new status declared openly to avoid the unnecessary repercussions from their 'hush hush' conversions to Islam before this?

I for one think that it is about time that JAKIM @ the Islamic Development Department of the Government of Malaysia look into the welfare of the converts to Islam which has been neglected and ignored before this by 'self centred, pompous, couldn't care less' officers and officials of the nation's state religious departments all these while?

It is good of Abdullah Badawi to do at least something useful and beneficial for once!

The affairs of the converts to Islam here in Malaysia has been so overlooked by the relevant Islamic Councils of the various states in this country!

A unique case that needs further discussion:
This announcement of the PM comes at a convenient time where I have been asked by a Malaysian Christian through email about a special case where the Christian's friend is a Chinese lady whose parents converted to Islam when she was 8 years old!

Her friend is a non practicing Chinese Muslim and wants out of her status as a 'Muslim'.

Now, as we know, when parents convert to Islam like in the case above, the children who are below 18 years of age are automatically converted together with their parents to Islam.

If the parents had become good practicing Muslims and succeed in explaining the Faith of Islam to their young children and bring them about to be practicing Muslim converts worth their new names and develop strong solid Aqeedah's and practice the faith with the relevant Amals @ Deeds, then all will be fine.

What about the case where these new Muslims who are parents fail to teach and guide their offspring to be good practicing Muslims as them?

That is if they practice the Islamic faith at all in the long run?

Let's take a look at the case of Revathi Masoosai formerly known as Siti Fatimah binti Abdul Karim who rocked the nation with her situation where she was raised as a Hindu by her Hindu grandmother after her convert to Islam Christian father and Hindu mother handed her over to the Hindu grandmother?

We all know what happened and the brouhaha that the case gave birth to?

She has stated defiantly that she is a Hindu and wants to have nothing to do with Islam and I for one say that she has her grounds to say so!

She was raised as a Hindu and lived her whole life as a Non Muslim!

Read my article about her case here.

Now, let's take a look at the case which the Malaysian Christian has forwarded to me and asks for my help in sorting out her now 30 over year old Chinese lady friend who despite having a Muslim name after being converted against her will at the tender age of 8 years old, has never practiced the Islamic faith despite having Chinese Muslim parents all her life?

The 'Chinese Muslim' in name only states that she has never practiced Islam all these years, has gone to worship idols at the temples, ate pork and indulged in all things that aren't Islamic now wants to marry her Non Muslim Chinese boyfriend?

I mean, let's be rational and examine the circumstances above?

When Non Muslims convert to Islam when they are single, it's one thing.

On the other hand when Non Muslim parents convert to Islam and forcibly convert their underage children to the faith, the results are not that heartening when they fail to raise their children as true Muslims?

When the children grow up as Muslims in name only without fully coming to believe in Allah as their Lord and God Almighty, the result is the deluge of personal mental, emotional, social dilemmas in their life's.

Do we force such people to live a hypocritical life for no one has made any attempts to raise them up as true Muslims until and unless they themselves make efforts to study and learn their Islamic faith?

This is not something that we can afford to just ignore and pretend that it does not happen?

There are many out there caught in this sorry state of affairs and live a life devoid of personal contentment as true blue believing Muslims!

So, we see many Muslims in name only living a lie and ending up as sinners for the failure of their parents or the relevant Islamic authorities to reach out to these poor folks and only come to take action against them when they are forced to resort to legal action in declaring their intentions to remove the hollow label of their being a Muslim?

Can you see what I am relaying here?

These are our fellow Malaysians who become unwilling pawns of their parents who convert to Islam but fail and neglect the children when it comes to instilling in them the principles and practices of the Islamic faith?

Who else do we blame for the predicament of such folks like Revathi Masoosai and the 'Chinese Muslim' in name only lady?

The Christian who has reached out to me states that the father of her friend remains firm in not allowing his daughter to take steps to announce her decision to get herself out of her sorry faithless situation!

How do we solve this mess?

I ask those who call themselves as scholars and masters of Islamic jurisprudence to share with me their views and advice for me to relay to the concerned parties.

May Almighty Allah guide us towards giving a satisfactory answer and way to uphold justice on this life related matter.

Thank you.