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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Diabetes Herbal Treatment Centre - Phang Oo Lang Kepala Batas

Yesterday, I made a day trip back to my Diabetes Herbal Treatment Centre at Phang Oo Lang Kedai Ubat, which is located at No.5881, Jalan Satu, off Jalan Datuk Ahmad Badawi, 13200, Kepala Batas, Seberang Perai Utara, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

Phang Oo Lang
is a Traditional Chinese Herbalist practicing Alternative Medicine who has been successfully treating people who suffer from Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Complications, Kidney Failure, Liver Problems, Gout, Male Sexual Disorders such as Erectile Dysfunction Syndrome, Female Disorders such as Irregular Menses, Cancer of the Cervix, Infertility, Weight Problems, Skin Diseases, Anaemia, General Weaknesses, etc since 1973.

His Traditional Chinese Herbal Treatment Centre is known as Phang Oo Lang Kedai Ubat which is located as per the map below.

If you are travelling by bus to his place, first you have to get to Butterworth. Once you reach the Butterworth bus terminal, take the Rapid Penang Bus No. U601 to Kepala Batas.

I had been taking government clinic medications in the form of Metformin and Glibenclamide but they did nothing to reduce my blood sugar level even though I have been watching my sugar intake by refraining from certain foods or soft drinks which might aggravate my diabetes condition.

I had not gone to get my diabetes herbal medications from Phang Oo Lang since September last year and just depended on the government clinic medications these 6 months.

As a result, my blood sugar level had skyrocketed back to even more than when I was first diagnosed with diabetes. My blood sugar level was 18.8 back then. Tested 12.7 after fasting overnight. Shot back up to 17.8 after taking a glass of sugary drink at the clinic.

A month of taking Phang Oo Lang's herbal treatment saw my blood sugar level drop to just 11.7 even after taking normal meals and not controlling my sugar intake.

After my last visit to his treatment centre at Kepala Batas in September 2007, I just depended on my medications obtained from the Bandar Tun Razak Government Clinic to control my diabetes.

Problem is that my diabetes condition worsened after not taking Phang Oo Lang's herbal medications.

Yesterday, my blood sugar level registered at 21.1!

The result of my failure to take Phang Oo Lang's herbal medications for my diabetes condition for the last 6 months! :(

The highest blood sugar level since I came to know that I am a diabetic. I now know that if I am to recover from this life threatening condition, I must continue to take my Phang Oo Lang's alternative medications no matter what?

If I am to get better, I have to stick to taking his herbal medications which are proven to reverse the process and has helped thousands of diabetics to recover from their many ailments through his alternative Traditional Chinese Herbal treatments.

The proof of Phang Oo Lang's alternative medications in the form of his herbal treatment is showcased here by the testimony of one of his diabetic patients who saw her diabetic sores heal successfully after taking Phang Oo Lang's herbal medicines.

Alhamdulillah. I was so relieved to see for myself the proof of healing that has taken place upon the diabetic sores of the Malay lady who if she had depended on conventional medical treatment would have had her foot amputated for sure?

So to all who are watching these videos and seeing for yourselves that there is still hope for us who are diabetics and anyone else who are suffering from other conditions such as hypertension, heart problems, kidney complications, gout, arthritis, male and female health disorders, amnesia, weight problems, etc. to make an effort to go seek treatment at Phang Oo Lang, Kepala Batas.

Do not wait till it's too late. Alternative Medicine does work and it's so affordable.

Tell others or email this article to your family, friends and contacts so that they can go seek treatment for whatever health complications they are suffering from?

All my best wishes to you. Spread the word and help save others from dying a miserable death by leaving things to chance.

Almighty Allah asks us to change our conditions and fates by striving to improve our lots.

Insya Allah. God Willing.

May Allah heal us all. Ameen.


anthraxxxx said...

when you are consuming the chinese medicine, did you continue taking the government medication at the same time?

MAHAGURU58 said...

My herbalist has advised me to stop taking the government medications and so I have effective yesterday.

Let's see how it goes a month from now?

Wish me luck! :)

D_Dollah said...

Guys, there is this 'AvandaMet' that I have consume for quite a while now. Its better than Metformin, in terms of controlling diabetic. For this herbal treatment, I am still sceptic about it. Need more proof first. As I've tried a lot before and it didn't help my sugar level down.

mylias said...

Just sharing. I take glucovance 500/2.5 for my diabetis. Not too bad, I can reach a reading of 8 if I am good and 'pantang'.
A friend recommend Sugar Controll herb from Vitabase USA. But its expensive, because of the postage.
I have tried all sorts of traditional medicine but none suits me.
I am 65 years old and had undergone a heart bypass surgery. You may read about it in kiss-met entry dated Nov 2004.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Brother d_dollah,

You are free to take whatever you feel comfortable with bro!

As for proof of effectiveness, I don't know what other proof you want to see if after seeing the video of the lady recovering from her diabetic sore, still doesn't convince someone like you?

As far as I am concerned, it works for me!

Diabetics come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes. Sceptics at large!

I know. To me as long as it works for us, we need to be grateful to Allah for the healing.


ef en said...

Dear mahaguru58,

I am happy to hear that your diabetes control has been better since you started the Chinese herbal treatment. However I would like to highlight few points for discussion from the suggestions/ideas/statement that you have made in the article and the videos.

Before I start, I am aware that you probably did not mention things that I will suggest below because you did not know about it or did not think its relevant/important. Therefore please take the content of this comment as mere suggestion, not criticism.

Firstly, you did not mention whether all these random blood glucose measurement was done at the same time of the day or not i.e. after eating breakfast, or after fasting etc etc. This has great influence on the glucose level measurement. I suggest that you should measure it consistently before breakfast. This will greatly reduce the bias in the measurement value. If you have already done so, then its okay. By doing so, it will give you better indication on how well is your diabetes being control. You could also check your HbA1c level by doing a blood test at local pathlab. This will provide better estimation on your glucose control for the past 3 months.

Secondly, you did not mention the dosage of your medications that was prescribed by the hospital. Probably the dosage is not adequate, or the drug is not the right one for you. You're probably aware that there's few classes of drug that can be used to treat diabetes. The duration of treatment is also important. Probably you need to ask your medical doctor about this if you're not sure. I'm saying all this because none of it was stated in you blog article, which make your claims of conventional medications not being effective rather invalid. Massive trials has been carried out at national and international level on effectiveness of metformin and glibenclamide. Probably the drug is not suitable to control your diabetes, but this does not mean that it will not work on others.

Thirdly, you did not mention what is the content of the herbal medication that was prescribed to you. Therefore its not wrong if I were to speculate that maybe those herbs contain insulin. If that is the case, then its not surprising that your glucose control is better now. I am aware that Mr Phang Oo Lang is a registered practitioner and its well known that Chinese traditional medicine sometimes do make wonders in some cases that even conventional medicine not able to treat. Therefore it would not be fair for me to say that he does not know what he’s doing or dealing with. But I am rather sceptical of the safety of these medicines if we do not know what it contains and what are the doses.

Many diabetic patients believes that they are eating healthily and not eating too much glucose containing foods, doing enough exercises, losing enough weight, 'religiously' taking their medications etc etc. But the fact is many patients do tell 'white lies' to please themselves and their doctors! I am not implying that you are one of them, but you yourself knows whether you belong to this group or not.

Another point that you did not raise in your article is regarding other complications of diabetes apart from diabetes sore. Probably Mr Phang Oo Lang did mention that diabetes can affect your kidney function, causes diabetic eye disease, accelerate your risk of vascular problem (such as stroke, heart attack, angina, leg claudication, hypertension) and many other late complications of diabetes. If he did mention it to you, did he suggest that your blood pressure should be lower than 140/85 or lower if you have high vascular disease risk? Did he suggest to you to have your eyes checked by ophthalmologist? Did he checked if your kidney function is well within the normal limits? If he did, then its good! But if he did not, then I think probably you should know that ‘usually’ these issues are raised by physicians when you have diabetes. These are preventative measure rather than cure as one could probably understand why.

As you can see, there is a bigger aspect of medicine to diabetes than just diabetes sore and glucose level. I do agree that Chinese herbal medicine offer great treatment to many disease. That is why nowadays many traditional medicines are called ‘complimentary’ medicine rather than ‘alternative’ because its value is increasingly recognised worldwide. Many of us perceive it as safer and better because its non-toxic, uses natural ingredients, non-invasive, 'cheaper' etc etc. Most of these perception are delusional. Most people strongly believe these perceptions because they were told by their friends, family and even by the practitioner, and we choose to believe them without questioning. The questions is, are there any solid prove on these claims? The best medicine is the one which is evidence-based! It need to be supported by large valid trials with low bias level. Only then we can know for sure where these Chinese herbal medicines value stands. I am aware of some good trials that has been carried out on alternative medicine, but its too much to explain all those in this already too long comment. 

There are many other practitioner of complimentary medicines that claims the effectiveness of their treatment for various diseases. I came across some guides/article by medical practitioners on some of the dubious health schemes/alternative/quacks etc in Malaysia. Please visit this page and you’ll find it of good educational value (especially in their older entries).

I wish you all the best in getting the best treatment for your diabetes and may Allah SWT provide and keep you in good health. I am sorry if this comment is too long or unintentionally hurt some. Thank you.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear ef_en,

I write as I feel and did not go into depth as to the what's why's and if's for one main reason!

This is supposed to be a personal blog where I just share briefly as to what I have come to depend on for my diabetes condition and to help other diabetics to know about the availability of alternative medication at Phang Oo Lang!

I can write as you wish but it would be too bloody scientific and would bore people to death!

So, it's not that I do not care or bother about such details as you referred to but just that a blog is just that.

This is a web log ; not meant to be a medical journal where one has to furnish exact details and every piece of information according to the standards of modern medicine.

I appreciate your sharing with me and my readers as to the details and nitty gritty of all that you have written in but that is not the purpose as to why I share info about the Diabetes Treatment Centre here?

Each and every person suffering from whatever ailment is free to go get treatment wherever they like or choose?

I am just doing my bit to enlighten others as to this centre.

May each of us who have been stricken with what ever illness get better by striving to seek cure, modern or alternative?

That's all. So take care of yourselves and be at peace.


katty said...

dear mahaguru, i have a friend that have diabetic sickness since 16 years old now he is 45 years old,.. is there any medicine for him to cure the diabetic? and how much will the medicine cost for 1st treament?? thank and waiting for ur reply..

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear katty,

Sorry that I missed out from seeing this question of yours?

The cost of taking herbal medications from Phang Oo Lang for Diabetes depends on the severity of one's condition.

The average herbal medicine which I take costs @ RM100 per month.

Still much cheaper than what private hospitals or clinics charge.

Your friend would do best to go and see Phang Oo Lang in person for his diagnosis.

All my best to your friend and you.

zainudin said...


mahaguru, terima kasih kerana berkongsi pengalaman, ayah saya juga adalah seorang pesakit diabetes,kalu mahaguru tahu bahan ubat yang diguna oleh tabib phang oo lang dan berkongsi sy rasa lebih bermanafaat kepada semua.
sy berkongsi mengenai pengalaman sy di sini