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Monday, April 28, 2008

Elections Commission tries to muzzle People's Alliance.

I read with disgust the blatant attempt by the Elections Commission of Malaysia to muzzle the Malaysian People's Alliance @ Pakatan Rakyat by broadening their so called powers to control political parties from using the internet by way of using web sites, blogs and sms to carry out their campaigning?

Is this not the stupidest shameless unethical manner that the EC @ SPR has ever come up with to try bolster the BN's chances in the next GE?

I say that it's not only the dumbest thing I have come across since getting interested in our nation's social and political matters; it's also the clearest proof that this Elections Commission is clearly biased against the Malaysian Opposition parties!

Click here to read the report in Berita Harian of the Deputy Chairman of the EC, Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar stating the intentions of the Elections Commission to do just that pending the next Malaysian GE.

Opposition parties must rally their legal officers to look into the validity of the EC to attempt to muzzle the Opposition further and challenge this attempted violation of the right to free speech in court!

Not only has the BN monopolized the broadcast media, print media, etc. now their stooges in the EC are attempting to set limitations online as well?

Will Malaysia's Opposition remain silent about this?

Is there any limit to the EC's foolhardiness?



jamos said...

Why worry? The more EC push to silence the voices of rakyat, the more angry the rakyat will feel and ultimately that will cause a greater revolt. Let the EC do it and I bet you the BN govt will be sent to oblivion in the next GE. Let the govt dig its own grave. Victory without having to fight for the opposition.

MAHAGURU58 said...

It's not that I worry about the next GE!

It's just that I am sick of seeing the extreme levels of idiocy that still plagues the likes of these BN worshipers of the EC?

The next GE will definitely see the BN getting creamed real proper but the PR need to deliver the goods that they promised to garner the people's continued support.

The EC seems to forget about the Multimedia Act which guarantees freedom of access and information that internet users are assured of when the MSC was set up by Mahathir's administration?

donplaypuks said...

The EC Chief is a living fossil. He probably does not know what a computer is, let alone a blog.

The more they try and repress, the more nails they will be hammering into the BN coffin.

After the next GE we can then sack the entire top tier of the corrupt EC, Polis Raja, Judiciary, AG, PP & DPP's etc. BN will not be around to interfere.

But first let the EC Chief show us proof that the EC actually ordered and received India ink costing $2.4 million. Something stinks here!!

Anonymous said...

The government is very good in this brother zainol, they never believe in meritorcracy or even democracy. They never believe the best should be given the chance. If the opponent can run faster, they will even break his leg to make the opponent runs slower instead of improving ownself. It happens everywhere from top to bottom, from education to sports.

I really hate to say this, our policy makers are just plain idiots.

D_Dollah said...

Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar and all the idiotic goons in SPR can die trying to stop us campaigning via blogs, websites etc. SPR could also try to amend their acts and make it go through the parliment now. Lets see if it can pass easily!

Anonymous said...

they run out of ideas what to do!


MAHAGURU58 said...

I will be really, really surprised if the BN still gets to be the Federal Government of Malaysia after the 13th GE?

I am not a betting man but I dare say that after all those 51 years of living under the BN's dictators, it's high time Malaysians get a new Federal Government which is just and equal to all Malaysian citizens regardless of race or religion!

The EC fellas can go fly kite! :P