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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

'Fitna' the Dutch Hate Movie Discussed.

I am sure that you may have heard about 'Fitna' the Dutch controversial hate movie by Geert Wilders being discussed online around the world for the way it picks and chooses selected Qur'anic verses and interlaces them with scenes of the 9-11 World Trade Center airplane attacks, terrorist bombings of the Madrid train stations, London bus bombings, Iraqi decapitation clips, etc in a hodge podge hate inciting scenes and the insulting cartoon purportedly showing their imagined idea of the Blessed Messenger Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam! May those who insult him be cursed!

To me, it's just selective editing of tv footage compiled to just show the negative parts of what has happened in the world?

I can go and get thousands of clips showing western atrocities upon Muslims and post it here!

Here is one :

A major reason why Muslims are suffering today in this world is because we have no Khalifah watching out over us?

Here's a clip from, whose author is a friend of mine, Ustaz Hasrizal Abdul Jamil, a popular Muslim religious blogger here. Watch his clip about the need for a Khalifah.

Here's a clip from Ustaz Hasrizal about the Last Khalifah of Islam.

The Catholic Christians have their Pope. Muslims have no one. The current so called Muslim leaders are at odds against one another.

Our sorry excuse of an 'Imam Hadhari' is a corrupt cowardly joker who has done us Muslims more harm by his introducing the 'Islam Hadhari Fitna'.

Another wedge to drive the Muslims apart! Instead of trying to unify the UMNO and PAS Muslims, this sorry thick faced PM of UMNO's BN Government chose to add another headache to the Malaysian Ummah.

Social rot is at an all time high. Crime has shot up during his rule and no one feels safe anymore?

To add to our problems, comes this Geert Wilders 'movie'!

I can do a tit for tat movie clip showing you all the murders, violence, hate crimes against Muslims of the world and jack up the animosity of my fellow Muslims against the ones irresponsibly trying to stir trouble amongst us the people of the world?

What good would that do for us?

We have enough problems of our own in trying to seek a living and doing our best to put aside our differences and overcome a 51 year old regime that has terrorized us Malaysians under it's apartheid policies and still lording over us except in 5 states that has seen the people giving the People's Pact Governments the power to rule there.

This Geert Wilders is just one out of the millions of hate propagators out there in the world who are deaf, dumb and blind to the truth of Islam.

Sure, there are Muslims who just can't take it anymore and go whack those who invade and oppress their fellow Muslims, families and loved ones!

What do the invaders expect?

That the Muslims will roll over and play dead?

As long as there is a thing called honor left shining bright in any honorable Muslim's heart, male and female, we will never submit ourselves to a life that is devoid of that aspect that differentiates us from the evil ones.

Geert Wilders is just another sick bastard seeking public exposure at the expense of the safety and sanctity of the billions of mankind who are reeling from the hardships they are facing in the ever changing, cruel, sadistic world which is the result of terror mongers and hate spewing sickos of this world from all walks of life and found in all creeds.

We Malaysians have just started to come out from under the tyranny of the Barisan Nasional racist chaps.

Do not let this 'Fitna' movie which is exactly that @ a Libel against us Muslims and Islam which calls to Peace divide us here in this multi ethnic, multi faithed, multi-cultural nation!

We have to acknowledge that hate and violence is in every nation out there in the world and The Netherlands which is supposedly one of the most liberal countries in Europe has sadly allowed this bastard Geert Wilders put the 'Land of the Windmill's in danger of drawing the anger of the peaceloving world's populations.

If they continue to insult us, then let it be known to them, that Muslims are commanded by Allah to defend our honour and the honour of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

I, Zainol Abideen a.k.a. MAHAGURU58 hereby pledge to not support The Netherlands or it's produce in any way from this moment on till that rogue hate stirring so called nation stops it's hate crimes against us!

I fully support Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad's call for Malaysians to boycott The Netherlands and it's goods from being bought or consumed in our beloved country!

Those who have produced this libel of a so called movie must be brought to justice and the appropriate punishments be meted out against them particularly the bastard Geert Wilders!

Here's a response to the controversy created by the hatemongering Dutch minister Geert Wilders!

The idiot even seeks to ban the Holy Qur'an! Na'uzubillahi min zalik! May Allah forbid!

I wonder what my peace loving Malaysian Christians have to say about this fella?

One thing for sure this Geert Wilders chap would be just getting reprisals coming his way as a result of his stoking the embers of religious hate!

So much for a so called leader of a political party that calls itself the Party for Freedom?

Free to insult?

Free to wreak havoc?

Free to unleash a wave of violence against Muslims?

Free to spark off another tsunami of Islamophobia?


I just say that sometimes , some people just don't know how to appreciate life and try to live in peace with others?

This particular sick idiot is just going to end up as the most hated Dutchman in recent times!

Que sera sera , eh? As they say, 'Thou shall reap what thou soweth!'

* PS. Thanks to all my brothers who have corrected me in my error in stating Denmark when it should have been 'The Netherlands'. Terimakasih Malaysia! :D

To the people of Denmark , I am sorry for the mistake! :(


fcmok said...

I, Zainol Abideen a.k.a. MAHAGURU58 hereby pledge to not support Denmark or it's produce in any way from this moment on till that rogue hate stirring so called nation stops it's hate crimes against us!

Hey Bro! Why Denmark needs to suffer from the act of a Dutch?

donplaypuks said...

Hi Mahaguru

1 small request.

Could you please update yr system so that always, always, the latest blog always when we log in to yr blogsite. I am tired of seeing yr post of 14th March about PM Rip Van Winkle!

With ragard to 'Fitna', the Muslim world has nothing to worry about this low quality film by Geert Wilder.

Only fools and low IQ followers (and correspondingly non-believers) will be quick to shout 'Jihad' and take to the streets in protests.

Have faith that there there are far more fair minded humans in this world than bigots. After all, when Dan Brown came out with Da Vinci Code and the movie was screened wordwide, including in Muslim nations, the Christian Ummah did not declare another Crusade!!

I, a non-Muslim, am one of those who firmly believes that the majority Muslim moderates will hold firm, stand in solidarity and triumph over the more extremist minority elements in their religion

After all you have the unwavering support of the majority among the non-Muslim world who desire only peace, and the Dutch Govt. has condemned 'Fitna.'

Thank you.

Sagaladoola said...

Dutch = Netherlands / Holland
Danish = Denmark

You got it wrong lar ....

This film has nothing to do with Denmark.

MAHAGURU58 said...

To all my brothers here,

Thank you for helping me to correct my mistake!

This is what Blogging Brothers & Sisters are for?

To help each other when we slip up and commit typos or get our details wrong.

Once again, my sincere appreciation for helping me out!

Drinks on me if we ever meet up?


MAHAGURU58 said...

Err, that would be non alcoholic drinks if you don't mind!


Can't have you guys go 'Yam Seng' at Mahaguru58's expense! :D

MAHAGURU58 said...


I don't understand how you get a different view of my blog when it automatically shows up my latest posting when I log in to it?

I am perplexed here bro?

aliya said...

When you add this blogspot in favourite (IE) or bookmark(mozilla) the url should only be as Nothing else after that. Try adding this site again, overwriting the one you've saved earlier.