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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Malaysian Night Markets are a Visual and Culinary Delight!

Greetings my fellow Malaysians.

I pray that you are in the best of health, wealth and having peace of mind.

I would like to share with you something that I am sure most of the Malaysian public would feel comfortable in visiting the night markets @ 'pasar malam' and tasting the simple delights of Malaysian culinary selections that are sold for a fraction of what it would cost us at the higher end places.

Welcome to the Pasar Malam's of Malaysia. Feast your eyes on what I have here for you.

This is 'Apam Kukus' @ Steamed Cake. Usually found being sold in the northern states. This Apam seller hails from Kedah. These 'apam' are eaten with salted coconut flakes. These particular 'apam' are sold at 5 cakes for a ringgit.

These Malay ladies are selling Chicken & Beef Satay and Rojak @ Fruit Salad with sweet, sour and spicy 'sambal'.

These are the sticks of satay waiting to be grilled over a blazing bed of charcoal. A stick of satay sells for 50sens here. Rice cakes are optional.

The durian seller. At the night markets, durians are usually sold at a bargain. As you can see in the background, three fruits were being sold for RM10.00. Besides them are the ones being sold for 2 fruits at RM10.00.

The special ones especially those D24 specimens are sold much more expensively. Such designer fruits can cost RM15 upwards each.

Your local grocery store on the streets of Malaysia. Lower income bracket Malaysians love shopping at night markets because the goods are usually fresh and sold at a price cheaper than at the big time superstores and hyper marts of this country.

These teenagers followed their mom to buy groceries. Good to see such bright sparks being filial to their mother. May they grow up as obedient and filial children, successful in their life's. Ameen.

Now, this is one trader who would surely brighten up any kid's night out with his or her parents?

The balloons seller!

And here is one video clip that will make some men copy down these fellows phone number for these guys offer a special service.

Male sexual health treatment using a special ointment. 'Minyak Belacak' @ Mudskipper Oil. So go ahead and enjoy watching this clip. Sure bound to be very interesting, I tell you! :P

Life is pretty fascinating here in Malaysia, right now. On one hand we are witnessing many new Opposition MP's @ the largest number of Opposition MP's in the history of Malaysia's Parliament!

But as some of my readers mention, it's been two months of non stop politics in the Blogosphere here so I am sharing all these other interesting facets of our unique Malaysian life.

Let's all not forget to appreciate what we have with us and stop going overboard in playing along to the political circus that we all need to take a break from every now and then.

We have only this one life here on Earth, people. Let's learn to stop and smell the roses or taste that 'Yong Tau Foo' so to speak.

After all, life is a whole kaleidoscope of sight, smell, sound and taste. Let's live it to the max!



Emmanuel said...

LOL- Designer fruit...I like that term!

mudasir said...

Haha, nice post. Good to see the faces of malaysia.

Here in CT, USA. A Durian cost 1.99/Lb, which translate to about $15 for one. Unfortunately only thailand export their durians.

And to my surprise, 17000 km away I can still find Belacan that are made in bayan lepas here without a problem and to an even bigger surprise the market i went to even had pandan & banana leaves for sale.

One of these days i'll start doing a Mahaguru58 and start video-ing and put it on youtube.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear Emmanuel,

Well, the D24 Durian species are really a product of special grafting techniques hence I call them as 'Designer Durians' :P

Later on, maybe we will see other specially grafted fruits as well?

Looking at the way, scientists and researchers are going about modifying this and that, I won't be surprised.


MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Brother Mudasir.

By all means, please do so. Would love to see how life is over there for you?

Bayan Lepas Belacan in the USA?


Just wondering at what price it is being sold there halfway across the world?