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Friday, April 11, 2008

Pak Lah Loni Tok Serupo Mulo! The Music Video.

I came across this very entertaining Dikir Barat music video which satires the bumbling fumbling Imam al Islam Hadhari in You Tube!

The lyrics clearly tells us what has Pak Lah done since he took over power as the Malaysian Prime Minister from the previous old dictator Tun Mahathir Mohamad!

This fella is a real terror. He so expertly conjures up video after video lambasting the Imam Hadhari that we just can't help but break out in laughter at the way he cleverly edits and puts together socio-political-religious clips such as the ones here?

This is what technology can do when it is used or abused to make a saint out of a sinner or turn a sinner into a saint!

If Zainuddin Maidin was still the 'Mis'information Meanister controlling RTM, Brother Hanief would naturally be very much in demand and offered a fat salary to come up with such videos lambasting the DAP-PKR-PAS Pakatan Rakyat? Hehehehehe..

So fellow Malaysians, be aware of both sides of the coin so to speak when reading or watching the Malaysian political circus as it unfolds before our very eyes?

In these days of fantastic advancements in the field of multimedia, anyone with a background and technical savvy in IT and Multimedia Commuciations technology can weave a vista of sight, sound and even computer generated images to publish online videos that can make or break anyone of us?

I am referring to some examples of how senior politicians in the Malaysian political arena like Chua Soi Lek can get 'screwed' literally for getting caught on tape and nowadays whatever shit anyone does won't get to escape from retribution.

This is only here in this world. In reality as a Muslim, I have learned that there are two of Allah's Malaikat's @ Angels, Raqib on our right and A'tid on our left who record each and everything that we do?

We are on Allah's surveillance 24 hours a day, throughout our entire life!

Abdullah Badawi might not have even imagined that what he did at private functions like the extravagant Soiree that he held at the Seri Perdana Prime Minister's Official Residential Palace at Putrajaya might have found it's way here online and now watched by so many Malaysians and others worldwide?

The reality that he has abused the trust of the ones who supported him is right here before us!

Listen to the Dikir Barat music video once again and contemplate as to its lyrics which tells us as to the screwups of the one who forgot his promises and wishes to seek Al-Ghazali when he first took over from Che'Det?

Pak Lah loni tak serupo mulo!....


malayamuda said...

Boss, your videos are not available. what happened ?

MAHAGURU58 said...

I can view both the videos here in my posts and also in my You Tube account.

Maybe you need to refresh your browser and try again.

No problemos here sir!


raj raman said...

Lovely and soothing for the ears.
This is the malay culture not tainted by any elements of middle east.

Its also shows the other side of badawi using religion to cheat muslim.

So badawi is not the pure khalifah of islam but hiding behind a mask.
Raj Raman.Still love the pure malay culture and down to earth malays.