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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PDRM needs to be apolitical and magnanimous

I refer to the ongoing obviously lopsided police action against the Parti Keadilan Rakyat leadership in their witch hunt of those leaders for the April 14th gathering at the Kelab Sultan Sulaiman field in conjunction with the ending of the political activity ban on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on that historic day.

First and foremost, I would like to express my heartiest congratulations to the Royal Malaysian Police for not harming the thousands of Malaysians who gathered to celebrate the momentous event with Anwar Ibrahim and other party leaders.

"Ribuan Terima kasih PDRM!"

Having said that, I would like to ask that the PDRM just close the file on the event and prove to Malaysians that the PDRM is apolitical and magnanimous in the true sense of the word and not those who pick and choose as to whom to prosecute and to whom to close one eye as they have done as far as the recent illegal UMNO protests at Kuala Terengganu and Komtar, Penang ?

If the PDRM are really fair, then they should just be thankful that the April 14th gathering went peacefully and everyone returned home happy?

What's the point of creating a problem when there is none?

Just prove to the nation that the PDRM are truly professional and just towards all Malaysians, no matter who or what they are?

I wish that all the past police injustice and obvious slant towards just the ruling party's interests will be a thing of the past and the PDRM will prove themselves as being just towards everyone.

Will my wish come true? Wallahu 'alam bissawab!


Shaik said...

It what would appear that there was a compromise in taking the statement of the MB Selangor in his office unlike earlier when the police was trying to show their power by asking the MB to go to the police hq. To me the question of compromise should not arise at all if the police had some respect for the of the MB. If the MB had been an UMNO MB the police would be bending their backs to wait for him in his office. This is a clear case of double standards. Only yesterday the PM told civil servants and that should include the police that they should not play politics and serve the govt. in office. The IGP does not seem to subscribe to this. Where is your professionalism that you have been talking about. Practice what you preach and don't flex your muscle at anyone. No one is impressed by it.

Anonymous said...


sounds more like gangster!

Look like one

but not one!

Antares said...

Mahaguru, I admire your even temperedness and magnanimity in dealing with the disgraceful behavior of the Polis (under the instructions, no doubt, of that rabid Gestapo Chief wannabe Syed Hamid Albar). I myself wouldn't have that much patience with such goonishness. The best thing the Polis can do now is to quietly close the case and pray that when Pakatan Rakyat takes over from BN, the nasty-minded ones like Sabtu Osman will be allowed to resign voluntarily rather than be unceremoniously booted out of the force.

MAHAGURU58 said...

To me as a fellow Malaysian who at times has come into contact with the PDRM top brass and also your average policeman in the line of my business in promoting Mandarin Study programs, I have come to know some of them personally.

They are just like all other Malaysians except that at times they too are helpless against the directives of the ones who wield power over them.

I have seen with my own eyes Police Inspectors working under the most uncomfortable conditions with no airconditioned offices, no proper office equipments, outdated desktop computers that even the Plaza Imbi or Low Yat traders would not even want to accept for free, no internet connection, no PA, etc under sweltering spartan situations, etc.

The ones making these unfair witch hunts are obviously under the directives of someone who is higher up in the echelons of the Malaysian political hierarchy.


Right now, we only have a Police Force that makes a farce out of the law enforcement systems we have here.

It is more of a selective prosecution by those with vested agendas, serving their BN political masters.

As for Brother Antares saying that he admires my even temperedness in dealing with such obvious injustice in the police action against the likes of the PR leadership, I'd say that it might be due to my getting close to half a century in age this 3rd of October! :P

Orang tua selalu sabar....:D