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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Pro BN Malaysian Police Farce and Pakatan Rakyat's 'Tidak Apa'thy!

Err..did I mistype Force there?

Not really..because that's what I deem the fellas in blue today for demonstrating so bloody clearly that they do practice double standards to a degree that would shame even the vilest 3rd world dictators out there with their obvious siding to the currently on the brink Be End sorry excuse of a government that is still trying their very best to stifle the people's favoring of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition!

Why do I say so?

Well, what do we call the muzzled manner by which the FRU and Police Farce stood by as the Malays and Mamaks of Penang illegally protested against Lim Guan Eng's statement that he will not be sticking to the BN's obviously apartheid policy of implementing the NEP?

Those buggers who took to the streets and behaved as gangsters especially that son of a female whatever who was the hired brainless muscle besides the UMNO Deputy Chief were not molested even a tiny bloody bit by the Police Farce of Penang!

So I am not surprised to read abt the announcement by the Malaysian Police Farce about tonight's gathering by Anwar's supporters to celebrate his freedom to actively participate in the nation's politics as AN ILLEGAL GATHERING and threatens to use FORCE to stop such a celebration!

From the Star Online:


Stern action will be taken against those who attend an illegal gathering tonight at Kampung Baru in support of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

City police chief Deputy Comm Muhammad Sabtu Osman said police would not hesitate to exercise whatever measures required, to ensure peace and order.

"Through the Internet, Anwar’s supporters have been urged to go to Padang Sultan Sulaiman near Sultan Sulaiman Club at 8pm to show support.

"We have not issued a permit for the gathering and neither was a permit requested, so I advise all those planning a gathering not to do so as they will be severely dealt with,” DCP Muhammad Sabtu said.

He was speaking after attending a gotong-royong event held at the Darul Falah Orphanage in conjunction with the 201st Police Day celebrations in Bukit Persekutuan here yesterday.

Others who attended the event were new city deputy city police chief Senior Asst Comm (I) Datuk Abu Samah Mat and senior officers from the city police headquarters.

DCP Muhammad Sabtu said police received a letter from the Selangor Mentri Besar’s office informing them that a dinner would be held at the club attended by Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim and PKR vice-president Mohamed Azmin Ali.

“We learnt that the Selangor MB and Mohamed Azmin will be giving speeches at the dinner, which Anwar and his wife Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who is PKR president, will be also attending.

“We have spoken to the organising committee of the dinner and advised them to abide by the law.

“We will cordon off the area and will deploy Federal Reserve Unit personnel there if necessary,” he said.

Anwar, who is PKR advisor, was sentenced to jail by the High Court on April 14, 1999.
If that is the case , then why the bloody hell have the Pakatan Rakyat leadership not applied for a permit to hold such a gathering in the first place?

Does Anwar Ibrahim expect the Malaysians who have supported and voted for him to go there risking their lifes just so that he can be chaired and carried by bloodied and bruised supporters?

Where is the Pakatan Rakyat leadership's care and concern for the safety of their supporters?

Do not be so bloody stupid so as to keep on holding gatherings without clearing the legal aspects of any public gatherings of such kinds!

It is these kinds of 'Tidak Apa'thy that makes people like me who support the Pakatan Rakyat's political awakening start to think as to why the hell should we even bother?

What do you think?

On one side we have the bloody police farce and on the other hand these fellas who have started to forget us the grassroots who voted them into power!


H J Angus said...

Yeah I agree with you.
Those enjoying the nice dinner should be OK but those in the rally without a P permit will enjoy a different cocktail.

Guess that is how political leaders exploit simple followers. A case of unnecessary brinksmanship, in my opinion.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Grossly Irresponsible of the DAP-PKR-PAS leaders to have not applied for the police permit!

I condemn this 'TIDAK APA'THY of Anwar Ibrahim and his aides that they have not bothered to get clearance for such a large gathering!

Why the hell should the people suffer for his sake?


Soaps said...

The police did not anything about all those recent illegal UMNO gatherings gather. Do they still have any moral authority to make any decison on this upcoiming gathering?

To be able to gather together in public is an inherent right of a democracy - not a "privilege" at the whim and fancy of the police.

rakyatmsia said...

what do you think Police would say if Anwar request permit for tonight gathering? Same like HINDRAF, Police will be proudly say the permit will not be granted for the safety of orang awam; AND start blocking all the exits in and out of KL and causing traffics jams and businesses. POlice then blame PR for causing such problems. Please wake up. I trust PR as for now.

Anonymous said...

The BN government is increasingly looking like the Titanic. The mud slinging going on between Badawi, Mahathir and Razaleigh is leaving the BN regime in tatters. This is not helped by spineless individuals like Nazri Aziz and Zahid Hamidi who would cheer on anyone who is PM but immediately chastise the individual once he is no longer PM. (Remember, dear Mahathir and Badawi, "Melayu mudah lupa".) Then, we have the Ong brothers from MCA talking trash while MIC and Gerakan are busy re-inventing themselves in circles.

We also hear that document and files have gone missing in states ruled by Pakatan Rakyat. Personally if you asked me, I don't trust the BN government, the Police, the Judiciary, the AG, the Elections Commission and the civil service.

Due to this, I believe that Pakatan Rakyat must not waste any time to form the government. The BN government is now falling from within. If we as a nation don't bail out from this spiral, we as a nation may end up in the abyss with Badawi and Company! We must have regime change by having a PR government in place. We must not let the BN regime stay in power for another 5 years because by the time the next GE comes, the nations wealth would have been stripped clean and all evidence involving the sins of the BN regime would have been wiped clean by then.

Some people are against the crossing over of elected BN reps to PR. They feel this is a betrayal of the voter's trust. What I would like to suggest is why not, come April 28, if there are any BN MP's who are disillusioned and dissatisfied with the BN regime, they can declare themselves as Independent MP's and join the 82 PR MP's in passing a motion of no confidence on Badawi and his government.

I think His Majesty the Yang Dipertuan Agung, would not consent for another GE. Rather, the 82 PR MP's can form a Minority government. Infact, this government can also go on to be a Government of National Reconciliation by having not only the Independent MP's with them but also BN MP's as well, so long as they are clean.

Therefore, there is no need to wait for Datuk Seri Anwar to get to Parliament for this to happen. With Datuk Seri Anwar by her side, I'm sure Leader of the Opposition, Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah will make a good PM. Time is of the essence. We must not let this opportunity slip away. Go for regime change now!

LALILOo said...

Excuse me, didn't they said that it was a private gathering at a location that was own by the Selangor state goverment, thus, no permit is required?

Did anyone erred? The PKR organizing committe, or the Police force?

I'm puzzled.

selongsong said...

Assalamualaikum Mahaguru,

Pada pendapat saya, Gelita 14 atau Black 14 dibuat di Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, sebuah kelab persendirian yang dinaungi oleh Y.A.B. Menteri Besar Selangor.

Sebagai sebuah kelab persendirian dan bukan lokasi umum, maka tidak perlu minta permit polis. Apa yang perlu, ialah kebenaran untuk menggunakan kemudahan kelab dari Y.A.B. Menteri Besar Selangor.

Saya harap tuan Mahaguru maklum.


Mohamed Ghouse said...

Mamu, What is wrong with you? Surely, you did not become sore just because PR leaders did not apply for permit! There must be something more to it. What is it that is bothering you? Look forward to your response

MAHAGURU58 said...

I guess that I am just tired of seeing Malaysians getting whacked by the FRU and those politicians @ leaders whom the people so love and put themselves at risk of injury and loss of life, usually be spirited away safe and sound from the commotion area!

Remember the Reformasi days?

Remember all the other protests where the people become the target of the FRU and the leaders are usually unharmed?

This is what is eating me out bro!

That's why I am pissed off because these leaders fail to safeguard the very people who support them.

How many more limbs need to be broken?

How many more common citizens need to be sacrificed just so that so and so is heralded and garlanded?

I'm just voicing out loud what I feel.

I won't be using 'we' anymore because there was someone earlier who pointed out to me that I don't represent ALL Malaysians!

How so very true!

It's high time for me to get rational and realize that I speak ONLY for MYSELF!

So bloody stupid of common old me!

Who cares what Mahaguru58 thinks?

I'm not important.

Here today; gone tomorrow!

I would like to thank that commenter who slapped my wide awake with his insulting but awakening words!

Who the hell am I fooling?

Silly old me!

Forgive this old coot for thinking that I spoke on behalf of my fellow Malaysians.

Come to think of it, I am just a blogger, right?

I promise not to use the term 'we' anymore.

Terimakasih sebab menyedarkan orangtua ini!

My best wishes to all my commenters for waking me up to the reality that ordinary folks like me should just speak on my own behalf. :)

Thank you.

Mohamed Ghouse said...

I agree brother! Sometimes, I wonder that even these opposition politicians are true to what they claim to be they are! I read a report in Malaysian Insider that Vincent Tan visited Anwar very recently! Why the hell Anwar allow this snake to meet him? Is he not the one who vociferously supported those who conspired to send Anwar to jail and treat us, the reformasi supporters, with chemical laced water canons!

I hope Saudara Anwar remains true to the aspirasions of his true reformasi supporters of the 1999s.

Soaps said...

Last night, the police did allow the gathering to reach almost to a logical conclusion - PEACEFULLY.

I think the gathering yesterday evening was a watershed event - the night's event have push the goal posts forward in participatory democracy and the inherent right to gather in public

pokdi said...

PKR must change its practices now that it is the govt of a state. Surely, it is not too difficult to obtain a permit. If PKR continue to provoke everybody instead of showing good examples, then the rakyat (myself included) had made a wrong decision.
Follow Pas example. Their gatherings in Shah Alam and Ipoh are bigger than PKR's and they did not have any trouble with the police.
Grow up and show us that you mature enought to lead the Federal govt.