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Monday, April 14, 2008

Shah Kirit matter - Danger of inciting videos and wild gossips!

I came across this video with the alarming title of '3 indian wack by hundreds of malays at tmn medan on 11/04/08' posted by murthitube where the link to this video on You Tube was found in the chatbox of

I was checking out Brother Raaja's site to see what's the latest news and views with regard to a case where Malaysian Hindus are taking offense at what is called as insulting views about Hinduism spoken by an IIS officer @ Brother Shah Kirit Kokulal Govindji and which was uploaded to You Tube by someone who attended the talks.

Curious to see for myself what You Tuber 'murthitube' said that he saw 'hundreds of Malays whacking 3 Indians at Taman Medan, the infamous area which was a flashpoint of Hindu-Malay clashes several years back, I watched the clip in totality only to see that it was all a pure fabrication on 'murthitube's part! :(

This is not something good to do Brother Murthi.

I understand that Brother Shah Kirit may have unwittingly offended Malaysian Indian Hindus by his talks but he has already apologized for his errors in his blog.

The Islamic Information Service has already published a press statement on the matter and asked for all parties concerned to refrain from further aggravating the matter by making inflammatory statements and comments about the matter.

I spoke to him by phone day before yesterday where he regrets this matter being blown out of proportion and wishes to make it clear that he is really sorry about the whole matter.

I will meet up with him soon to record his apology on video for all Malaysians to view and understand that he really regrets the manner by which he is being demonised for something which he did without malice on his part but just sharing what he knew about Hinduism.

Brother Murthi's action in uploading such a video and titling it with such an alarming manner only serves to spark off unnecessary public fears and might escalate into something we all do not want to see take place in our beloved nation.

I sincerely wish that such unfounded postings will no longer be carried out.

I hope fellow Malaysians from the Hindu faith will forgive Brother Shah and wait for his apology on video soon. Thank you.

Peace out.


tzarina said...

One man's joke is another man's fact.

Without malice? That is up to the interpretation of the viewers isn't it? And the viewers who are Hindus took offense. Any Dick with an ounce of gray matter in his head would know that there will be consequences from his slander on other religions. Whether it was for private viewing or for public, there IS an impact. Whether the consequence is anger from the supporters of the slandered faiths, or the consequence is religious self-righteousness which leads to demeaning by the supporters of the preacher.

This is why hypocrisy is rampant in Malaysia. When videos on other religions are created and displayed, the owner and supporters take is as a "joke". But when one is made on their own religion, hell has no fury than these self-righteous hypocrites.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

BN kian hari bagaikan bahtera yang sedang tenggelam. Dari menyelamatkan diri sendiri dari lemas, nampaknya parti-parti komponen BN khususnya Umno, MCA dan MIC nampaknya semakin ghairah meniup sentimen perkauman.

Perbuatan yang tidak bertanggung jawab ini akan membawa padah kepada BN sendiri kerana rakyat negara ini sudah matang dan tidak mudah diperdaya oleh tipu muslihat BN. Berita yang paling mengembirakan saya adalah mendengar yang Badawi tidak akan berundur dari tampok pemerintahanya. Saya berkata demikian bukan kerana saya sayang atau sokong Si Bodoh ni dari terus menerajui tampok pemerintahan negara ini. Bagi saya, semakin lama Badawi kekal sebagai PM, semakin banyak najis BN akan terdedah khususnya dari MahaFiraun dan kuncu-kuncunya. Sebab itulah, mereka semua hendak Badawi meletak jawatan. Dalam istilah Bahasa Inggeris, strategi ini disebut Damage Control.

Apa yang membimbangkan saya adalah dalam keghairahan mereka menjadi jaguh bangsa masing-masing, mungkin segelintir rakyat boleh menjadi mangsa jerat perkauman yang dipasang oleh BN. Kalau Umno memperjuangkan bangsa dan agama, mengapa pula Umno membisu apabila MCA yang dipimpin oleh Ong bersaudara lantang mencaci dan mengkritik agama Islam yang suci dan juga bertindak biadap terhadap Tengku Mahkota Kelantan? MIC juga mempermainkan sentimen perkauman dengan kononnya memperjuangkan hak kaum India. Umno pula sering mempersoalkan tindakan Kerajaan-kerajaan Negeri Pakatan Rakyat kononnya meminggirkan kaum Melayu. Yang terbaru adalah mengenai tuduhan yang tidak berasas terhadap Kerajaan Negeri Selangor mengenai projek perternakan babi. Menurut Terence Fernandez dari akbar The Sun hari ini, projek babi ini adalah buah tangan Umno sendiri.

Oleh itu, saya merayu kepada saudara-saudara dan saudari-saudari sekalian khususnya kaum Muslimin dan Muslimat supaya jangan terpengaruh dengan fitnah dan dakyah BN demi kesejahteraan negara tercinta kita ini. HIDUP KETUANAN RAKYAT! HIDUP MALAYSIA!

pua kang kang said...

MarGeeMar, you have a point there.Kita tidak seharusnya cepat di buai harus perkauman.

gangeticus said...

Hearing this guy mock others and their beliefs is really sad. Seeing him teaching others to mock is just unbelievable!

I can't understand why this guy can't concentrate on those holy books that he believes in. In our meetings of Sanathana Dharma (Hinduism), we don't waste time to dis other religions or other cultures. We simply just don't have the time! There are just so many great things; ideas, information, secrets, teachings that reside in the ancient texts of our forefathers that we are happy to spent time to dig deeper into those.

For instance, I report to the meetings on the mathematics of the Vedas (google "vedic mathematics" if you dare!). I also visit schools and student groups to share these mathematical secrets to others. In the end, we are convinced that we can create a productive society by utilising the teachings of the old. I personally believe that all holy scriptures of all faiths have such important ideas for society.

Spend your life working on those, rather than teaching to mock and hate. I guarantee you it'll be worth it!

Peace bro.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear Brothers & Sister,

I have been calling people to Islam ever since 1989 when I joined Brother Kamarudin Santanasamy and Hj Yassin in setting up the Islamic Centre in the Masjid Kapitan Keling, Penang several years later.

Never had I had to resort to belittling other faiths or beliefs in carrying out the Trust of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala as per His Command to us in the Surah An Nahl Chapter 16 Verse 125 in the Holy Qur'an to 'Invite All (Mankind) to the Way of Allah and to do so with Wisdom and Beautiful Preaching ; to reason with them win Ways that are Best and Most Gracious'.

This unfortunate episode in my fellow Da'ee's life is quite regrettable ; thus why I am trying to assist him to make amends to those whose feelings he has unwittingly hurt.

To err is human ; to forgive is divine.

That's what we all agree upon, don't we?

As Brother Murali of has always been sharing with me as to the spirit of 'Ahimsa' that he says is practiced by him and his fellow adherents.

Can we see that be practiced here?

RealGunners said...

I have been given the biggest shock of my life so far..

This afternoon, a mamak told me not to go to his restaurant anymore because he received complains from Malays that Chinese eating there using the same spoons that they are using, will make these spoons non-halal.As a result, his customers are gradually reducing.

Enlighten me...

MAHAGURU58 said...


Could you please take a photo of that particular restaurant and email it to me?

I'd sure like hell wish to highlight the particular restaurant so that the authorities can go a checking on the place soon?

That mamak must surely be not that wise as a Muslim for if we are to be so bloody particular about being halal or haram, then he should just close shop!

What about the ringgits that he accepts from his customers?

How does he know that the ringgit in his counter is halal?

What about money that has just come from corruption or prostitution?

What about the pondan who has just done his thingamajig and now comes to pay for his lunch with the Ringgit Malaysia?

These are the kinds of morons we have in our society who are so microscopic in certain aspects but fail to practice Islam in the real sense of the word!

Please email me the pictures of the restaurant, thank you.

The restaurateur is obviously not a wise Muslim.

RealGunners said...

Wow, I didn't expect you to be angrier than me.

Anyway, don't think i'll do that. Forgive me and call me a chicken if u wish, but, it's not my intention to put the restauranteur in bad light. He's been nice to us throughout our meals, and he almost begged us, not shooing us off. He did said that there's SOME (not 1) customers complaining, and we did notice considerably less people eating out there lately. If anyone is at fault, it would be the customers i guess. No point highlighting the restaurant and put him out of business then I suppose.

I just wanted to know if it is really the religion barrier or just some racist sentiments popping it's head up. Based on your rage, I think I know the truth. Thanks but, sorry, not going to bring this any further..

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear Realgunners,

Islam is not that constricted as to the way that mamak restaurateur came to represent it by asking you as a Non Muslim to not eat at his place anymore?

It is so called Muslims like that who give Islam a bad name and by Allah, I take offense to such shenanigans by that uninformed person!

Sin is being committed so openly by Muslims in name only and no one seems bothered to take action against it!

This mamak fellow should be advised as to the do's and don'ts of the true faith of Islam and not try to make a mockery out of it!

Malays and Mamaks are just as notorious when it comes to zeroing on to the butt of a mosquito buzzing so far away but are blind to the elephant butt sticking out right before their very eyes!

There are just so many wrongs taking place before our society and no Mamak or Malay have the guts to speak up against them save for some of the true Muslims in our midst!

The Islamic Authorities are just a sham and they waste precious resources by warming their seats in plush air conditioned premises all over the nation.

Acts such as what you shared with me here are just the tip of the misguidance iceberg that is endangering true Islamic teachings and it is important that we work together in reminding our fellow Malaysians not to be so blinkered in their views and attitudes.

Just tell that mamak fellow that there is this mamak who would love to get to meet the bugger.

Just wanna go have a meal there and see how it is like?

You have my number. Just sms me the address or restaurant's name.