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Monday, April 14, 2008

Shah Kirit matter - Danger of inciting videos and wild gossips!

I came across this video with the alarming title of '3 indian wack by hundreds of malays at tmn medan on 11/04/08' posted by murthitube where the link to this video on You Tube was found in the chatbox of

I was checking out Brother Raaja's site to see what's the latest news and views with regard to a case where Malaysian Hindus are taking offense at what is called as insulting views about Hinduism spoken by an IIS officer @ Brother Shah Kirit Kokulal Govindji and which was uploaded to You Tube by someone who attended the talks.

Curious to see for myself what You Tuber 'murthitube' said that he saw 'hundreds of Malays whacking 3 Indians at Taman Medan, the infamous area which was a flashpoint of Hindu-Malay clashes several years back, I watched the clip in totality only to see that it was all a pure fabrication on 'murthitube's part! :(

This is not something good to do Brother Murthi.

I understand that Brother Shah Kirit may have unwittingly offended Malaysian Indian Hindus by his talks but he has already apologized for his errors in his blog.

The Islamic Information Service has already published a press statement on the matter and asked for all parties concerned to refrain from further aggravating the matter by making inflammatory statements and comments about the matter.

I spoke to him by phone day before yesterday where he regrets this matter being blown out of proportion and wishes to make it clear that he is really sorry about the whole matter.

I will meet up with him soon to record his apology on video for all Malaysians to view and understand that he really regrets the manner by which he is being demonised for something which he did without malice on his part but just sharing what he knew about Hinduism.

Brother Murthi's action in uploading such a video and titling it with such an alarming manner only serves to spark off unnecessary public fears and might escalate into something we all do not want to see take place in our beloved nation.

I sincerely wish that such unfounded postings will no longer be carried out.

I hope fellow Malaysians from the Hindu faith will forgive Brother Shah and wait for his apology on video soon. Thank you.

Peace out.