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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Touch n Go plus Smart Tag Customers get lousy service!

Kuala Lumpur. 21st April 2008.

I went to purchase a new Touch n Go card from the East-West (Cheras-Kajang) Highway Toll Office off the Salak South area as my old Touch n Go card at times acted up and can't be properly detected at the LRT stations due to it being more than 6 years old and needed replacement.

So, I drove in to the 'Pejabat Tol Plaza Lebuhraya Hubungan Timur Barat' just off Salak Selatan to get me a brand new Touch n Go card.

Imagine my disgust in seeing the way the Toll Office has set up it's ' Touch n Go plus Smart Tag' Sales Counter and Customer Service?

The Touch n Go plus Smart Tag users or customers are forced to climb stairs and wait in the stairwell which has no air conditioning except one small oscillating fan at the lone counter that they have atop the stairs?

This is the stairwell I am talking about?

What if the motorist is a weak, elderly person or a handicapped driver? Will he or she be able to drag his or herself up to the sales counter atop the stairs?

Do the Toll Plaza management even bother about taking into account the hardships their customers face in being treated like this?

Which unthinking person ever thought of setting up the Touch n Go / Smart Tag sales counter in such a locale?

Not that smart as we can all see! Blithering idiot would be the better term to call the chap!

Sometimes talking about things isn't enough and one needs to furnish hard evidence to back up one's complaint so here is a video to give you an idea of why I say that this Toll Office has probably the worst sales counter and so called customer service in the nation's highway system?

Feast your eyes to the despicable manner by which this Toll Office forces it's cash paying customers to climb stairs and leaves them hot and humid in the stairwell and has just one lousy counter to serve its obviously distressed customers!

What if the driver is a handicapped person or a pregnant mom or elderly person?

What bloody kind of service is this?

This is the only Touch n Go / Smart Tag Sales Counter that I have seen forcing it's customers to wait in the stairwell and obviously not giving a hoot as to the discomfort that they force their cash paying customers who come to reload or purchase their Touch n Go cards or Smart Tag units?

So much for their 'Khidmat Pelanggan' bullshit!

Those of you who are not hale and hearty, ought to consider going to other Toll Plaza's to do your business.

The 'Pejabat Tol Plaza Lebuhraya Hubungan Timur Barat clearly doesn't give a rat's ass about it's customers!