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Thursday, April 03, 2008

UMNO Pow Wow Goes Ballistic Because of 'Anwar' Issue!

Thanks to the power of the internet, especially the advent of You Tube giving us a chance to upload and publish videoclips like these, the whole world gets to see the kind of antics that usually don't get shown on the mainstream mass media.

Yesterday's MYKMU UMNO Forum saw Saznizam Adham, the UMNO Youth Chief of Parit 8, Sekinchan get booed and dragged out by UMNO goons who grabbed him by the neck, cursed by all kinds of dirty names out of the Hotel Singgahsana Ballroom just for his asking why UMNO can't accept Anwar Ibrahim back into it's fold?

I mean it's not like Anwar is so hard up to get back into UMNO but the reality that there is just no room for any forms of dissent or space for UMNO grassroot leaders like Saznizam who was just voicing out his inner feelings to the party's former President?

The whole nationalist party seems headed to the pit of the has beens in the Malaysian political arena.

Do you think Saznizam is going to stay on as the Parit 8 Sekinchan UMNO Youth leader?

He would be bloody stupid to remain so after being humiliated like that before the whole wide world!

This is UMNO! Under Mahathir No Opposition and now Under Mahathir No Opposing views!

Mahathir is deep set to be the Kingmaker in UMNO but UMNO's influence and authority seems eroding so fast that if you look at the 600 over comments flooding Khir Toyo's blog, you'd read comments from UMNO grassroots who lambast him and the party for the way they mistreated their own UMNO members?

The People's Alliance need to prove to the people that they did no wrong by electing them into power in those 5 states and in the Federal Territory where the People's Alliance MP's are in the majority.

Saznizam must sure be one pissed off UMNO Youth leader! He must be cursing all those who insulted and embarrassed him yesterday?

I wonder how many other 'Saznizam's are seething with anger at the way things went at the MYKMU Forum?


No Kacau, Don't Kacau said...

Saznizam, i respect u
This is wat u call a real leader
Those fellows that booed, cursed Saz and even grabbed him by his neck are just bunch of losers

MAHAGURU58 said...

UMNO used to, still is and will forever be a party that practices apple polishing of its leaders to such a shine that they are Masters in the art of kiss the leader's ass!

Antares said...

This fella Saznizam, I suspect, will soon be leading a large group of disillusioned Umno Youth in a mass defection to PKR. After seeing the true colours of the Umno leadership, Anwar Ibrahim's party would seem like a far better place to channel their energies and loyalty.

malayamuda said...

Mahathir called the forum for a open debate on what should be done for the future of UMNO.

This young man contributed his thoughts at the forum and it should be respected and delibrated and explained.

Why was he ridiculed and shouted abusive words and pulled by the neck and sent out of the hall. Is this the Malay rights that UMNO is defending ? Is it really Malay rights or the rights of a few , be it Mahathir, Anwar, Badawi or Najib !!

Mahathir urged the youths to speak up, speak up, speak up to safe this beloved country. This youth has spoken up and he not only shut but also thrown out of the hall.

Can Mahathir explain this behaviour of his supporters who attended this forum and behaved like hooligans ?

Or does Mahathir mean speak up against Abdullah and the present administration ONLY as he doesnt like Abdullah anymore ?

TY said...

Yes, Saznizam, you are at the wrong place. Go join Pakatan Rakyat, leave umno. umno has no place for you and umno does not deserved to have people like you!
You deserved a better party.
And bring all your friends who share the same aspiration together.
That's the answer.

obefiend said...

the lad has a point. why is umno spending too much time on dated and dust covered rhetoric. and did he get for this insightful ( and correct) observation? boos and a gripped by the neck by a rempit. hahaha

what does that tell you about the situation in UMNO?


1. insightful observation and comments are not welcomed in UMNO

2. the brutes will use excessive force to stifle dissidents within the party ( ahli umno pun kena lanyak.. that explains why they lanyak BERSIH and HINDRAF alot teruk-er).

3. UMNO is not a place for youth with vision or young malay professionals for that matter. all that brain power will be wasted fighting againts UMNO totok way of doing things ( in all sense UMNO is still stuck in 1969 .. hey .. KULI is only 34 in UMNO age. still muda. deswai TDM can still have support. he is only 40 in UMNO age) HAHAHA

great blog mahaguru. i go here every weekend. sory for the diluge of commments