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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bandar Mahkota Cheras Road Closure Scenario

This is a short video I took this evening as I passed the place where the residents of the Bandar Mahkota Cheras are gathered to prevent the Grand Saga Toll Concessionaires from placing a concrete barrier blocking entrance to their residential area.

It's preposterous for the toll concessionaires to block a residential area's main entrance just so that the residents will have no options but to pay toll to enter their housing estate?

What bloody nonsense is this?

The thing I don't understand is what the hell are the FRU and Police doing in assisting the rogue toll concessionaires in adding to the people's troubles by acting as the toll concessionaire's hired muscle?

Absolutely mind boggling lunacy at work here.

Instead of making things easier for the people of Bandar Mahkota Cheras, the authorities are siding with the Grand Saga Highway Concessionaires in adding further burden to the residents there!

What is the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor State Government going to do about this?


gangeticus said...

Madness! Should find out who is behind Grand Saga. How was the deal made?

I suspect less than kosher.

Peace bro.

Najmuddin Yusoff said...

This is ridiculous! Tak habis-habis nak menyusahkan rakyat!

Kok Ben said...

Dear Mahaguru,

Just to alert you, the "fight" had degraded into tear gases launching...

The biggest shareholder of Grand Saga is LGB Holdings Sdn Bhd, which is hold by 4 under-35 youngster and an old woman... It is allegedly related to the biggest political party in the country...

odyforex said...


Saya adalah peminat setia blog saudara dan saya juga adalah penduduk di Bandar Mahkota Cheras. Untuk pengetahuan saudara, Pejabat Tanah Hulu Langat telah mengumumkan pada minggu lepas bahawa tanah dimana konkrit itu didirikan adalah tanah milik kerajaan Negeri Selangor. Ini adalah hasil kerja ukur yang telah dijalankan oleh jurukur bertauliah yang dilantik oleh Pejabat Tanah. Ini bermakna Grand Saga tidak ada hak untuk mendirikan halangan di tempat tersebut.

Sekarang, Grand Saga menjadikan keselamatan kenderaan yang keluar masuk disitu sebagai alasan untuk mendirikan halangan tersebut. Pada saya, jika itulah alasannya, sepatutnya Grand Saga atau Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan meningkatkan keselamatan disitu. Bukannya dengan membina halangan konkrit.

Saya juga pelik dengan sikap pihak polis yang beria-ia mempertahankan pihak Grand Saga membina halangan konkrit haram di situ. Saya bersetuju dengan saranan saudara untuk menyiasat siapakah sebenarnya dibelakang Grand Saga ini. Apa yang saya tahu, syarikat ini adalah milik UMNO (Grand Saga (merah))

Kami di Bandar Mahkota Cheras telah cukup tersiksa dengan halangan yang didirikan itu. Setiap pagi, kami perlu menempuh kesesakan sepanjang 5 km dari pintu rumah kami hinggalah masuk ke Lebuhraya tersebut. Kami sebenarnya menumpang lalu di jalan yang dimiliki oleh pemaju Bandar Sg Long yang sempit itu. Penduduk disini perlu keluar seawal jam 6.00 pagi untuk pergi kerja atau menghantar anak kesekolah. Selepas bersesak2, kami perlu pula membayar tol. Sekiranya pihak pemaju Bandar Sg Long menutup jalan milik mereka itu, bermakna kami tidak ada jalan untuk keluar bekerja.

Kami sudah cukup tersiksa. Saya percaya, penduduk Bandar Mahkota Cheras tidak akan bertindak begini sekiranya kami diberi keadilan yang sewajarnya. Kami berasa sangat teraniaya yang telah menghilangkan kesabaran kami.

CHee XtheMan said...

I can feel Mahkota residents pains in regard of this issue. I was really sick with the police in the way they handling this matter, they seems to be like "wild dog".
I condemn police using tear gas on to disperse 500 residents. Why act in such way ? Are these residents criminal ? Who is behind Grand Saga ? . Why JKR and BN has been quite ? This is clearly a project that no helping rakyat, the highway was build to rob away the rakyat money and convenience.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Blogger xander's life said...

Dude ,

I was there just now. Of coz helping all of residents to break down the "@#$%^&*" concrete barrier. Residents were only requested for a road but we were treated like offenders ... using water canon, tear gas ... Don't blame me for the next election... never ever BN!

*Dear xander.
Please refrain from using cuss words when commenting here. Please spare me the trouble of having to edit your comments. i am sure that you are capable of expressing yourself in acceptable terms. TQ.

Adrian said...

Where are the Red Armies that protected the Bersih supporters?? Those residents are all uncles and aunties...with the FRUs baton (I don't dare imagine the tear gas and water cannon), I wonder what will happen to them..We need them now!!!The RAKYAT need you all now!!!

caravanserai said...

Barrier up barrier down
This must be sad comedy of people’s life
All because of money
Depriving a citizen right not to pay

And the Police
There are crimes out there
Why help the Grand Saga?
Your duty isn’t with the company
It is to protect the country

Are we seeing Police out for hire?
By big companies with connection to the BN leaders, is it?
Have the Police got nothing else to do?
Since it is on state land………….
The PR state government must have a right of say

The BN will be nailed
The coffin is waiting…..
To take the party
To the ground of darkness

The people anger
They will not forget the unfairness
The arrogance will have no justice
The voices of the people will rise

Let the authority feels superior
A little while bear the pain
And the empty pockets…….
When the frogs turn into princes
Everything will be changed

Vanee said...

I am living in BMC too. I was there yesterday night. It was terrible and i suffered badly by the tear gas.The worst thing is I saw a chinese little girl running helplessly with her mother.Everything happened without warning from the FRU. I thought they are just leaving (as Segamat MP YB Lim was there) but ended up with Water cannon and tear gas. To our nightmare, YB Lim, several DAP members and Buka Jalan Community members was asssaulted by the Police.

So sick of this Gov...

To find out who is behind Grand Saga visit "inside sg. long" blog. I found (*from the Blog) it is Mr. Zainal Abidin, FORMER POLICE OFFICIAL.

Anonymous said...

its pretty rediculous for teh residents to PAY to get to their homes. its daylight robbery. the residents there arelady paid for the cukai tanah... isnt that enough? nooo... still must charge them to get into their house.

something must be done... infact, better still, investigate WHY the barriers are placed. if wanna say 'safety of teh residents' isnt it cheaper to install traffic lights instead of barriers (that will be broken down the next day?)

greedy people dun think very smart