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Friday, May 09, 2008

Education Ministry's 'Tidak Apathy' results in a Tamil School's Wiring Catching Fire!

Dear Readers,

YB Manikavasagam Sundaram, the PKR Member of Parliament for Kapar, emailed me this report about the Malaysian Ministry of Education's apparent 'Tidak Apathy' over numerous complaints and reports from the administrators of the 'Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil, Ladang Jalan Acob, Kapar over the faulty electrical wiring system of the said school since last year yet the Education Ministry just ignored the obviously dangerous matter!



Bantuan kecemasan di hulurkan oleh YB Sdr S Manikavasagam, ADUN Meru YB Dr Rani , Tuan Hj Bakir kepada Penolong Guru Besar Sekolah.

KAPAR ,7hb Mei 2008 - Kebakaran di Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil Ladang Jalan Acob, Kapar berlaku akibat kelekaan pihak pegawai kerajaan terutama-nya oleh Kementerian Pelajaran.

Adalah difahamkan bahawa pihak sekolah telah membuat aduan bertubi–tubi mengenai kerosakan pendawaian elektrik tersebut pada tahun 2007.

Pejabat Jurutera Daerah, Jabatan Kerja Raya telah membuat pemeriksaan dan menganggarkan perbelanjaan sebanyak RM 45,000.00 pada bulan Okt 2007.

Walau bagaimanapun tidak ada sebarang tindakan membaiki kerosakan tersebut di ambil kerana peruntukan daripada Kementerian Pelajaran tidak disalurkan seperti di tuntut oleh Jabatan Kerja Raya.

Sikap leka Kementerian Pelajaran telah menyebabkan kerujian lebih besar kepada sekolah yang mungkin menelan beratus ribu untuk di baiki.

Selain dari itu, anak murid Negeri Selangor yang MAJU, terpaksa berkongsi kelas atau belajar di bawah pokok.

Apakah akan terjadi sekira nya kebakaran tersebut berlaku ketika anak-anak murid sedang belajar di bilik darjah tersebut?

Pihak yang terbabit masih tidak mengendahkan kejadian ini, kerana ianya Sekolah Tamil.

Mereka masih mengkaji samada ianya sekolah bantuan penuh atau sekolah modal sebelum bantuan di salurkan?

Harap pihak yang terbabit melihat masa depan anak-anak murid ini sebagai antara Anak Malaysia yang bakal membawanya ke puncak.

Jika kelekaan ini diteruskan, maka akan terjadi seperti yang berlaku pada SJK Tamil Tepi Sungai, Klang sehingga Kandang Kuda di jadikan tempat pembelajaran.

Peruntukan untuk bantuan sekolah sekolah Tamil hanya tinggal janji di mulut pemerintah.


It's a shame to see this take place in a country which prided itself in sending an 'Angka Sawan' to space recently and also hails itself as the home of the tallest twin towers in the world?

For a government that doesn't spare any amount of funds and efforts in holding the grandest this, the largest that, the most cockeyed scheme that the idiots in Putrajaya can think of, a simple rural Tamil school's needs for electrical rewiring has been ignored all these while by the so called educated individuals taking up space in the lavish and pompous buildings that houses the Ministry of Education in Putrajaya!

RM45,000.00 is chicken shit to a government that spends much, much more on entertaining foreign imported guests to a lavish, extravaganza that was called as the Soiree Merdeka at Seri Perdana where caviar and bubblies flowed for guests who were wined and dined as George Benson and some other pop superstars serenaded the rich and fabulously filthy wealthy as poor schoolchildren suffered struggling to study under the trees and in the flimsy sheds erected by a rural Tamil school!

I don't know folks. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala won't simply let these type of injustices go unpunished.

These fellas ignoring the plight of the rakyat suffering under their irresponsible maladministration must be either bloody damn brave or plain outright stupid to put the lives of innocent schoolchildren at peril.

What if the school caught fire and the kids were trapped and died, burnt to a crisp?

All that the so called Minister of Education would do is come lay a wreath at the burnt out premises, bow his head for a second and say, "Oops! I am so sorry!"

Malaysians who voted for the BN! The sin is equally on your shoulders!

That's for sure! Mark my words!

'Tidak Apathy' must no longer be allowed to exist in this nation, no matter who the bloody government are?


malayamuda said...

i doubt the Education Minister would bow his head and place a wreath for a group of burnt boys who are black anyway !!

He'd probably raise his keris and say , since I couldnt bathe my keris in their blood, i burnt them.........

Keling India !! And thats NOT seditious mind you, cos he would say " I was fighting for my race "

Real sickos !!

lovemalaysia said...

That is why we always emphasize not to vote for BN, ever since year 2004.
Bn now is not the same as BN before. Racist issue still exist although they have denied it.
Besides than this, the Education Standard is so poor and it is falling back and not even compartible to the 70's. The Cikgu-Cikgu Sekolah pun diabaikan standard mereka and not being upgrade. How do you expect the cikgu can survive for being low pay since inflation rate is rising and how often they are being equip by the goverment to go for extra mileage in training?
What we can observe now is that in order to obtain higher standard of education you must be rich. Only rich people's children can obtain good education or else begitulah hakikat rakyat biasa dan yang miskin.