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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Exploring Selangor and discovering it's many attractions.

Yesterday on May the 1st, 2008, I decided to go explore Selangor with my missus and set off towards the coastal areas of Selangor from our home in Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras, KL.

First, we headed towards Hulu Langat and had our lunch at our favorite kampong food stall at Effa's opposite Taman Sri Nanding in the Malay heartlands of Selangor.

We were surprised to see Effa, who is pregnant with her first child and due to deliver in two weeks time still have it in her to ride a motorcycle as if it was nothing?

Talk about the 'semangat orang kampong' @ 'diehard spirit' of the rural folks. Effa is one high spirited Malay lady and we just wish her well and pray that she has a safe delivery. Ameen.

We then headed towards Dengkil via the Kajang Silk Highway.

We came across a couple who were collecting fresh refreshing pure mineral water pouring out from the granite sides of the cut hillslopes of the highway.

This is a waterfall that we saw along the highway. Refreshing view isn't it?

We stopped by the highway and I shot a short video of the couple collecting the mineral water. I had a taste of the water and found it quite palatable.

I too decided to collect the water with two empty bottles that I had in our car and had my missus shoot a video of my actions.

Brace yourself to see old Mahaguru58 filling up the screen! :P You do not have to adjust the monitor. It's just big old me. :D

You would hear 'Black Magic Woman' playing in the background. My missus tells me that the song was playing over the radio as she was shooting myself in action collecting the mineral water. Hahahaha...what a great background music, eh?

I will follow up with more photos and videos of our trip later.

Have a great weekend folks.