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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Farhan AF4- A true gem of a singer!

I came across Farhan, one of the Akademi Fantasia Season 4 reality tv show finalists when I went shopping at Tesco Ampang recently.

She was with her family members and was just being her normal self without any fanfare or even makeup.

When my missus and I greeted her, my spouse let the cat out of the bag and told Farhan that dear old me here is one of her ardent fans.

I smiled sheepishly and admitted to Farhan that I truly enjoyed listening to her sing so fabulously in the contest. Honestly, I think she should have been the winner of AF4!

Unfortunately, Malaysians have yet to develop that sort of an appreciation for true talent and instead almost always send in their sms to those who usually draw their attention for looks or charisma, not pure talent!

Farhan is a damn fine singer and I for one think that she is going to be a legend in the making!

All my best wishes to Farhan, who despite just meeting us for the first time was so humble and greeted us both by a salam and kissed our hands!

Try looking for a popular singer nowadays who has that kind of courtesy and sincerity in them?

May Farhan be given the opportunities to prove her mettle amongst the thousands of half baked croaky voiced singers wannabes out there!

I will definitely be looking forward to her first album and support her in her career!

Just listen to the way she sings all her songs!

Do you find any faults in the way she renders each and every song that she is given?

Absolutely marvelous! A superstar in the making, won't you agree?

I say that she can easily give the so called singers a run for their money by the way she delivers each and every song to almost perfection!

Selamat maju jaya Farhan! You truly are a gem among the singers out there today! :)

Come let's enjoy her songs courtesy of You Tube!


zul said...

I think u are absolutely right about Farhan...She i a a real soul singer.....If i had the financial i will produce her album and market it well for her....

Hope farhan keep it and be urself......

MAHAGURU58 said...

Hopefully our wishes will come true.

She's a damn good singer!

All the best to Farhan.

yok hoong said...

anyway to contact her?

Najmuddin Yusoff said...

Mamu, bukan selalu saya sependapat dengan Mamu. Tapi tentang Farhan, saya setuju 150% dengan Mamu. Hehheh!


MAHAGURU58 said...

Yok Hoong,

I didn't ask her for her contact details when we met.

It didn't occur to me that day.

Anyway, if I get her contact info one of these days, I will update you.

You need to email me your contact data if you want them?


MAHAGURU58 said...


I sure would not like everyone to just agree with me all the time.

We are different individuals with our own different perspectives on everything.

It's part and parcel of being human beings.

If everyone thinks and acts the same way in all things, then life as we know it would be very damn boring!

In certain things such as matters of faith especially in fardhu ain, we have to stick to the same principles but even then there are choices?

Same mazhab, naturally same ways of practicing the faith. Different mazhabs, different ways, right?

But as far as Farhan,it is good to know we are on the same wavelength.

Entertainment in Islam isn't forbidden in total.

Only the manner by which such entertainment is being performed needs to be regulated.

Farhan is a decent singer and moderate in her ways.

She is alright by my book.