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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

FRU Brutality! What bloody hell kind of nonsense is this?

Cursed be all those Federal Ruffians Unit who assaulted Chung Jiun Huar, 21 years old who happened to be driving near the Bandar Mahkota Cheras -Grand Saga toll area!!!

This brutality is just too much! What bloody hell kind of nonsense is this???

The FRU are acting like paid gangsters and walloping the Malaysian public for what???

What kind of lawlessness is this?

How can the Federal Government of Malaysia under Abdullah Badawi be so cruel to the people???

The FRU are supposed to protect the citizens of this country not terrorize and brutalize them just because some bastards want to make money from burdening the residents of Bandar Mahkota Cheras by closing the toll free road to their homes!

Cursed be all those who are responsible for this bloody fiasco!!

Remember that the prayers of those who have been victimized will be granted cash by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala!!!

I am sad and angry to see this taking place in my country!!!

Damned be those who assaulted Brother Chung!!! Damn them all to hell!!!

Justice will surely be upheld soon!!! Those who brutalized Chung will not escape retribution right here on Earth!!

The people's prayers are for you Chung! And our curses are upon your attackers!!!!



Satria Asia said...

Yeah! Brutal! For short while, they (the cops) forgot that they are Muslims and need to treat people with some dignity for their own self-respect.

Antares said...

Your outrage is the Rakyat's outrage, brother. This may well be the last straw that breaks the BN's unwashed backside (with apologies to my camel driver friends).

MAHAGURU58 said...

May peace be upon you brothers,

I am absolutely enraged to see the kind of atrocities being perpetrated by the Malaysian Police and the fully armed to the teeth Federal Rogue Unit who attack and brutalize unarmed citizens at the behest of those greedy @#$%^&! who continue to impose those roadblocks to the people's home at Bandar Mahkota Cheras!!

We need to see to it that justice is upheld and the people of Bandar Mahkota Cheras be avenged and helped out here by the Selangor State Government and its entire state government machinery!

The abuse is just too much and too brutal for me to ignore!

Damn those FRU to hell!!!

I ask that whoever gave the orders to assault Chung Jiun Huar be brought to justice!

The BN ,must answer for this uncalled for assault upon a rightful citizen of this country!

MAHAGURU58 said...


That part about the 'camel drivers' is unnecessary!

The only camels here are at the zoo's.

Naughty of you bro!

Adrian said...

I am actually one of the resident affected by the closure of the road. I count myself fortunate not to be at the scene on Tuesday night as a hot-headed man, it could have been anyone of us who could have been brutally beaten by the thugs / police / FRUs. The victim that was beaten and had his right hand broken is my mom's friend. How unfortunate as he was only there to lend support.

Where is the F@^K%#G police and FRU when the people needed them? Do they not know that their presence is needed due to the intense situation? Don't they read the newspaper? The news reporters and photographers are there to witness and record everything. Don't tell me the police's so called "intelligence" does not know this. First they protect the profit making company i.e. Grand Saga, then they fired tear gas and sprayed water cannon at the residents. Now there are thugs / police / FRUs brutally beating the residents. What amazed me was that NO THUGS WAS ARRESTED!!! The arrested were the VICTIMS!!! How can this be?? Please explain this not only to the resident of Bandar Mahkota Cheras, but to all Malaysians. If this can happen here and now, this can happen anywhere!!!

Also, I have gotten a hierarchy of Grand Saga, it was forwarded to me It was apparently owned by the Lim family. Who is this Lim family? Is the family another well-connected family who reap all the hard earned money from the rakyat? Looking at the shareholders, they are hardly in their 40s, not even 35s. How can they be such power people? WHO ARE THEY???

hongkie123 said...

What can we expect from polis and FRU. Holding a lighted candle in public place is a crime. What more passing by a disputed junction. Victim is lucky to be alive that the 20 men did not whack to kill. Polis Raja Di Malaysia is brutal, arrogant and KING in Malaysia. Only UMNO Maharaja Di Malaysia can tame them. So, where are you UMNO when the rakyat needs you?

Robert Teh said...


All decent Malaysians must strongly condemn the brutality of the Polis Force in dealing with situations such as this one.

Like you correctly put it, they did all these to protect the interest of a few rich people at the expense of a community of average-earning Malaysians. Not only that - just imagine all the motorists living in the area having to make an unneccessary detour of many KM daily just to ensure some greedy people get to collect the so-called "TOLL"! Just imagine the unneccessary amount of fuel burnt daily, the additional heat generated from the fumes of the running engines and the loss of productive hours by the people stuck in traffic and travelling over a longer route.

How ridiculous! This don't make any sense at all!

Emmanuel said...

No wonder YB Ronnie could not be reached today..

Our police were obviously biased on this case.

Obefiend said...

well if i can be brutaly honest.. and this might offend people..

well they had it coming. why want to fight fire with fire my brothers in BMC. i know you tak sabar already but when you try taking matters in your own hands sometimes it might backfire on your gluteus maximus

by the way

pity the fella who kena pukul. get well soon my son.