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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Haris Ibrahim! Kaffir means.........

Blogger Haris Ibrahim asks me why I call Karpal Singh and Wong Chun Wai as 'Kaffirs'?

I have no problems to help enlighten Haris Ibrahim as to why I call them so because it is my duty as a fellow Muslim to share with him why we need to be crystal clear in our defining those who are Muslims and those who are Kaffirs?

The Surah Al Kafirun is very straightforward in defining who are the Kafirun?

Does Wong Chun Wai believe in Allah? Obviously not! He is a Christian, right?

So he is a Kaffir straight and simple.

Same goes for Karpal Singh.

He does not believe in Allah, right?

So he is a Kaffir.

What is so difficult in understanding that dear Haris?

I don't have time to beat around the bush as far as this simple matter is concerned?

Whomsoever does not believe in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala as his or her Lord Almighty is a Kaffir.

No need to say this and that or go waltzing round the angsana tree or whatever?

Now, about my saying that Karpal and Chun Wai are a 'blessing in disguise for Muslims' here in Malaysia is because when both these Kaffirs attack Islam and the Muslims raising this and that matter or issue involving anything concerning the Muslims here or touching on anything Islamic, it creates a reaction amongst the Muslims here in Malaysia who start reacting to their statements!

In a way, the anti Islam and anti Muslim statements by people like Karpal and Chun Wai is like an awakening call to Muslims here in Malaysia to start taking note of matters concerning Islam and the Ummah.

Just like Lina Joy's case where Haris himself is her lawyer.

It made the Muslims realize that they have been slacking and not taking charge of their faith and not bothered about the state of affairs of their fellow Muslims all these while?

You need to fully understand the gist of what I am saying dear Haris and not conclude otherwise or make assumptions about my statements?

Karpal and Chun Wai might just be the alarm clocks that Muslims here need because if not for them, the Muslims here would be still lackadaisical about their affairs and that concerning Islam.

Hope you are clear about the reasons why I call them Kaffirs? They aren't Muslims, are they?

Anyway, that's about it. Plain and simple. Read here for more insights about this.

Peace out!