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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mahaguru58 going on a holiday to the East Coast.

Dear readers,

Please be informed that I will be leaving for the East Coast today with my missus and won't be able to respond to your comments or feedbacks that regularly for I do not know as to whether I would be able to get WiFi access at the places we are intending to explore?

Nevertheless, I promise to answer each comment that merits a response.

By that you should know the do's and don't's of commenting such as leaving out any expletives or cuss words for they can be replaced by using symbols to express ourselves better than having to resort to saying them out loud!

That's the beauty of using wisdom and commonsense in blogging. We can agree to disagree or even object to one another's opinions or statements but I prefer to exercise my rights to speak up in a manner that is best for myself and you my reader?

Do you agree?

Hehehehe..I am even engaging in a blogosphere online discussion with Haris Ibrahim although both of us have our very obvious differences of opinions and I don't foresee any immediate truce or agreement between us just yet as we are both quite firm in our ways? :P

Anyway, this is something which I have wanted to do for quite some time.

Engage in a mutually respectful online or even face to face discourse with Haris and maybe even Malik Imtiaz for the matter about matters concerning Islam and the Muslims which these brothers are involved in albeit going against what we Muslims stand for such as their advocating the rights of apostates or apostates wannabes?

I will let them decide as to whether they wish to do that but for now Brother Haris seems to be doing just that with me.

Thank you Haris.

Now to an up and coming event. The BENAR Walk for a Free and Fair Media this Sunday, the 1st of June, 2008.

I won't be around here in KL as I would be on my way home from our East Coast trip.

I wish those of you who will be taking part in the Walk for Media Freedom will be safe from the Federal Ruffians Unit who have no principles to speak of except to blatantly brutalize the citizens just because some idiot gives them the order to do so?

All these walks and forums might mean well but at the end of the day, it is only political power and the will to uphold justice that will change the current situation which sees citizens being assaulted by the very security forces who are supposed to be protecting them in the first place?

As it is the Pakatan Rakyat state governments are yet to grow some spine in protecting the life's and limbs of the ones who voted them in from the brutal BN machinery such as the Federal Ruffians Unit?

Okay folks, once a blogger starts writing, we just can't seem to be able to stop!! Hehehehehe!

Take care of yourselves and may Malaysia be a better nation soon.

Peace to you all.

1 comment:

donplaypuks said...

Dear MG58,

please delete earlier psoting which has been corrected for errors. tq

The word 'Kafir' has taken the same knock as the word 'Keling' because of racial undertones & overtones attached to it in modern times.

From about 1,000 years ago, Indians were referred to in South East Asia as 'Keling' to signify their origins from Kalinga, on the eastern Coromandel Coast of India. The Kalingans were viewed with awe by Malayans in ancient times for their navigational skills and adventurous spirit, not to mention their then advanced culture, religion and philosophy of 5,000 years!

Somewhere in the 20th Century, 'Keling' became a dirty word, signifying dirty & black. Ever since then, Indians in Malaysia have taken umbrage whenever called 'Keling.'

In the same way, ever since the White Supremacist South African regime started referring to Negroes and even coloureds (such as Indians) as 'Kafir', it has become a dirty word associated with racism.

If the truth be told, the Koran refers to one who does not accept Islam & Allah, as a 'Kafir' or unbeliever. This is an Arabic word which had no connotation to colour or mental inferiority.

All languages have words for those who do not believe in God or religion. In English we have Atheist and Agnostic. In Hinduism, we have 'Nastik' referring to the same. Technically, we have no place for Atheists in M'sia since nationally we profess adherence to the principle of 'Belief in God' as an irrevocable tenet of the Rukun Negara.

Therefore, to me, a Hindu, this tendency to break out into twitches, jerks and rashes when a Muslim talks about 'Kafir' is a non-issue, since (I think) there is no pure Malay word for Atheist or Agnostic or Existentialism.

The real issue for me is the stance of people like Mahaguru58 that 'Kafirs' have no right to discuss the Koran & Islamic issues as well as 'Special Rights' mentioned in our Constitution.

Some of the leading centres for the study of Islamic & Oriental History, Culture and Philosophy in our world are to be found in London & Paris. It is only through open discussion and discourse that ‘Kafirs’ will ever come to understand the deep philosophy and principles of Islam. Knowledge-based societies will always prosper.

‘Malay Rights’ is a special rights issue which is quite different from those gems in the American Declaration of Independence which enshrine universal principles such as ‘…our Creator has endowed us with certain inalienable rights ..that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’

Hence, ‘Special Malay Rights’ ought to be discussed openly to enable everyone to understand what they mean and the extent of their applications and limitations.

I have not met any M’sian who thinks Bahasa Malaysia, Monarchy or the position of Islam are problematical. The issue is how to reconcile these with individual and secular rights also guaranteed in the same Constitution and the extreme biasness visible in the practical implementation of the NEP since 1969.

These cannot be resolved by sidelining ‘Kafirs’ as the universal principle of a single citizenship confers inalienable rights of responsible freedom of speech and expression.

Whither next?

The establishment of a civic and civil society, of course. This cannot be advanced if a ‘Kafir’ is thought of as some kind of low IQ’d sub-human!!