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Sunday, May 04, 2008

PISANG wants to go save the prostitute Sufiah Yusof!

When I came across this news report in myMetro online, I thought it was first a joke because of the acronym 'PISANG' wanting to go save self professed Malay prostitute Sufiah Yusof from a life of sin in the UK!

I couldn't stop laughing thinking of the notion of 'PISANG' wanting to save the prostitute!!!

When I could control myself from that fit of boisterous laughter, I double checked the news report and saw that the acronym stands for 'Professional Islamic Support And Nurture Group'.

Hehehehe...jokes aside, I look forward to seeing what PISANG is going to do next?

Maybe, these brothers want to do good and save a brilliant prostitute from screwing her life up?

That's admirable.

I hope that when they have accomplished that mission to save one infamous callgirl who really doesn't give a shit about her actions, they would have it in them to go save the many thousands of other Malay prostitutes languishing in the back alleys of most major cities and towns back home.

So all ye ladies of the night, don't fret!

PISANG is here to save you all! God bless PISANG!


I really mean it! :)


Vincent said...

Haha! When I saw this I burst out in laughter too. They should start saving those who are in the country first before even thinking of expending or going overseas. Hopefully the won't turn out to be PISANG goreng! or Banana Split!

donplaypuks said...

Dear Mahaguru58

Who shall be the 1st to cast the stone?

Sure, there are thousands of other prostitutes who should be saved from a fate worse than death.

But, Sufiah's case has come into the public limelight, and it is clear that she has been psychologically severely adversely affected by the pressures exerted on a young mind by an over-demanding/bearing father.

So, if someone wants to help her get on her feet again out, why not? Why be cynical?

If we do nothing, more cases like these will appear in our society. With M'sian fixation on 15 A1's, Cambridge & Harvard, the next Sufiah is just waiting to happen here.

As in most cases, it is through a continuing long-term programme of education in our schools that we will inculcate the right attitude and values in young minds who will go on to become parents eventually.

That's prevention. Always better than an attempt at belated cure!

teong wha said...

PISANG doesn't know how to diffrentiate between a prostitute and a social escort.These people prefer to go to London to be saved by Sufiah than going to our KL Jalan mati to offer their hands to the local prostitutes.

But anyway,whether it is London or the back lanes of our KL city,PISANG cannot do anything because these ladies prefer money than lectures.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear Vincent,

Glad to know that I am not the only one with a funny bone! Hahahahaha!

Sometimes, situations such as these help to liven up our days and given today being a Sunday, it sure lit up my day! Hehehehehe!

Banana split? Ermmm...yummy! But alas with my diabetes, have to maybe just take a small taste, huh?


MAHAGURU58 said...


Don't be a spoilsport bro!

Let us break out in laughter now and then.

You sure do not know when it is alright to have a spot of humor!

Not that we claim to be holier than thou or what or do not realize that Sufiah Yusof deserves a better future but have you not seen the way she speaks in her video?

She is damn proud to screw around for a fee and has the galls to be upfront about it!

Yet here we have PISANG so bloody eager to go save her butt in faraway England!

I just don't know why our Malaysians are so bloody fixated on such glamor puss?

I think it might just be in the genes or what?

PISANG can just go do whatever they like as far as I am concerned.

I was just living it up upon coming across the unique and funny situation that the news report conjured up?

You know? PISANG as we Malaysians are brought up to think can also refer to our willies. :P

Don't you dare tell me that you don't know such referrals to our 'brothers' to be in conjunction with the 'PISANG'?

So, to me it was so damn funny to read that report of PISANG wanting to go save Sufiah's ass from her self preferred prostitution or as she puts it pleasuring herself for a fee and a handsome fee that she has no qualms in advertising?

130 quid for a very, very good time with 'ehem..ehem..'Shilpa Lee'!

To me PISANG sure have got their priorities all screwed up!

Pun very much intended, thank you! :)

So there you have it!

Mahaguru58 is no saint for sure but I am surely not wishing to be a true blue devil either?

Just a Libran speaking out loud what I am sure many folks out there did break out in guffaws this morning looking at that headline!

You wanna play holy moly, by all means bro..Go ahead! :)

I won't stop you or pretend that I didn't mean my pun!



D_Dollah said...

Sufiah don't want PISANG! She wanted a 'real' Pisang. Get it! Oh, BTW, she said that being a prostitute is enjoyable!

PISANG could come to Malaysia and help our BN MPs, especially from UMNO. They are the real prostitutes that need helps from you guys. They have prostituted themselves to money and power for 50 years. Even longer than SUFIAH YUSOF.

mokthar_ismail said...

Yeargh...long live PISANG!

Saya lebih bersetuju kalau NGO Malaysia memberi lebih tumpuan kepada RAKYAT Malaysia yang terjebak dalam masalah kehidupan (tak kira lah masalah yang bermoral ataupun tidak) berbandingkan rakyat asing.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

While it is noble to save anyone from wrong
Let's not go bananas due to the 'glamourous' song
That's being sung so far away for not too long
While there are so many local cases still beating their gongs

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 040508
Sun. 4th May 2008.

Foong said...

By the way, she is not even Malaysian in the first place!!

Emmanuel said...

Pisang LMAO.....But some girls like pisang wat MG....or at least, er use pisang :P