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Sunday, May 04, 2008

PISANG wants to go save the prostitute Sufiah Yusof!

When I came across this news report in myMetro online, I thought it was first a joke because of the acronym 'PISANG' wanting to go save self professed Malay prostitute Sufiah Yusof from a life of sin in the UK!

I couldn't stop laughing thinking of the notion of 'PISANG' wanting to save the prostitute!!!

When I could control myself from that fit of boisterous laughter, I double checked the news report and saw that the acronym stands for 'Professional Islamic Support And Nurture Group'.

Hehehehe...jokes aside, I look forward to seeing what PISANG is going to do next?

Maybe, these brothers want to do good and save a brilliant prostitute from screwing her life up?

That's admirable.

I hope that when they have accomplished that mission to save one infamous callgirl who really doesn't give a shit about her actions, they would have it in them to go save the many thousands of other Malay prostitutes languishing in the back alleys of most major cities and towns back home.

So all ye ladies of the night, don't fret!

PISANG is here to save you all! God bless PISANG!


I really mean it! :)