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Friday, May 09, 2008

Tan Ean Huang ex Siti Fatimah Apostasy Case as I see it.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dear Muslims.

I would like to refer to the Star Online news report of Tan Ean Huang ex Siti Fatimah Abdullah's case where she was allowed to apostate from Islam by the Perlis Syariah Court Chief Judge Othman Ibrahim who presided over the case in Penang.

I know that there are sure going to be jubilation in the hearts and minds of those who advocate freedom to apostate and to those who are working their butts off to see to it that Malays are allowed to apostate as well from the true faith of Islam.

Tan Ean Huang's case is unique just like another case which was referred to me by one of my readers, a Jenny H who emailed me these questions:

Hi Mahaguru,

I was reading your blog post about fatt monk;s question on Islam.

My friend is in a similar situation, I wonder if you know of any assistance where a Chinese with Islam religion (but never practice it) can have the Islam status removed?

Here's the scenario:

I have a Chinese friend whose parents converted to Muslim when she was 8. My friend didn't want to convert back then but were forced into it by her parents.

She never live a Muslim live, she's doing everything Chinese (you know what I mean, going to temples and eating pork, etc...)

Is it possible to have her name changed and her status of Islam removed?

She really wanted to do that her whole life but it seems like it's impossible here.

She's in love with a Chinese and she doesn't wish her bf to convert to Islam as well if they were to get married.

I really do not want to bother you with this, but she's really desperate and this is a sensitive issue in this country. I hope this will not translate into another blog post though.

I do enjoy reading your blog and have been an avid visitor ever since the GE. I love your unbiased view towards the politics.

And I need your honest opinion and help on the issue I mentioned above.

Till I hear from you soon. have a nice day!



Here's the first of my replies to her:

Dear Jenny,

This involves legal issues and the sensitive questions of how when Non Muslim parents convert, their children below the age of 18 are automatically taken along for the ride?

Although as a Muslim Caller to Islam and firm believer that we are all the Children of the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) and technically his descendants who are those whose very purpose of coming into being is to acknowledge and worship Almighty Allah as rational, knowledgeable human beings, I still hold true to the principle of submitting to God with a true sense of belief and conviction!

Hence, I can understand what you say your friend is facing?

What your friend might be able to do is to go consult the legal fraternity especially those in the Malaysian Bar Council who would be better placed to pursue this obviously ultra sensitive matter?

As you know, things like these can't be hush hushed for they touch upon the way our country operates?

Muslims like me are in the minority for not many would want to rock the boat so to speak when it concerns fundamental norms and the unique Malay Muslim mindset who are adamant in sticking to their misconstrued ideas about Islam and how it should be implemented?

I need details and facts if I were to approach those whom I know might be willing to help?

As for my blogging interests, I feel that if I don't write about such matters, not many other Muslim Malaysian bloggers would dare to speak on the subject?

I have no wish to highlight your friend's identity but your informing me about such a matter is really appreciated.

I will do my research and studies on this aspect and broach on this often ignored dilemma.

So, if your friend needs help in getting out of this situation, there's no way but to be straight up about it and face the juggernaut that is the current BN administration and their cuckolded Islamic Affairs Departments?

I can help but only with facts and your friend's willingness to bite the bullet, so to speak?

It's not gonna be a walk in the park, that I can assure you.

Best regards.

Jenny's reply:

Hi Mahaguru (hehe, i prefer to call you this)

i agree that it's really difficult to find any party whom are willing to discuss this.

Any other person we asked, they just said it's impossible and nobody knows where else can my friend approach?

I really appreciate your understanding in this matter.

I am so happy to hear that you may be able to offer some help.

You know, I've not even tell my friend about this. I bet she will be in joy when she knows about it. She's feeling very lost and in the stage of giving up.

Oh and one more thing, her dad is still against her removing the status. Does this matter? I mean she's already in her thirties.

I'm not sure what details i should be furnishing you. Please let me know. Any small help is a good beginning.

Till I hear from you again.




So to cut the story short, Jenny's friend who is in a quandary by being converted to Islam when she was an 8 year old girl without her consent as she was in her parent's guardianship grew up as a Kaffir caught in a Muslim identity.

Jenny's friend continued to live as a Taoist ( if I am right as she was praying to Tua Pek Kong) and ate pork, drank alcohol, never prayed to Allah and lives as a Non Muslim even when her name has been changed to a Muslim's name in her MyKad and is practically caught in a situation just alike Tan Ean Huang the former Siti Fatimah Abdullah!

Tan Ean Huang was forced to convert to Islam because she wanted to marry the Iranian man.

Her conversion to Islam was not out of faith in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala but because of her forced circumstances of becoming involved with a Muslim.

We need to be rational and look at the state of affairs regarding her becoming a MINO!

MINO meaning 'Muslim In Name Only!'

This has to be stopped!

I call upon the Islamic Affairs Departments of the nation to make sure that no one becomes a Muslim only because he or she wants to marry a Muslim!

The Islamic Authorities must only register and let them become a Muslim if they really truly believe in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and are made to understand the consequences of their actions if they ever try to make a U turn later on!


We do not need to see anymore such cases like these even though I know there are hundreds or thousands of such cases just waiting to crop up into the surface now that this landmark of a judgment has been passed here in Bolehland!

Revathi Masoosai's case was also unique.

She was born to Muslim parents who converted out of their own convictions but FAILED to raise her as a Muslim child!

They ought to be hauled before the Syariah courts for their crime in handing her over to her Hindu grandmother who naturally has raised her as a true blue Hindu!

The Islamic authorities as always had not done their homework and instead jumped on her when she delivered her child at a public hospital and instead of looking at the circumstances and facts of her upbringing thought they could do a 'Maggi Mee' style of restoring her person to be a proper Muslim!!!


Faith does not take place like that!

It comes from years and years of seeking the Truth of Islam and learning about Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala!

It is these kinds of serious lack in Ilm of Dakwah al Islamiyah in the hearts and minds of those '8.30 am to 5.30pm' government servant mindsets that fill up the offices of the various Jabatan Agama Islam's all over this nation!

That is the root cause as to why many out there are suffering in silence due to the insincere attitudes of all those so called 'Pegawai Agama's who FAIL to do what they should be doing day in day out!

They simply do not care and are quick to brand the 'apostate wannabe's as 'Kapiak !

How Muslim can they claim to be when they commit criminal breach of trust by not really, really doing their jobs for the sake of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala!!!!

Unbridled Maksiat among the Malays is being left to fester and destroy the Malaysian Ummah especially amongst the Malay youngsters which is at an all time high because of the failure of all these Islamic Affairs officers to do their part in guiding the young and clueless to the true tenets and practice of Islam!

The problem is capped by a clueless lackadaisical blundering Imam of the 'Bida'ah al Lawwamah' concept of 'Islam Hadhari' that remains as one of the major root sources of the multitude of social and moral problems affecting the Muslims of Malaysia.

These are an inherited problem from the rule of Tun Mahathir Mohamad who himself was also guilty of apathy towards the fate of the Muslims here.

Today, Mahathir pretends to be the saviour of the Malays and Muslims by sniping relentlessly at the heels and butt of Abdullah Badawi and demonizes Najib Tun Razak, another of his protege whom he has now fallen out of love with?

These blundering ones who think of themselves as the leaders of the Muslim world are all equally responsible for the state of affairs concerning the charade of Islamic revivalism said to be at home here in this so called Islamic nation of Malaysia?

Far from it! Malaysia is home to the charlatans and great pretenders who masquerade as the Champions of Islam when in reality the kind of Islam that is being promoted by the UMNO led Government of Malaysia is more of a 'Islam as you please' care of the likes of Abdullah Badawi and the devious ones who ill advise the bugger pretending to be the Imam of this nation!

The Syariah system that we have here is but nothing close to even what Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has really revealed for the entire Mankind in His Holy Qur'an and what the Blessed Final Messenger of Allah, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam has left for us as a Guide in his authentic Hadiths!

As far as Tan Ean Huang's case, I say let her be.

We do not need her to suffer endlessly because the very ones who are supposed to carry out Dakwah and Tarbiyah to her failed miserably in their responsibilities!

Muslims especially the Iranian idiot failed her and so did the Majlis Agama Islam folks!

They did not guide and teach her about Islam as they should have?

As for Jenny's friend, well here is her chance to do what she wants.

Islam is not something that one puts on for the sake of appearing as a Muslim. Any Ah Seng, Samy or John can be taught to recite the Kalimah Syahadah but after that attestation of declaring that 'There is No God but Allah and Muhammad is Allah's Messenger' comes the duties and responsibilities of living life as a true blue Muslim.

Islam is not an act that one plays as one wishes only to put it aside when one tires of it or is bored after some time.

It is a way of life for those who really, truly are sincerely knowledgeable of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and need to learn about and practice the faith.

Born Muslims must learn about Islam and stop giving cock and bull excuses to apostate as they please.

In the case of Tan Ean Huang, Revathi Masoosai and Jenny's friend, they have a legitimate case to apostate.

I will share further on this in due time. In fact, I think it is high time for me to embark on sharing the authentic studies and knowledge of 'FIQH of ISLAM' or Islamic Jurisprudence that even many Muslims out there today have no bloody sense or idea of it?

They think that being Muslim is just a matter of rituals and observance of dress or avoiding pork, alcohol, etc?

Far from it. Islamic Jurisprudence adds soul to the various principles and practices of Islam.

There are reasons behind each and every bidding or forbidding in Islam. This is what many folks out there do not know or have any clue about?

The ones who do know are bloody selfish and go around stroking their beards and looking at others with accusing eyes and want to not soil their holy moly selfs with such lowlifes as what they arrogantly think and comprehend?

I am sure that you know of some of the ones in Arabian attire and Tudung Labuh's who look at those who are obviously not as 'Islamic' as they pretend to be, behaving as if even their fart is supposed to be fragrant like the perfumes of Paradise?

Well, help me O Allah! I for one intend to just do my part even though I am no bloody scholar from Al-Azhar University with scrolls and diplomas or 'thanawi's filling up my walls or adorn my living room or office?

I intend to leave here my bit of efforts for the entire Blogosphere to read and reflect as anybody wishes.

I see almost daily, many, many Malay youngsters and teens wasting their life's away living a life devoid of any true Islamic realities as a result of this country being swamped by hedonistic pursuits brought about by an uncaring and couldn't care less Malaysian Government under the present BN Government of UMNO's Abdullah Badawi!

I can't wait for these fellas to wake up. The Archangel of Death might come visit me any time now so, Insya Allah, I will start sharing the basics of Islamic Fiqh for all to learn and to know.

Even those of you who are yet to be Muslims or never will be can learn about it just the same.

It doesn't hurt to learn and know about your fellow citizens faith and religious practices.

Who knows?

The way I know some of you Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, etc are so in love of God as you have come to understand might want to add to your knowledge about the true teachings of Islam that if you see your Malay Muslim friend screwing up, you might be able to alert them about their slip up and advise them to be a true Muslim worth his or her name?

I know many Non Muslims who out of their goodness of heart and sincerity in life can come across as better Muslims even over the millions of Muslims who are just that in name only?

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala guide and bless those of us who seek His Protection.


Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh.