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Friday, June 06, 2008

Abdullah Badawi has betrayed Malaysians trusts!

Based upon the impending repercussions of this unnecessary fuel price hike that Abdullah Badawi has uncaringly imposed upon our nation, I foresee a blatant increase in crime, corruption and other economic ramifications that will drive Malaysians crazy and the overall breakdown of our national integrity!

Abdullah Badawi and his ruthless decisions have now unleashed a wave of hatred that is slowly but surely going to explode in the form of a raging backlash of the people's unhappiness over this petrol price hike of 40 over percent from the already high RM1.92 per liter cost before this.

Whilst this indifferent sorry excuse of a Prime Minister just announces the absurdly highest price of petrol in this oil and gas producing and exporting country without taking into the slightest consideration of the implications of such increase of all other costs of basic food prices or the inflation that will be the side effects of every manufacturer, middlemen and retailer increasing the prices of their goods or services, the apathetic dimwit will be enjoying a life of splendor and luxury in Seri Perdana without a worry or care in his world!

I dare say that Abdullah Badawi has betrayed the trusts of Malaysians especially those who voted for his 'Barang Naik' party and tyrannical coalition of apple polishers who as usual do not have the guts to question him or even raise a protest or even a whimper against Abdullah Badawi's tyranny?

As far as I can remember this unthinking 'Mr.Clean' has actually done nothing for the Malaysian public except to issue forth mere rhetoric ever since he was erroneously anointed and appointed by Tun Dato Seri Dr.Mahathir bin Mohamad, who while he was the PM, had not increased the national fuel prices as frequently as his successor!

This 'Mr.Clean' seems hellbent on 'cleaning out the coffers of this country' by enriching himself, his family and his cronies ever since taking control and power over this country's federal government!

Mahathir is also to be blamed for our hardships now that he has installed this crook at Putrajaya!

What is the point of Mahathir making all the noise today when he should have known better than to appoint Abdullah Badawi as this nation's Prime Minister after him?

Who the hell are we to depend on when practically every other person in either the BN or even the Opposition are not someone whom we can trust a 100 %?

Every Malaysian politician seems to be only after increasing and amassing their own personal wealth and gain political power to loot the nation blind as they please?

Malaysians are just screwed from every corner! Just imagine the impending economical catastrophe coming our way?

The Malaysian people are going to be hard pressed to make their ends meet!

People are going to turn desperate and heartless in all stratas of life here in this country just to be able to make more income to be able to keep up with the rising costs of sustaining a reasonable standard of living and with the lifestyles that they are used to?

Who else are we to blame but the one who decided that we must pay more for our fuel?

From this price increase of petrol, the rest of the basic needs and services of this country are going to rise as well!

Already I hear of the prices of many foodstuff being increased at the markets of this country!

Only a miracle is going to save this nation or someone who has the courage to stop the rot from destroying all that we have all worked for disappear overnight because no one has the initiative to do the right thing which is to remove this person from letting this country slip into anarchy!

Today, we are witnessing Malaysians protesting in major cities of this country because of the way this petrol price increase is hurting the ordinary citizens life's!

How many people are going to get hurt by the FRU's batons and tear gas? How many skulls of Malaysians are going to be cracked open by the ruthless mindless Federal Ruffians Unit under orders of couldn't care less senior police officers who wouldn't have to fork out 10 sens out of their own pockets to fill up their government issued cars?

It is reported about the 2nd Khalifah of Islam, Saiyidina Umar al Khattab, that when he appointed his governors, he laid down upon them certain conditions:

  • "You shall not ride a horse that is not of Arabian breed;
  • you shall not eat bread made of fine flour;
  • you shall not wear fine clothes;
  • and you shall not shut your doors against the needs of the people.
If you do any of these things, punishment shall descend on you".

I wonder whether the Imam Hadhari has ever bothered to read about the above nasihah of Saiyidina Umar Al Khattab, what more bother to even consider that his decisions are going to cause untold hardships to the very people over whom he has been given trust upon?

Abdullah Badawi! You will have to answer to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala for this treachery!

You may think that you can get away with your ways here in this Duniya but just wait when the Malaikatul Maut comes a calling!

As a citizen of this country who is affected by the rising inflation of all basic foodstuff, fuel and commodities, I and others who think like me will curse you till the last breath that you take for the way that you have betrayed our trusts!

Just you wait and see!

Insya Allah!


rezagrey said...

I know that Islam forbids wishing the worst for a human being however I sincerely feel by collectively praying that He step down will be the best thing for Malaysians, who will eventually lead and will he be the actual champion for us...that is the ultimate question

CK said...

nice one...

MAHAGURU58 said...

When you weigh the consequences of the act of this one person and the future of millions of Malaysians whose life's are going to get more complicated and destroyed due to the impending inflation and together with it, the social, moral,economic complications that are looming to drown and overwhelm us all in the very near future, your concerns about the very culprit who has caused us this catastrophe seems minuscule compared to the wellbeing and life's of this nation's very people!

Can't bring myself to even sympathize with the lout!

Sorry! Just being honest here as to how I really, truly feel, so help me God!

yok hoong said...


its payback time for the excesses and maasive corruption perpetrated by the BN regime for the last 25 years since Mahatir's time. He was architect for the destruction of this country and Badawi is just a continuation. Its the system and unless it is being destroyed by voting out this government, Malaysia will have no hope for a better future. Kts called constructive destruction.
We, as concerned and loyal citizens, must stand united and vote this corrupt regime out come next election. Thats the only salvation for the beloved country.

Flaming Firestonez said...


First of all, thank you Pak Lah and BN ministers and also my hearty and special thanks to BN Voters.

Thanks for the precious gift to all of us,Malaysian. May Allah Blessed all of you to be so generous to help the rakyat for cutting subsidy.

I hope all of you will give us another welcoming gifts soon.

Ya Allah, give them Taufiq and Hidayah to become more generous leaders.

Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alameen