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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bandar Mahkota Cheras Road Closure & Opening Videos

This is the scene at Bandar Mahkota Cheras road junction near the Cheras-Kajang Highway toll plaza at the 11th milestone which was closed by the Grand Saga Sdn Bhd Highway Concessionaire resulting in the residents of the area taking steps to break down the concrete barriers put up by the Grand Saga company and backed up by the ruthless FRU who whacked the people and teargassed them at will!

The problem escalated into the shedding of the blood of one Malaysian Chinese who was assaulted by more than 20 FRU fully armed stormtroopers and sent bloodied to the Kajang Hospital by his rescuers.

Today the victim stands charged with reckless driving just like a preposterous scenario of brutal DURIANS crying foul that a Cucumber has endangered them???

If this is not a clear sign of the outrageous and outlandish mockery of justice here in Bolehland, I don't know what else is?

Maybe, later on whoever gets walloped by the FRU will be charged in court for endangering the fully armed fellows and charged for the costs of the FRU's operations?

The way things are taking place here in Abdullah Badawiland, anything can happen!!!

This will soon make its way to Ripleys 'Believe it or Not?'

I have long become a confounded spectator in the Malaysia Boleh Bullshitland which is the result of the ruin ...errr..reign of the bloody Imam Al Hadhari!

Don't know what else we are going to suffer???


raj raman said...

something in common,i thought u write about this thugs.

Durian and cucumber - This whats happen when the justice system rule by a bunch of morons.

rajraman-anyway where is your reply to my comments mr.zainol.(if u have reply pls let me know pleased)

ps.sometimes your articles really champion kafir and non kafir.thats why i still read your blogs brother zainol.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear Raj,

If you care to read what I have stated here just above this comment box, you would understand that I have other things to do than to just sit here blogging?

"To those of you who ask me questions pertaining to Islam, do allow me considerable time to reply as I would refer to the relevant sources before answering you here. I hope that you will be patient as I have my other business or personal matters to prioritize as well".

Hence, please be a sport and let me get to you proper when I have the free time to do so?

Answering faith based questions from folks like you is not done squat just like that!

As this involves matters concerning Allah and Islam, I take my time to respond or reply because I always go to the Holy Book of Islam, the Complete and Final Guide from Allah to the entire Mankind, the Holy Qur'an and also refer to the authentic Hadiths @ Sayings of the Final Messenger of Allah, the Blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

I don't reply off the cuff to you and others who aren't Muslims because as a Muslim, my duty is to make sure that what I reply is in total accordance to what the Almighty has commanded?

Thus, the delay.

Maybe you are free to sit before the pc 24/7 and fire away questions and comments as you please, but yours truly here has very important 'cari makan' tasks and business assignments that are much more important to me at the moment.

My answers to you will soon be published in the form of an appropriate article so please be a little patient here, okay bro?

As for your stating that my articles are at times pro kaffir, please understand that to me the matter of someone being a kaffir is just that. He or she is Kaffir towards Allah.

As for their rights as a fellow human being and as my fellow Malaysians citizens or anyone else for the matter, I would rise to their defense if they are victimized and denied justice, regardless of their creed , status in life or skin color?

That's what true Muslims do.

We don't discriminate.

Islam is color blind sir and as a Caller to Islam, it is imperative that I remain so and champion whomsoever is victimized by any bloody regime or tyrant no matter if he or she happens to be my fellow Muslim or Muslims!

I will fight them as best as I can while I am still alive within my means and capability!

I do not differentiate whether the oppressor is a Muslim or a Kaffir!

As long as the person is not someone who means us Muslims harm in any what way, he or she can expect Mahaguru58 to speak up for them, even if they are a Kaffir for the matter?

I will however be looking out for those who try to be funny with Allah, our Prophets, Islam and the Muslims and do my best in countering their offensives just the same!

You are free to be whoever you are and as long as you are not an enemy to Islam, you will find in me a friend who will stand by you if the situation warrants it?

Wait for my article replying to your questions soon and remain in peace.

Take care.

raj raman said...

Dont worry bro,because u posted my comment and hang there.
thats why i ask.

its my time to tell you,dont get upset and give me a long bashing.i will understand if you just need time and every body need time to anwser.

By the way i am sitting right now replying to u because between cari makan as u said,i am very efficient.

rajraman-as u neither i free hanging around.(however maybe soon be jobless because external factor)

COOL BROTHER-time are hard and will remain so for a while.Take it easy one at a time or we can forget about this issue of mine and remain brothers.

Anyway i dont take your bashing as personal attack and still will like to meet you for some drinks with condition no topic of religion.