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Friday, June 20, 2008

Blundering BN and their impending political Armageddon .

'Kami tetap sokong Datuk Seri! Hidup Datuk Seri! BN Boleh!!!' so say the leaders of the remaining 13 coalition parties that make up the beleaguered Barisan Nasional to the man who is today probably the most hated, cursed Prime Minister of this country?

Sucking up to the Prime Minister is a zealously observed and put to practice tradition of the Barisan Nasional coalition parties leadership while they still remain in power?

Before the advent of the Malaysian Blogosphere, dissent of the people against the BN regime had no avenue to be published or passed on to the general public.

No one dared to speak up against the 'Bloody Government' because they were afraid of suddenly receiving a knock at their doors and bundled off to God knows where?

The sinister threat of using this Act, that Act always loomed over the heads of the Malaysian cuckolded public.

Not that many Malaysians had the guts to berate the 'government' because they feared being arrested and sent to the Kamunting Detention Center under the Internal Security Act where to this day, there are still many political activists held under the much detested Act where anyone deemed to be a threat to the ruling party are held indefinitely without trial.

There are many Malaysians languishing in the detention center without any chances of being released despite having been held for many years without charge?

This is the reason why many Malaysians only dare to grumble and mumble in their hearts or talk big in kopitiams, coffee houses or bistros lambasting Abdullah Badawi and his tyrannous rule over Malaysia!

When Datuk Yong Teck Lee, the Sabah Progressive Party President declared that he has lost confidence in the leadership of Abdullah Badawi as the Barisan Nasional's Chairman, the rest of the eunuchs in the form of the remaining 13 BN coaltion party leaders played safe and despite knowing that Abdullah Badawi and his couldn't care less policies since taking over from Tun Dr.Mahathir have brought much heartaches and economic distress to the nation's citizens, still are only interested in protecting their own vested interests and will do all that they can to ensure that they still get to be where they are right now!

At least Datuk Yong Teck Lee has the courage and conviction in sticking to his principles in making his stand known and remaining firm by his actions.

Radio Television Malaysia as usual came out in full swing attacking Datuk Yong Teck Lee in their Prime News slot and followed up with their 'Akhbar Hari Ini' program where they tried their level best in ruining Yong Teck Lee's reputation by labeling him as a 'pembelot' @ traitor !

I feared that the SAPP Supreme Council would desert their President and abandon him in his moment of need for their full support and backing when every other BN leader were ganging up against him to show Abdullah their loyalty!

How glad I am to read that the SAPP Supreme Council leaders are standing firm together with Datuk Yong Teck Lee and are solidly backing him in his 'no confidence' motion against Abdullah Badawi!

This is what Malaysians need to see? The uprising of the Sabahans who have been all these while blindly supporting the BN and getting peanuts for their efforts.

I surely hope that the rest of the BN Coalition parties will wake up to the fact that when the BN Government fails to take into consideration the terrible impact the recent petrol price hike by Abdullah Badawi has unleashed upon us common citizen's financial situation by making us suffer from the repercussions of overall price increases in just every other basic needs and commodities, then we will surely see to it that the BN becomes history in the next General Elections!

If the BN chooses to be a Bloody Nuisance to our lives, then just wait for your Armageddon which we will surely do all that we can to make it into a reality as soon as possible?

Those who choose to stick to Abdullah Badawi's butt, then best be prepared to sink together with him.

Right now, the way things are going, you guys just better start learning how to swim?

When a government starts becoming too big headed, then it's doomsday is just not that far away.

Just like a mighty oak tree that doesn't nourish its roots stands in danger of crashing down as a result of neglect , any government that fails to take care of its people, will soon come crashing down.

In our nation's case, it has taken 51 years for the rot to set in. Sheeeeshh!

Syabas Datuk Yong Teck Lee! As a Malaysian citizen voter, I salute you!