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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Do you believe in modern day miracles? Watch this video!

Desa Kailolo, Pulau Haruku, Maluku Tengah, Indonesia.

By the power of faith in Allah's Help and the focusing of their Dhikr of La ilaha ill lall Laah by 3000 kiyai's @ Indonesian Muslim spiritual masters, this miraculous transfer of an older masjid's kubah @ dome took place in the above named Haruku Island, Central Moluccas in Indonesia in 2003.

Skeptics claim that the dome was transferred using a helicopter but the visuals captured here by an amateur videographer shows no signs of any visible cables or the hovering helicopter that would surely have used quite visible cables and harnesses to secure such a masjid's dome, not just a shroud of white colored cloth fluttering in the air without any signs of being tied up as they should if it was really being hoisted by a hovering helicopter?

Why would the Moluccan Muslims be chanting the Kalimah Toiyibbah so passionately if it was just a run of the mill helicopter transfer of a dome case?

I can even hear hysterical people screaming and wailing after being overwhelmed by this modern day miracle showing the Will of the Almighty!

First time I saw this video, I was emotionally overwhelmed myself and had my tears stream down my cheeks as I tried to comprehend what was taking place before my very eyes, watching this unexplainable video?

Why would a national television channel broadcast this video if it was just a run of the mill helicopter transfer of a large heavy concrete dome as claimed by the naysayers?

We have seen helicopters transferring timber logs in Sabah and Sarawak using huge helicopters and surely such a heavy load would be secured using chains and strong ropes?

Do you see any chains or ropes in the video here?

Just like being alive here right now with a living unseen ruuh @ soul that defies logic, there are many other realms of reality that we human beings have yet to understand or comprehend with our limited mortal abilities?

Verily, it is nothing but Faith in Him that will help us to at least accept that there are certain matters that are just beyond us.

"La haula wala quwwata illa billah !

There is no force ; no ability except with the Will of Allah!

Allahumma in nii a'uuzuubikaa minass syakki wass siirrkii ; wa 'aauuzuubikaa minal kuffrii wann nifaaq; wa 'aauuzuubikaa min suu ill akhlaaqi ; wa suu ill mandzaarii wal mung qalabii fil maali wal ahli wal walaad!"

O Allah, our Lord! I seek Your Protection from doubts and associating anything with You, from Disbelief or falseness in faith and I seek Your Protection from uncouthness, skepticality, ill fortunes both to my family and my offspring.