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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jamaat Tabligh Markaz Sri Petaling - My Ziarah & Muzakarah.

Alhamdulillah! Yesterday, I managed to visit the Masjid Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, which is also the Markas of the Jamaat Tabligh Dakwah Movement Headquarters of Malaysia.

This is my first visit to the famous Markaz Tabligh Sri Petaling and I spent practically the whole part of my day there and was blessed to be able to pray my Zohor and Asar prayers with the mubalighs of the Jamaat Tabligh who came from many countries and also a few known acquaintances from my village in Jelutong and a few friends from Georgetown City, Penang.

Insya Allah, I will be frequenting this Markaz from now on. I love being in the company of my fellow Muslims and Da'ee's. Although we may have our different ways of carrying out Dakwah, I still love being in the midst of the truthseekers and abdillah's of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala!

Although I have written about the Jamaat Tabligh before in the negative following the fatwa by Syaikh Abdul Aziz bin Baaz here, I still believe that the Jamaat Tabligh movement can still be fine tuned and improved by way of muzakarah with the other Dakwah movements and unite our efforts in enjoining to the good and forbidding of the evil prevailing in our societies.

The fatwa includes : However, if there was a Jamaa'ah doing tableegh other than them, from the people of knowledge, then (it is permissible to) go out with them for dakwah purposes. If there was a person of knowledge who goes out with them to enlighten and guide them, along with teaching them such that they leave their falsehood and embrace the way of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah, (then that is good).

I am not claiming that I know better than them but I do believe that we can still work together in areas that we can agree upon and co-operate.

The main purpose is to seek the Redha of Allah Azza Wa Jalla and to not be obstinate to such a degree that one refuses to listen to others points of views and learn from them as well.

Things that we know for sure are innovations or doesn't seem right to us, just try and talk things out with them failing which, there is always the 'lakum dinukum waliyadin' finale.

When I was living in Penang, I used to go and listen to the bayans of the Jamaat Tabligh at Masjid Benggali, Georgetown, Penang and had even joined my brother Abdul Aziz on several Tabligh Ijtima's in Perak and elsewhere.

In the field of Dakwah Al Islamiyah, there are various movements and organizations who carry out Dakwah in their own ways and the Jamaat Tabligh have their own code of rules and guidelines as well.
"An article of faith in which the tabligh accepts that there is no god but Allah and the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam is His messenger. and that Allah can do each and every thing without the help of the creation, and the creation cannot do anything without the help of Allah. The only way to succeed in this world and the next (life after death) is to walk on the path shown by Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam."
  • Concentration and Devotion in Salaat
"Five daily prayers that are essential to spiritual elevation, piety, and a life free from the ills of the material world. To build a connection with Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and to gain from his unlimited treasures"
Ilm and Dhikr "The thirst for knowledge and remembrance of Allah conducted in sessions in which every individual contributes whatever knowledge which one can regarding performing prayers, reciting the Quran and reading Hadith and to gain the remembrance of Allah in every action make Dhikr by reciting 3 Tasbihaat, Third Kalimah, Durood and Istighfaar."
Ikram-i-Muslim "The treatment of fellow humans with honor and deference, to love the youngsters and respect the elders and have respect for the scholars of Islam"
Ikhlas-i-Niyyat "Reforming one’s life in supplication to Allah by performing every (good) human action for the sake of Allah and toward the goal of self-transformation"
Dawat-o-Tabligh "The sparing of time to live a life based on faith and learning its virtues, following in the footsteps of the Prophet, and taking His message door-to-door for the sake of faith. Since Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam was the last and final prophet, it is our duty to now carry on this work of the prophets, i.e. call others towards good and prevent evil"

The Jamaat Tabligh here in Malaysia mostly follow what the World Tabligh Headquarters at Basti Nizamuddin in India have formulated as the methodology of carrying out their Tabligh efforts.

The Markas here is addressed as Masjid Jamek Sri Petaling, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur. You can read about the Tabligh movement here and here.

Tabligh Jamaat members taking wudu' @ ablution before Solat @ prayers.

Tabligh Jamaat Muslims on their way to the main prayer hall to perform the Solat Dzohor congregational prayers after their taking of wudu' @ ablution. Notice the toothstick being held by the brother in front? It is called miswak @ Arak root in Arabic that was used by the Blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam to brush his teeth and is proven to be very effective in maintaining excellent oral hygiene.

A student of the Madrasah Miftahul Ulum which is located within the grounds of the Masjid Jamek Sri Petaling seen tying his imamah @ serban, dressed in white cotton jubah, a symbol of the purity of one's heart in seeking the Ilm of Islam and on his way to becoming a Hafiz of the Holy Al Qur'an Al Kareem, Insya Allah!

There is a certain glow and purity that one can detect in the person of a true Muslim such as the brother here which shows up on his face as a sign of his inner peace of mind and tranquility of his spirit that you just have to admit that comes with total surrender of one's being to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

I recall an old Arab proverb, ' Whatever is in the heart; shows up on the face!'. Ego if it is ever present will manifest itself on one's face and cloud one's demeanor no matter if one is a fair skinned person and at times even the darkest skinned person but with the purest heart will just glow with his or her inner beauty, befitting the grace and gentle soul of one's being. Yesterday, I was fortunate to meet some gentle beings who just manifest the parable here to the letter. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala bless them.

There were also a few who didn't quite live up to the expectations that I had but I will let that slide for my ziarah was not to find faults with the ones who had some issues with opening up to a stranger or to even flash whatever pearlies they still had but then again, people are just that, aren't they?

Insan. Human beings. Each with his pluses and minuses. I choose to remember just those who made my day! :)

One very holy looking chap however made me feel a bit sad when he said that why should he be friendly or smile to someone whom he is just meeting for the first time?

These are the kind of folks who have yet to reach the stage of 'husnulzohn' @ thinking well of others and failing to live up to the sunnah of the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam in smiling and thinking well of others and portraying the good image and persona of a proper Muslim?

Nevertheless as usual, in my own unique way, I managed to break down his walls and got the brother to exchange well wishes with me and depart from each other although I know the fella must be seething in his heart to be told off in my own special way of 'thrusting the spear of truth right through his heart and withdrawing it gently without spilling a drop of his spiritual blood'! :D

How do I do that? Well, those who have had direct exchanges with me would know that.

The view of the Masjid Jamek Sri Petaling's dome from the inside.

The Markaz is among the only masjids which offer weary travelling Tabligh Jamaat's in transit a sanctuary to rest and recuperate before continuing on their Dakwah efforts throughout the world.

Here is a list of the worldwide Markaz of the Jamaat Tabligh. Some of the addresses might be not up to date but for those who want to know, it is up to them to seek further info from the net.

Back to my main points.

Some will accuse such missionaries of escapism from their responsibilities at home but then again, who can say for sure as to what is in the hearts and minds of such men who may just be seeking the Mercy of Ar Rahman and the true Knowledge of Islam and learn from their meeting with the various people of this multi ethnic, multi cultural, multi faithed world?

It is none but Allah who knows what is hidden in the hearts and souls of these da'ees in transit?

I met and befriended these brothers from Indonesia and China who were just happy to share with me their stories and experiences while being here. Seated from left is Brother Harwana from Jakarta, Brother Nasruddin from Henan, Xinjiang, China and Brother Abu Imam from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Myself with Brother Nasrudin ( China) and Abu Imam (Indonesia).

Posing with me are Brothers Nasruddin (China), Harwana (Indonesia), Omer (Sudan) and Abu Imam (Indonesia).

Ikhwanul Muslimin. Alhamdulillah.

Nasruddin spoke to us in Mandarin and I managed to shoot a video of him sharing his views and am uploading the video here for you to see and I have also shared about Islam and what it has to offer those of us who are amongst those seeking the Love and Beneficence of Allah Azza Wa Jalla.

May Allah SWT bless and guide us all to the Truth and Salvation that we all seek! Ameen.


burhanlong said...

so when r u going for your chilla?

MAHAGURU58 said...


Never forget the salam dear brother burhan.

It's the right and sign of us being Muslims.


Ziarah and Muzakarah doesn't imply that I am subscribing to the Tabligh Jamaat, my friend.

I do my Dakwah 24/7, throughout my life.

No reason to jump to conclusions that just because I visit the Jamaat Tabligh, I am about to be one.

They are my brothers in Islam. Period.

I am a mureed of Syaikh Nazim Adil Al Haqqani Al Qubrusi An Naqsyabandi.

I also am a friend of PAS, UMNO, Al Arqam, JIM, ABIM, Hizb at Tahrir, PKR,etc.

So, what are you gonna imply next?

Listen my friend, if you don't know me yet.

I am a Da'ee who accepts each and every Muslim as my fellow submitter to Allah Azza Wa Jalla.

I do my Dakwah my way, online, offline, as it unfolds, anywhere, anytime.

So, just accept that is who and what I am?

We have to be magnanimous and not constrict ourselves to this or that jamaah.

Ikhwanul Muslimin. That's it.

z i z o u said...

Salam bro!

tks on ur write up abt Tabligh as myself here been in tat "tajdid" for so long.

1st of all, me too from our kampung, Jelutong near Jalan Madrasah wic is quite active area for Jammat Tabligh. Usuali, they still ctnue their rutine by having Bayans evry Thurs at Markas Leith Street.

But i've leaved tis Tabligh "believe" as they more concentrate on 5 times prayer n more on Hadis! they sd modify their way, mayb folow Christian Mssiory by visiting or dakwah poor muslim in rural area.

Mr. X said...

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the X opinions (

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Brother Zizou.

Jazakallah for gracing me with your comment and feedback. :)

Has been quite some time since I last returned home to Penang.

Was there last Raya.

My kampong @ Jalan Kota Giam has become landlocked with the Jelutong Expressway built on the reclaimed land along the Jelutong foreshore and the pollution from the dust, grime and all the developments there just made me grimace in horror and sadness remembering how the sea used to come right up to our shores back in the 60s and 70s?

Me and my friend Wan Ali used to catch 'ikan belanak' with throw nets and we used to go fishing on my raft made from a wooden pallet stuffed with styrofoams which I collected from the sea.

Those were the days.

'Ikan ketang' @ large pomfret like fish used to come in schools to the seashore back then when the seawater was still clear and green .

The Penang State Government's decision to turn Jalan Jeti Jelutong @ 'Jalan Tembok Taik' into a dumping ground for the City Council dump trucks destroyed our foreshore over the years.

Irreversible environmental destruction by a City Council that was corrupt and just didn't give a damn about the ecological disasters that due to their apathy robbed us of our beautiful seashore.

It was muddy but still clean and many species of fishes, prawns, crabs , mudskippers all thrived in that foreshore back then.

Today, we have stinking mudflats locked in by the Expressway and the shoreline has been changed by the reclamation works forever.


As for the Jamaat Tabligh, well, what can we say?

They are as what we see due to the doctrine that is imposed upon them by their leaders.

Islam is today being interpreted by every jamaah as they see fit?

Remember the hadith of the Prophet SAW where he says that the Ummah will be divided into 73 sects of jamaahs and every sect will go into the Hellfire save for only one that sticks to the teachings of the Holy Qur'an and His Sunnah?

Well, if you were to go ask each of the jamaah's present today in this world, they will say that it is their jamaah that is the rightful one and the rest can go to Hell!

It's just so easy for anyone to point an accusing finger and nitpick , looking for faults in his or her targeted jamaah dear brother and chances are that he or she will find a thousand and one faults to incriminate the particular movement!

I for one have seen enough of the various jamaah's and tariqats out there today to know that Wallahi, what the Prophet SAW prophesied is just coming true today!

Everyone seems so cocksure that they are on the right path and that their akidah is absolutely in line with what they believe to be the absolute Way to Jannah that I fear so much that chances are that it will all lead to a one way ticket to Jahannam save for those who truly, truly submit to Allah Azza Wa Jalla in body and soul, Ikhlas Fisabilillahi Ta'ala!

I myself dare not for a nano second think that even I will be free from the Fire for Allah knows me best that at times I myself become victim of my own damn ego?

It's so hard to be humble for we often give in to our nafs and we get angry!

Pissed off at this fella or that chap that if not for our solats, we will easily succumb to our raging tempers and lose our rationality in remaining as an 'abdillah!

Dhikr and solat are my only thermostat that keeps me in check failing which Na'uzubillahiminzalik, I sure will be amongst those who will slip up due to my temper!

Alhamdulillah, at the maghrib of my life, I have been blessed by Allah SWT to be able to keep my ego in check between the 5 daily prayers and in having a blessed spouse who helps me be as whom or what I choose to be, zayn al abid deen.

It's a daily struggle believe me.

A raging war between my nafs and my aql.

Alhamdulillah, I have come to a stage where I can choose either to engage with my detractors or just ease out of a nasty unnecessary conflict or confrontation by submitting to our Rabb.


The more I get to be with the mukhlisin, the more I get to remain calm and live out my remaining seconds and minutes of my life in relative peace and harmony.

Getting a chance to be in the company of the truthseekers out there is just a blessing that I am so grateful to Ar Rahman Ar Rahim.

Insya Allah, I will bring my spouse with me to perform our Umrah by next year and then our Hajj.

Do pray for me bro that I get to accomplish just that and die in the state of Husnul Khatimah!

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

As for the Tablighis, Insya Allah, the opportunities for us to ziarah and muzakarah with them is still open.

All we need to do is to go and just do it.

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum mr.x.

All praises be to Allah Almighty Most Gracious, Most Merciful God of us all.

I am just a servant of Allah, writing from my heart, sir.

If there is anything beneficial from my writings, I am grateful to Him who has inspired me.

If there's anything bad in my writings, please forgive me and advice me.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

May Allah bless and guide us all.


Peace be with you sir.

z i z o u said...

Salam ji!

tks for ur kind exp n sermon, appreciate! and for ur info our village still d same, not much development if compare to otrs side like Quay Jetty near Weld Quay(double standard from prev govern)

til again bro!

dolah said...

according to the fatwa of bin baaz, ikhwanul muslimin also in the group of 73 in the jahannam.

according to albani,ikhwanul muslimin is the neo-khawarij.

Anak Pendang Sekeluarga said...

Salam ziarah,tuan ..sila ziarah blog saya untuk tujuan muzakarah dan jangan lupa add blog saya..tq

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum bro dolah,

Wallahu'alam bissawab!

Verily, it is up to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to decide as to whom He Favors and as to whom His Punishment is upon?

All we can do as Muslims is to strive our level best in His Ways and follow the Sunnah of His Final and Greatest Messenger, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

I guess those of us who have been fortunate to acquire a bit of knowledge would be able to feel as to which jamaah is on the Path of Haqq and which is Batil?

We should never stop repenting and get ourselves back on track when we slip up.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Fuad Akmal.

Permintaan saudara telah hamba tunaikan.

Teruskan mujahadah saudara didalam Dakwah al Islamiyyah!

Ismail Eliat said...

Assalamu Alaikum.
Brother in Islam, you have written so well that I enjoyed reading it. May Allah (s.w.t) protect and bless you.
As for Tabligh Jamaath, it's one of the Jamaaths in this era which have done so much good to Muslims all around the world. As for the Fataawa of Ibn-baz (r.a) or Shaikh Salih Uthaimeen (r.a) that Tabligh is deviated is wrong. It's true that the good scholars used to point some of the mistakes they see and used to correct them with good intentions. Uthaimeen (r.a) have the view that TJ is one of the best but many of them lackhs in Ilm Sharaee. But if you take in general, TJ is doing great work Alhamdulillah. Even Shaikh Albani (r.a) revised his view about TJ later. I have put some of the audio file in this is not to refute anyone. Just to listen for the truth seekers to know what's truth. So much lies are spread about TJ especially by some Muslims who envy at the progress of these humble Daees. We must not forget that we are living in the end of times. Fitna is everywhere. Many lies are due to confusions. Like they don't know what's 3 days, 40 days etc. The scholars of Tabligh Jamaat says this is a Tarteeb (a system) towards steadfastness of Da'wa. They never said this is Sunnah. Like most of the systems we all follow in Da'wa or seeking knowledge did not exist at times of Rasulullah (s.a.w) or the Sahaba (r.a). Be it our debates,late night lectures, Da'wa offices, internet, CDs, Our educational syllibus, certificates etc etc. But they are a means of fulfilling our duties. Hence if you look things properly, there is nothing wrong. May Allah (s.w.t) unite all Muslims upon the Juhd (efforts) of Rasulullah (s.a.w) in Da'wa. More on basics of Tabligh and Da'wa can be found at Jazakallah Khyr.

Tahir said...


Will anyone tell me how to reach there from Sri Petaling LRT Station.


Anonymous said...


MasyaAllah my dear Ikhwan Fi Islam, Brothers in Islam,Ham Sab Bhai-bhai hey (urdu), Mungga tol runa-runa yung (pushto), marilah kita berlapang dada ( salah satu wasiat Imam Hassan AlBanna) tak kira apa manhaj yg kita ikut asalkan maksudnya sama iaitu menegakkan sunnah Rasul dan Keredhaan Allah SWT. Seharusnya kepelbagaian Jamaah dakwah itu should complement each other barulah kepelbagaian itu rahmat. We shouldn't even think those not following our manhaj to be in hell. In fact most of Ulama within each manhaj would say 'Allah SWT melihat keikhlasan kamu sebagai individu didalam mencapai redha Illahi, hanya yg ikhlas yg akan diterima'. From my understanding a lot of Ulama within Tabligh are the Mursheed of Multiple Tariqahs such as Naqshabandi, Qadiri, Chisyty and so on. Semoga Allah SWT memberikan hidayah melalui blog ini kpd. kita semua. WSLM

da'e said...

aik when do you take the picture of me.?? the Indian Muslim first person from right.
this my fb..

nshinah said...

Just wondering.

Have any of the Tableegh brothers gone for any Humanitarian missions, as a volunteer? You know, eg. famine-stricken zones (Somalia) etc, war zones like Gaza, Lebanon, Herzegovina, Tsunami-hit areas and victims eg, Acheh..... I mean....immediately after the events (war/ earthquake/ tsunami/ floods).

That is quite a challenge.

Spreading the beauty of Islam by helping out personally, when the places or people are in dire straits, or much more meaningful than just knocking door-to-door in peacetime.

We should research and analyse how Christian missionaries effectively reach out to the sick and dying (in hospitals, the HIV-AIDS victims, the Orang Asli and Ibans in Malaysia, the liberal-Muslims who 'murtad' and many more.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Doc nshinah.

That is a question you need to ask the Tableegh brothers themselves.

I am in no position to speak for them as I am not in their movement.

My article here was written out of my visit to the markaz and experience in meeting with them.

Go on and pose them your question if you wish.


Sahir said...

As salaam allykum brother,

Very interesting article brother, I am thoroughly touched by the way you have described the tabligi movement with utmost sincerity and purity without getting too carried away.

I am a follower of the Ahle sunnat wal jamaat however I am not against the tabligi jamaat completly.

I am more interested to know the presence of tabligi jamaat/wahabi/salafi or basically the non-ahle sunnat wal jamaat following movements.

I was in malaysia and thailand last year and to whichever masjid I went I was amazed to find out how nicely they recited the glorius SALAAM. I believe 90% of malaysian muslims are followers of the Ahle sunnat wal jamaat and recite the SALAAM.

Sahir Khan