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Monday, July 21, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim's Speech at Cheng, Melaka

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Brothers and Sisters, Fellow Malaysians.

We need to hear from both sides of the political parties we have here today who are deciding how we live our lives and the BN Government who have been calling the shots all these while and of late have added unnecessary burden upon ourselves who have to struggle like hell to make our ends meet!

After the debate between Anwar Ibrahim and Ahmad Shabery Cheek and the following arrest and detention of the PKR Supremo overnight at the Kuala Lumpur Police HQ, Anwar spoke at a ceramah held at Cheng, Melaka.

He explains what happened to him and the challenges that he is facing in trying to fight against the BN behemoth who are going all out to silence and gag him?

Listen to him speaking courtesy of

Thanks to our nation's # 1 online newsportal. Without them we will not have come this far.


1 comment:

Razamith said...

Funny when he says "Menteri budak tu".. He really degraded shabery to a junior level and not worthy as his opponent.