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Monday, July 14, 2008

Anwar -Shabery Cheek Debate - Will it change anything?

I refer to the scheduled debate between Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister, and current Special Advisor to the Parti Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia and Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, the current BN Malaysian Minister of Information tomorrow night at 9.00pm, 15th July 2008 over TV3 and to be broadcasted live by ASTRO Satellite Television.

This debate might be good for the nation's citizens to see and gauge for themselves as to who makes sense and as to whether Anwar's claim to be able to reduce the price of petrol overnight as soon as his party and coalition partners of the DAP, PAS and PRM are given the mandate to rule over the nation if they are voted into power at the next GE?

The thing I want to ask is, ' Is this debate going to change anything for us, the common citizens of Malaysia?'

From what I know as to be the reality, the only way we can see change in government is at the polls, if they are conducted fairly and justly between the contending parties.

The 12th Malaysian GE saw the Pakatan Rakyat win in 4 major BN strongholds and retain the State of Kelantan despite the tremendous amount of campaign funds utilized by the incumbent BN's behemoth electoral machinery which clearly used all avenues of media and broadcasting networks to their full advantage denying the Malaysian Opposition even a minute of airtime to share their message with the voting public?

Yet, a growing number of Malaysians who have awakened from their political comatose saw fit to whack the BN out of Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor to form the new state governments of those respective states for the first time in this nation's history!

If only the rest of the public had a wee bit of sense in denying the BN the margin that they have been enjoying all these 51 long suffering years, we would be having a new Federal Government today?

Ahmad Shabery Cheek has done many good things since taking over from Zainuddin Maidin but he is just caught in a situation where he has no choice but to champion his bosses cause for his survival.

Anwar the orator will chew out Ahmad Shabery in this debate but the political 'Sword of Damocles' being wielded by the BN leadership over his head just looms menacingly to lop off his head in the latest turn of events and developments that might just decapitate his return from the political wilderness he was sent packing to before his release after Abdullah Badawi took over power from Anwar's arch nemesis, the wily old Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

Let's see whether Anwar really makes it to the studios before the Special Actions Unit of the Malaysian Police Force bundle him off to the political prisons again as what took place in 1998?

For now, things just took a turn for the worse when Parliament, the symbol of Malaysia's vestiges of political fairness and power has been turned into a 'No Malaysian Citizen's Land' cordoned off from public access for fear of it being besieged by justice seeking citizens of this gone el loco country under the rule of the narcissistic Imam Hadhari and his # 1 asskissing Deputy PM who is now rubbing his hands with anticipation of being the anointed one to take over the Prime Ministership of this country in 2010?


To all the ones who voted in the BN for the umpteenth time, I hope you are happy with your decisions.

After all, at the petrol pumps, they don't give a shit as to whether you are a BN supporter or what, do they?

Suffer in silence just as the rest of the nation, you Abdullah Badawi hero worshippers!

Serves you right. How does it feel to be shouldering the burden of higher fuel prices despite voting in the recalcitrants back into power in Putrajaya? Happy now? Bahagia?

As for Anwar and Shabery Cheek, make our time worthwhile, eh?


TeohZY said...

This time, I disagree with you. If DSAI's strategy to reduce fuel price is convincing enough, it will go a long way towards swinging the voters to Pakatan Rakyat. A lot of people do not like BN, but they are scared of change, as they are not yet convinced of Pakatan Rakyat's ability to govern the country. If DSAI can 'perform' well in the debate, hopefully it will change the mindset of these people.

Nostradamus said...

Jeyklls and Hydes in Malaysia. Are you? (Updated 14 July 2008)

Malaysians in dilemma? So many events and news both real and unreal. Don’t know who to believe? Bombarded with too much spins. These are the quotes, we now hear.

“Give up”, “Fed up”, “Wait and See”, “Lost interest”, “Headache”, “Cannot believe anyone”, “Who to believe ah?”, “Niamah”, “Pening kepala”, “Pening otak”, “Sudah lah”, “Pi mampus”, “Insyallah (God Willing)” or raise your palm and fist and put them together on National tv or or or or other blogs.

Why? Because it depends on what you want to perceive and your bias toward your own race, color, religion, party, groups, interests, superiority or plain dumbness.

That makes you something of a Jeykll and Hyde if you can’t differentiate between facts and fictions, good and evil, right and wrong, true or false. Too many Malaysians can’t decide now whether to become Jeykll or whether to become Hyde or when to become Jeykll or when to become Hyde.

Think hard and search your conscience from deep within and “Viola” you can differenciate between Night from Day. Throw out bias towards race, creed, superiority, affiliations, religion and beliefs, greed, power, cronyism etc and then see whether some of the things happening around is right or wrong , true or false, evil or good, facts or fiction.

1. Altantuya was killed and blown to bits. (Fact or Fiction).
2. Sodomy is as evil as murder. (True or False).
3. Anyone accused are innocent until proven guilty. (True or False).
4. Statutory Declarations and Police reports can be made to fool people. (True/False).
5. Anyman or woman will swear on his religion or beliefs to save his own skin. (True/False).
6. Race superiority is needed to rule Malaysians. (Fact or Fiction).
7. Religious superiority is needed to rule Malaysians. (Fact or Fiction).
8. All poor people need to be helped by Government. (True or False).
9. Corruption is a fact of life and should be tolerated. (Fact or Fiction).
10. ISA is needed because prevention is better than cure. (Fact or Fiction).
11. Free education is a right for all Malaysian children. (True or False).
12. Free healthcare is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
13. Free speech is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
14. Freedom of religions and beliefs is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
15. Liberty is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
16. All Malaysians and the world can be converted to a single culture, religion, race in future. (Fact or Fiction).
17. The next PM of Malaysia will follow R.A.H.M.A.N theory. (Fact or Fiction).
18. All Malaysian Malays are poor and lazy. (Fact or Fiction).
19. All Malaysian Chinese are rich and gamblers. (Fact or Fiction).
20. All Malaysian Indians are drinkers and liars. (Fact or Fiction).
21. All East Malaysians are inferior to West Malaysians. (Fact or Fiction).
22. Only Barisan Nasional (BN) can govern Malaysia. (Fact or Fiction).
23. Only UMNO can take care of Malaysian Malay’s and other Bumiputeras interest. (Fact or Fiction).
24. Only MCA can take care of Malaysian Chinese’s interest. (Fact or Fiction).
25. Only MIC can take care of Malaysian Indian’s interest. (Fact or Fiction).
26. Only Gerakan can take care of Malaysian’s interest. (Fact or Fiction).
27. Only PKR can take care of Malaysian’s interest. (Fact or Fiction).
28. Only PAS can take care of Moslem’s interest. (Fact or Fiction).
29. Only Hindraf can take care of Hindu’s interest. (Fact or Fiction).
30. Only PBDS can take care of Sarawakian’s Bumi interest. (Fact or Fiction).
31. Only UMNO Sabah can take care of Sabahan’s Bumi interest. (Fact or Fiction).
32. All Jews are intelligent and corrupted. (True/False).
33. All Africans are corrupted and murderers. (True or False).
34. All Westerners are corrupted and evil. (True or False).
35. All Chinese are communists. (True or False).
36. All Indians are Hindus. (True or False).
37. All Malays are Moslems. (True or False).

To be continued……


d said...

dear mahaguru,
whatever the outcome, there will be one winner - the rakyat. let us hear them out.

it's entertainment, if not anything.


equilec said...

I think it will be worthwhile if the debate will on on issues and policies that effect us.

Somehow or rather I think it will turn into name-calling and whacking debate between one another which I hope this will not happen.

I have seen Anwar in action and I think Anwar will chew Shabery Cheek to pieces in this debate. And in order to save his face from a losing battle, Shabery Cheek might use low blows to counter and move off topic on the debate.

I'm not too sure on how this debate will be moderated and by whom that will ensure that the debate will be on topic.

Once the debate is begins to turn into name calling or name bashing debate, then you can be sure I'll be turning off the tv.

But then again, I have always like Jerry Springer Show.... :)

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear TeohZY,

Don't understand on what particular point that you disagree with me?

Nevertheless, just visualize this.

Everybody is harping on Anwar saving us from the BN.

What if Anwar drops dead tomorrow?

Who else is the rakyat hoping to see take the baton from him?

As it is, the Pakatan Rakyat has yet to settle down cohesively with one another at the moment.

As long as the majority of Malaysians fail to come together and vote for a majority win for the Pakatan Rakyat in the next GE, all our dreams, all our wishes will remain just that.

Anwar alone can't bring about change.

The way he is being hounded by the BN and their agents is just too much for any normal being to be able to handle and to cope with?

Malaysia is just a case of despots who have become too deeply entrenched and not easy to dislodge from the seats of power.

Malaysians too harbor ill feelings towards Opposition figures and have yet to really free themselves from the brainwashing that the BN have done all these years.

I am not saying that this debate should not take place but I am asking as to what is going to change for us after this debate?

Everyone knows that Anwar Ibrahim is a master orator and pitting Ahmad Shabery Cheek against Anwar is like pushing a nerd into a ring with Iron Mike Tyson in his prime?

I have seen some positive changes made by Ahmad Shabery Cheek in RTM since taking over from Zainuddin Maidin and do not wish to see him go from the ministry if he fails to live up to the challenge in facing Anwar tomorrow.

I wish it was Najib facing Anwar tomorrow or even Abdullah Badawi but then again when have those two blokes ever impressed us with their oratorical skills?

Abdullah Badawi will be chewed and spit out by Anwar in a jiffy and Najib will be haw humming his way in trying to get the hell out of the way of Anwar. Hehehehe...

Ahmad Shabery Cheek deserves our respect for his being brave enough to face the maestro of debate and oratorical prowess that Anwar has?

Let's see what happens tomorrow or whether the Police will swoop down on Anwar and arrest him at ASTRO as Anwar has refused to go see them at the IPK KL?

d said...

dear mahaguru
my answer to your response to teoh is this:

if anwar drops dead now, there is wan azizah to take over.

like rpk said just recently in his blog, there should not be an over-reliance on cult figure or icon in any meaningful political party.

*** and the info minister is not as much a meaningful change agent as you might want us to believe. he said he was allowing live telecast of the debate to prove his 'openness'. wow..over what channel? ASTRO awani? why not TV3 or RTM? i'll tell you why; he's scared stiff that anwar will expose BN's weakness in front of those kampung folks who DO NOT have astro! you see, these folks in the kampungs are the only votes they can get. these are the only votes they GOT in PRU12.

*** openness?? my foot!!

*** if BN is really transparent, please - live debate over RTM/TV3 too. so the ENTIRE NATION can view.not just those who has astro.

TeohZY said...

Dear Mahaguru59,

Referring to my first comment, I disagree that the debate tomorrow between DSAI and Shabery Cheek will not change anything. It will not cause the price of fuel to be reduced, but it will surely allow Malaysians to gauge for themselves whether DSAI really has the capability of reducing the price of fuel once he get into power. Depending on DSAI and Shabery Cheek's performance tomorrow, it will definitely change the perception of Malaysians towards Pakatan Rakyat, for better or worse.

MAHAGURU58 said...


I second your proposal that the said debate should be broadcasted live over RTM1,RTM2 and all television channels so that non Astro subscribers get to watch the proceedings just the same.

You have to give credit where it is due my friend and that if Zainuddin Maidin or Kadir Sheikh Fadzir were still running the show at the Information Ministry, this debate will never take place?

I am not saying that Ahmad Shabery Cheek is to be adulated or what but you must acknowledge that the man is trying his best in making changes to the way information has been stifled all these while from the people.

Anyway, let's wait and see if the debate really takes place for Anwar has been denied airtime since being removed from office in 1998 and the only way we have been able to watch him is through the Youtube, Malaysiakini and BBC channels.

This is surely going to draw the biggest number of tv viewers since so many years.

d said...

15july 10.30pm
just finished watching anwar vs info minister live debate.

my verdict:
a win for anwar on all counts; including their respective agent.

info minister:-
i) misses the point on most occassions.
ii) seem to be speaking on behalf of petronas all the time. hello...?? who is zooming in on petronas? it's the petrol price, st-p-d!
iii) tasteless personal attacks
iv) bn supporters in the dewan clapping as if on-cue; on totally meaningless statements.

and i am saying all these in all fairness; without bias.
i swear.....

15JULY 10.30PM

Eric said...

This his my 2nd chance to see the calm and eloquent Datuk Seri Anwar(1st being his PKR Ceramah in Muar, Johor) deliver his facts and finally this time, he's gotten the chance to voice out what he had wanted to deliver all along on national TV.

DS Anwar's points for debate was plain, straighforward and simple. To raise the facts that the people are suffering, the govt. ain't doing much, and the detrimental outcome of the nation's economic state that will eventually escalate to bigger issues and problems in the coming months should the petrol price hike situation not be resolved. When petroleum prices skyrocket, everything else (manufacturing, transport, F&B, etc.) follows suit. Its a domino effect.

Shabery could not provide a strong re-buttal to DS Anwar's facts as they are prevalent in our everyday lives. Those who are seated comfortably at the top would not feel much of the pinch that the rest of us do, especially those families and individuals who have a tight planned budget without much room for adjustment in their expenditure. When a fuel price hike like this throws a monkey wrench in everyone's financial budget, obviously something has to be done and fast!

DS Anwar's point of re-allocating and reducing certain payouts/ dividends/ revenue to lower the petrol price is very very sensible. He had mentioned this in his ceramah in Muar and he also did mention at that time that he had foreseen that the BN govt. would schedule for a price increase after the General Elections. True enough.

The debate was scheduled for 1 1/2 hours (based on the program time slot), which was cut short after almost an hour and i think the final segment was cancelled. They had to do it. Another 1/2 hour and DS Anwar would have caused severe embarassment, damage and destruction to the BN rep. Of course, the TV network may euphemistically coin it as, "running out of time" or something similar to that.

Anyhow, this debate had a clear winner, and beyond a shadow of a doubt it is Datuk Seri Anwar!