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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

BN's Credibility to Rule Disappearing by the day!

I just don't know what else to say but that by each passing day, the Barisan Nasional's credibility to rule over this country is simply disappearing bit by bit like the trickling grains of sand fast gathering at the bottom of the political heap that the present ruling coalition is turning out to be!

I think that the Malaysian public have been robbed of proper government for way too long and been made victim of reckless political breach of trusts by the BN engaging in lowdown dirty political tactics in their attempts to deny the public alternative choices in getting better representation in the corridors of power in Putrajaya?

Despite the mountains of corruption cases piling up in the clearly biased and one sided judicial system, we still see corrupt politicians and industrialists who have connections with past and present top leadership in the ruling coalition yet to be prosecuted and taken action against them in the truest sense of the word?

Just when we were about to witness the re-entry of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim into the mainstream politics of this nation after being victimized by the then Prime Minister in 1998 and subsequently incarcerated for 6 long years under charges which were found to be baseless and he was released after the courts found him innocent roughly a year after Abdullah Badawi took over power form Mahathir, the nation has again been shocked to wake up to the second season of the character assassination of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim using the same old sodomy tactic!

This time around, Anwar's political foes have resorted to using an ambitious young Malay chap who 'volunteered' to be Anwar's aide just prior to the 12th Malaysian General Elections in March 2008 earlier this year which saw the Pakatan Rakyat defeat the BN in 5 Peninsular states and forming the new state governments in Penang, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and retaining Kelantan.

Just as Anwar was about to announce his candidacy in the Bandar Tun Razak Parliamentary By Election within this week, this male aide who is said to be a BN mole, surfaced with a sodomy charge against the man whom many Malaysians are rooting for to be the next Malaysian Prime Minister and end the BN's 5 decades of political monopoly since this nation achieved independence from Britain in 1957.

Having learned from his 1998 bitter experience in not taking things for granted, Anwar sensed that his life is now in grave danger of being assassinated not only in character but actually being snuffed out, he took no chances and sought refuge at the Turkish Embassy here in the nation's capital.

Knowing just what the Malaysian Police are capable of including just blindly following orders from their chiefs who usually will just offer 'menurut arahan' as an excuse and just smash down Anwar's home doors and windows to bundle him off again in the deep of the night and possibly some 'accident' might take place and all anyone would say is," Oops! We are absolutely sorry!"

So I don't blame Anwar for being extra cautious and edgy this time around!

Who wouldn't be?

Not with all these brutalities we see that the Malaysian Police Force are capable of and have actually unleashed upon the Malaysian people!!!

This blatant attempt to screw Anwar once again using the same old sodomy fabrication is just a sign of the desperate measures that his detractors are forced to use further exposing their downright low levels of political warfare.

They will resort to just anything that they can to undermine his chances of making a political comeback and the gloves are off literally so to speak?

I am sure that this latest attack on Anwar's character and reputation is certainly not going to be the last and looking at the way this nation is witnessing the incumbents who seem to be going all out to ensure that they remain glued to the seats of power over there in Putrajaya, they are definitely not going to go quietly into the night or give up easily without drawing blood.

The BN certainly have lost their credibility to remain in power for as each day goes by, the life's of the Malaysian people are proven to be not improving in any way?

We are facing economic hardships at a level that is seeing the spiraling of crime as a result of dire financial consequences to many folks due to the highest fuel price hikes by the current BN Federal Government under Abdullah Badawi, the most hated BN Prime Minister of all time.

I can keep going on and on writing about the way most Malaysians are pissed off with the current government and generally people are just quite fed up with all the cock and bull excuses being spewed by Abdullah and Najib who are both hated so much for their mismanagement of this country's resources and further causing so much grievances to the hearts and minds of the Malaysian public save for their apple polishers and diehard dimwit supporters.

Anwar needs to be given a chance to stand for elections and guaranteed safe passage failing which the BN will just have a political backlash coming at them and wash them out from the seats of power which they have been enjoying for far too long!

Regardless if they succeed in killing off Anwar or any other Pakatan Rakyat leader either politically or in the actual sense of the word, the BN's days in power are now being numbered and the inevitable will just take place no matter as to who is left standing in the current political turmoil taking place in this nation?

Looks like Reformasi # 2 is coming into season again and this time around, the Malaysian people would know better as to how to go about it?

At stake is their future and the future of their children, who are all going to be in worse off situations if the citizens of this country do not stand up and claim their birthrights to have a better government, by the people, for the people and of the people!

If we are to see a better nation come out from this political spring cleaning, each of us better be prepared to speak up and make our voices and opinions heard failing which just shrivel away and die as those who had a chance to change their future but blew it due to self centered agendas and failure to heed the clarion call for reform.

"The people to fear are not those who disagree with you but those who disagree with you and are too cowardly to let you know." Napoleon Bonaparte.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has returned to his home from the Turkish Embassy after receiving assurances of his personal safety from the Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar and Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim and Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak this evening.

What is going to happen next is going to be a showcase of the state of affairs we have in this nation where the BN is on the brink of collapsing forever from lack of popular support of the Malaysian grassroots who are just waking up to the reality that if anything is to be, it is up to just each and every concerned citizen, regardless of his or her color or creed?

I would like to end this article with a quote from Kahlil Gibran:

"Braving obstacles and hardships is nobler than retreat to tranquility.
The butterfly that hovers around the lamp until it dies
is more admirable
than the mole that lives in the dark tunnel.

To all Malaysians, just remember that whatever is to be tomorrow is going to be what we decide today?

Nothing is going to change until you and I do what we need within our own limited capabilities no matter what obstacles we are going to face or die trying!

20. IAAlamoo annama alhayatu alddunya laAAibun walahwun wazeenatun watafakhurun baynakum watakathurun fee al-amwali waal-awladi kamathali ghaythin aAAjaba alkuffara nabatuhu thumma yaheeju fatarahu musfarran thumma yakoonu hutaman wafee al-akhirati AAathabun shadeedun wamaghfiratun mina Allahi waridwanun wama alhayatu alddunya illa mataAAu alghuroori

20. Know ye (all), that the life of this world is but play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting and multiplying, (in rivalry) among yourselves, riches and children.

Here is a similitude: How rain and the growth which it brings forth, delight (the hearts of) the tillers; soon it withers; thou wilt see it grow yellow; then it becomes dry and crumbles away.

But in the Hereafter is a Penalty severe (for the devotees of wrong). And Forgiveness from Allah and (His) Good Pleasure (for the devotees of Allah.. And what is the life of this world, but goods and chattels of deception?

Al Qur'an Chapter 57 Surah Al Hadid Verse 20.


fade0 said...

Just when the rakyat are starting to complain & demonstrate about rising fuel prices and UMNO spending, attention is suddenly diverted to the sodomy accusasion and drama that unfolds. Don't know about you, but its just too much of a coeincidence for me. Its just too convinient.

I bet now you don't hear anyone complain about rising costs anymore do you?

Hock Cheong said...

Thank you for your factual account of the current temperature in this Bolehland. I appreciate your true Malaysian spirit!

Tinta Kinabalu said...

Anwar bakal pemimpin negara ini? ya Allah, hindarkanlah negara ini dari bala ini. Layakkah orang ni jadi pemimpin? Kecilkan sudut....hal budak berumur 23 tahun pun tak dapat nak urus...macam mana nak urus rakyat negara ini yang lebih dari 23 juta orang...? Ketika timbul isu ini, dia lari ke kedutaan turki (dari statementnya)duduk makan minum dan mendapat keselesaan yang lumayan katanya...tapi dia membiarkan isteri dan anaknya sendirian menanggung aib....bertuah punya jantan....ada orang kata tak logik dia nak liwat budak tu, dia 61 tahun tak gah....jangan lupa kes rogol di Sabah beberapa tahun lalu...lelaki tua berumur 70 tahun didapati bersalah merogol gadis 15 tahun...bila syaitan datang...badan lemah jadi gagah....orang ini suka hiburan dan berdansa kopi dangdut.....pastinya orang ini yang pernah di gelar Pak Seykh...tak akan mampu melaksanakan dan memartabatkan Undang-undang Islam di negara ini...dia jadi alat DAP dan Amerika/yahudi. Dia pakar dalam mensabotaj dan manipulasi sentimen rakyat....masih ramai umat Islam ya ng berdoa agar negara ini diberikan pemimpin yang beriman dan beramal....pastinya bukan orang ini.....

Jika kita ada pemimpin seperti Nik Aziz, Insyaallah negara ini akan selamat dan dirahmati Allah.

Jika undang-undang syariah dilaksanakan sepenuhnya dinegara ini..insyaallah...maka ramai lah pemimpin dan ahli politik kerajaan dan pembangkang yang akan membantah kerana mereka takut kehilangan tangan, takut disula, takut direjam dan sebagainya.

Dalam keadaan politik sekarang, salahguna kuasa, menyeleweng, fitnah berleluasa, hukum allah di permainkan......Kita memerlukan pemimpin yang bukan sahaja jika kita lihat pemimpin ini dengan kasih sayang, tetapi Allah juga memelihara pemimpin ini dari berbagaifitnah dan tohmahan....Allah menjaga kita selagi kita menjaga agama allah.

Saya impikan pemimpin negara ini (PM) seperti Tuan Guru Nik Aziz...
selamatlah negara ini...semua kaum akan hidup aman damai dan mendapat rahmatNya

Salam dari Ranau, Sabah.

Anonymous said...

The events that has unfolded makes Malaysia look eerily similar to Zimbabwe.

In Zimbabwe, we had the Opposition leader seeking refuge in the Dutch Embassy. In Malaysia, we have the De facto Opposition leader seeking refuge in the Turkish Embassy for his safety.

The only difference between Zimbabwe and Malaysia is that at least the gorilla regime of Robert 'The Beast' Mugabe did not plant sodomy allegations against Mr. Morgan Tsevangarai of the opposition MDC.

It looks like the ZANU-PF and BN-Umno are pretty much similar in many ways. Both are corrupt and racist.

Coming back to the allegation of Dato Seri Anwar's alleged sodomy against this Saiful creep, only a die hard BN-Umno supporter or an idiot will buy this crap.

Anwar is within reach of the corridors of power in Putrajaya. With the momentum going in his favor, why would he want to screw things up for himself at this juncture?

If I were in DSAI's shoes, and assuming that I were gay with an uncontrollable urge for sex, it would be easier and safer for me to get a 'ladies boy' and pay him well for our mutual satisfaction.

After all, it wouldn't take much effort to find one in KL. I wouldn't do it with a member of my staff who just joined the team only 3 months earlier.

As for Saiful, is this guy for real or what? If you claimed that you have been sodomized the first time, why the heck did you do nothing and got yourself sodomized a second time? I smell a rat here.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Go to this site and you will know what I'm talking about.

It looks like the BN-Umno regime is in desperation mode, thus they and their cohorts, the IGP and AG are trying to prevent the inevitable, Pakatan Rakyat forming the Federal Government and Dato Seri Anwar as Prime Minister of Malaysia. A lot of dirt will be uncovered and I bet the new prison in Sungai Bakap will serve all the BN-Umno goons, 4th Floor Boys, Mahathir, IGP, AG, MR. EC Chief and gang pretty well!

Akar umbi UMNO Damansara Utama said...


I really hope that the truth will come out in the end.

I just have to disagree with some of your points, but I do agree that we have more pressing issue at stake.

The question is: Who is making this police report into a national issue? Are you implying that because we are facing an economic crisis, people have got to stop making police reports?

What if a police report is lodged against Najib? Wouldn't that also divert attention away from our crisis?

A Conversation About Liwat

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam bro umno damansara,

You asked:

The question is: Who is making this police report into a national issue?

Are you implying that because we are facing an economic crisis, people have got to stop making police reports?

What if a police report is lodged against Najib?

Wouldn't that also divert attention away from our crisis?

My answers:

First and foremost, where is it in my article here anything that I have written that questions anyone making any police report?

You need to be truthful here bro without trying to say something that has never been stated in my article here?

The mainstream media are the ones orchestrating this vile attack on DSAI.

We all know that the mainstream media are controlled by the ruling government.

Who calls the shot in the ruling government?

MCA? MIC? Any of the rest of the BN coalition smaller parties?

Nope! Answer is that it is none but the UMNO top leaders, ain't it?

So, who stands to gain from this character assassination?


Any of the division heads of UMNO Damansara?

Any other UMNO top guns nationwide?


The only ones standing to gain from this willful sidetracking of other pressing cases like the Malaysian people's wrath over the greatest petrol price hike in our petroleum producing and exporting nation's history and the Altantuyaa Shaariibuu C4 bomb blasting Statutory Declaration that Raja Petra Kamarudin has made implicating the DPM's wife are but the PM and the DPM themselves?

The rest of the BN Supreme Council and UMNO's Supreme Council leaders are those who listen and obey types.

So please get your points right and do not imply anything on to me?

Stick to the contents of my article here and deliberate on it or just refer to your own points in form of your comment and opinions.

No one here is saying that anyone should be stopped from making police reports against anyone.

Whomsoever creates fitnah will be held accountable before Allah SWT in the Akhirat and what you have done here amounts to just that sir!

No matter what side attractions are concocted by those in power, we the rakyat will not be fooled by such sidetrackings anymore!

We don't buy what UMNO dishes out!


As Muslims, we are accountable for each and everything we say, write or do?

If we are righteous, then Allah SWT will reward us accordingly according to our intentions and actions.

If otherwise, just stand ready to face the repercussions either here on Earth or in the Yaum al Akhirat?

I for one don't fear insan but Allah SWT!

It is He who decides whether I end up in Heaven or Hell?

Don't you agree?

As far as Najib is concerned, the Malaysian public have long washed off our hands on this cowardly fellow who is just playing safe so that he can be the bloody PM and doesn't give a hoot about the common citizens.

I don't blame you for trying to speak up on behalf of the chap.

You are an UMNO member.

That speaks volumes already.

I am all for Nik Aziz running this nation for his mission is just the same as mine ; to see the Justice of Allah SWT prevail over this land.

Insya Allah.

Wassalamualaikum bro.

Tinta Kinabalu said...

Margeemar.....biar betul....nak juga tegakkan benang basah ye....tapi biar rasionallah....di zimbabwe ya dia lari juga...ada kesamaannya...dua-dua ada "sifat penakut"menghadapi cabaran....nelson mandela dan mahtama gandhi,Mat Kilau tak pernah lari...di Malaysia ni ada beberapa orang yang lari kerana takut antaranya chin Peng...anwar...dan seorang penulis blog to ntah siapa namanya...




Tinta Kinabalu said...

Assallammualaikum Mahaguru58,

Kenapa kita membuang begitu banyak masa, ruang dan fikiran serta tenaga memikirkan masalah Anwar ibrahim? Masih banyak masalah umat islam disetiap pelusuk negara ini yang perlu dibincangkan dan dihighlightkan seperti d blog saudara ini. Makin banyak kita memperkatakan soal c mamat ni, makin banyak rasa kebencian timbul ke atas mamat ni, terutama betapa banyak sekolah diluarbandar Sabah tidak mendapat perhatian dari si mamat ni semasa dia menjadi menteri pelajaran dahulu. Tapi tak apalah,pelajar-pelajar yang tinggal jauh diluar bandar terus hidup dan ada antaranya sudah sampai ke Unv. Cairo, alhamdulillah. Allah sentiasa bersama orang yang sabar, walaupun diabaikan oleh si mamat ni masa jadi PM.

Saya tidak berparti sama ada PAS, UMNO, PKA (jangan sekalilah) atau mana-mana parti, tapi saya mengkagumi pemimpin-pemimpin PAS dan dasar perjuangan Parti ini. Saya juga mengkagumi Tun Dr. M atas kemampuan daya fikirnya, walaupun saya tidak meminati UMNO.

DI tempat saya, kami berbeza agama walaupun adik beradik sedarah, ada anaknya islam bapanya kristian dan bermacam-macam lagi. Tapi kami hidup aman damai, hormat menghormati antara satu sama lain. Jika ada rasa sakit hati antara "Islam dengan Bukan Islam" di Sabah, ini berpunca dari permainan politik USNO. BERJAYA, PBS dan UMNO. Inilah parti2 yang menyebabkan binasanya keharmonian amalan agama yang berbeza walaupun sesama adik beradik, sanak saudara dikalangan masyarakat Sabah. Kaum cina di Sabah malah sudah hampir diasimilasikan sepenuhnya dengan budaya orang tempatan Sabah, kecuali kaum cina yang "baru" datang sama ada dari Hongkong, semananjung atau Filipina. Pendek kata kami aman damai dan harmoni tanpa gangguan parti-parti yang disebut tadi.

Bukankah lebih baik, jika kefahaman terhadap "Keadilan Islam" merentas warna kulit yang berbeza dan budaya yang berbeza itu diberikan highlight...lagipun Islam itu sendiri adalah agam yang sesuai sepanjang zaman. Islam tidak sepatutnya "pelik" bagi orang cina malaysia dan orang india, kerana Islam dan penganut Islam jauh sudah lama bertapak di Cina dan India malah bilangan mereka lebih ramai. Saya percaya penentangan orang cina dan india terhadap "perlaksanaan Undang-undang Syaria" di negara ini bukan kerana mereka itu berbangsa cina, hindu atau kristian, penantangan itu lebih tertumpu kepada betapa Undang0Undang Syariah itu kelak menhalang tingkahlaku dan kebiasaan mereka, dan di kalangan orang Melayu baik BN atau PKR sendiri pun agak ramai yang takut melaksanakan Undang-Undang Syaria kerana kepentingan diri masing-masing.

Ramai orang bukan Islam yang saya kenal dari berbagai bangsa cina dan kadazan yang amat menghormati perwatakan Nik Aziz, Tok Guru memperkenalakan keagungan agama Allah ini bukan setakat melalui perkataaan tetapi melalui perbuatan dan cara hidup nya. Inilah pemimpin yang kita perlukan. Jika kita memiliki 15 pemimpin seperti ini di Malaysia (1 orang di setiap negeri/wilayah) insyallah tipu helah pemimpin yg mementingkan kemasyuran duniawi akan dapat disingkirkan. Tanyalah suara hati kita, tanyalah kepada mana-mana orang islam atau bukan Islam yang berakal, jika di tampilkan Nik Aziz sebaris dengan semua pemimpin UMNO, PKR dan lain-lain...insyaalah dengan Izin Allah, pemimpin berkarisma dan berhati mulia seperti Nik Aziz akan menjadi pilihan untuk menjadi Pemimpin. Betapa eloknya jika PM negara ini dipilih secara undian oleh setiap penduduk malaysia...

MUngkin, orang-orang Islam perlu membetulkan perhatian mereka kepada memberi keutamaan kepada meningkatkan syiar dan kefahaman Islam daripad membuang masa dan fikiran memikirkan halehwal Anuar Ibrahim dan Seterunya. Betulkanlah tumpuan kita.......

Hock Cheong said...

Well said again bro Mahagur to your reply to UMNO Damasara. Frankly, it is pointless to fed sense to blockheads!! There is an old saying, "Birds of a feather flock together"

Jeremiah said...

To the man-in-the-street, all this mud-slinging and drama is mere politicking by both UMNO and PR leaders.

End of the day, it is policies that matter, not the personality. You can sit down and try to prove to me until the cows come home that XYZ politician or Nik Aziz (who you wish to see him run the country?) is the best choice for a leader because of his personality/holiness. Even the current batch of leaders in BN for that matter.

In the current climate of mud-slinging, do we really care except to know that leaders do and will represent the interests of their electorate? How best to judge except by their policy recommendations and their intellectual power of analysis/vision.

Sorry, but the PAS vision doesn't gel in secular Msia, neither will most intelligent Muslims fall for it. That is perhaps the biggest short term and long-term hurdle for Anwar, however much better he is than the incumbent leaders.

Anonymous said...

I still believe this is more of a staged drama!
I dun think Govt would be so stupid to level this allegation, after Mahathir himself faced the ire of a lot of his supporters during 1998.
Saiful Bukhary was no BN Mole,
rather he s diehard PKR, who perhaps is carrying out orders as per Anwar.
There has already been a flare up of this issue in the international media.
I too was astonished and swung to Anwar's support feeling pity for him, but later I thought over and inclined to feel this is all BULLSHIT!!

Expecting Saiful to plead guilty of falsely charging, but would say was under duress.

All this drama to swing massive support in sympathy towards him just like what happened in 1998..
and there:: U have Anwar as PM!

Anonymous said...

I dunno if Najib is involve with c4 murder?

I dunno if Najib's wife is involce in c4 murder?

I duno if Najib *framed* DSAI?

But I know Najib declare to wash Chinese blood with Keris in 1980 and his cousin enjoy playing with krisss!

That's enough not to make him the next PM!

fade0 said...

Akar umbi du,

Like you, I too am interested in knowing the truth about all this and am certain it will come out eventually, if it has not already.

Putting aside personal Umno vs PKR grudges, you must admit the facts we have been shown and the evidence revealed has compellingly vindicated saiful as being an umno bafoon making a malise accusation. Do you not agree?

Being an UMNO member years ago, I was put off by their greed and money centric politics I saw at cawangan meetings and as they say, money and greed leads to murder. And the cows have indeed come home and the Alantunya muder tells us of a tragic tale between the IGP, his cops, a miniter and a crony.

The murder, lies and justice manupulation we see now is a direct result of umno greed and stupidity harnesed ...where else, but at the akar umbi level I can honestly say.

Umno's story is beginning to sound like what the Nazis did in old Germany. Do you study history my friend?