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Sunday, July 20, 2008

K Bing's Letter on Why He or She Believes Anwar is not guilty?

Why I believe Anwar is not guilty? Extracted from
K Bing | Jul 18, 08 6:00pm

First of all, I must say that I do not possess any information which is not already public knowledge. However, I have been following news of the new sodomy allegation against Anwar closely and I’m analysing this from the perspective of ‘reasonable behaviour’ and ‘balance of probability.’ Here are the reasons why I think Anwar is not guilty.

1. Is Anwar gay? A person who has fathered six children has established his sexual orientation firmly. Bisexuality is very rare and in any case he does not fit the mould. He has a loving family and his wife is standing steadfastly by him which says a lot.

2. The highly controversial sodomy conviction of 1998 failed to convince most people. A person in a position of power who allegedly cannot control himself to even keep away from his wife’s driver, must have a string of partners. One must ask, why has nobody else come out of the woodwork? Why was it necessary to coerce false confessions from two of his associates?

3. A person on the cusp of attaining political power would not be so stupid as to risk everything. If indeed one assumes that he cannot control his urge, where are the others that he may have violated or other consensual partners? With multiple partners, it’s a secret which is almost impossible to keep for a public figure.

4. Anwar’s anger and outrage at the new allegation is exactly how a wronged person will react. His body language when he speaks of the issue is consistent with his words.

5. When news broke of the police report against him, Anwar took refuge at the Turkish embassy. I believe he did so as he feared immediate arrest and not so much a threat on his life. This shows that Anwar believes there is a conspiracy against him rather than a private complaint which would not warrant immediate arrest. A guilty person would immediately assume it’s a private complaint.

6. Saiful’s resignation e-mail to Anwar did not suggest he had been sodomised and traumatised by his boss. This e-mail has not been denied by him.

7. The notion that a 61-year-old man can force himself on a 23-year-old youth is unthinkable. If threats were used, what can Anwar possibly threaten him with as he is not in a position of power?

Is there a conspiracy against Anwar? I believe there is for the following reasons.

1. The accuser, Saiful was obviously closely connected with Umno and has been photographed with a few Umno leaders including an aide to the deputy prime minister.

2. Saiful is obviously pro-Umno as had been revealed by his online postings. Why then did he induct himself into PKR as a volunteer if not for some ulterior motive?

3. His visit to the DPM’s office a few months before the incident was explained as him having gone there to apply for a scholarship. This is a very awkward explanation. As a college dropout, Saiful was not in the market for a scholarship and in any case, the DPM’s office is the wrong department to go.

And why would a scholarship applicant have his photograph taken with a senior aide? One must ask, why is it necessary to obfuscate and conceal the real purpose of his visit?

4. Najib at first denied he had ever met Saiful and later admitted that he met Saiful at his residence when a traumatised and sodomised Saiful came to ask for his advice. Why did Najib first deny and then admit later when under pressure? Was he trying to conceal something?

5. Najib said he listened to Saiful’s story and told him it’s up to him whether he wants to lodge a police report or not. This is not credible. Wouldn’t Najib have jumped at the opportunity to discredit his political nemesis and insist that Saiful make a police report?

It is wrong for anybody - much less a minister - who has been told a crime not to bring it to the attention of the law enforcement agencies. Why is Najib giving unbelievable explanations? Is he trying to divert all thoughts away from a conspiracy and overdoing it?

6. Najib said that Saiful visited him a few days before he made his police report. The report was made on Saturday and the sodomy was alleged to have occurred on Thursday. This means Saiful could only have visited Najib on Friday, one day before he made his report.

This is stretching the definition of ‘a few days’ to breaking point. Establishing when the meeting actually took place will shed light on the veracity of the allegation.

7. How easy is it for an ordinary person to drop in and see the DPM at his residence or office on such short notice? If he has been sexually violated, there is no need to hawk his allegation to politicians first before going to the police.

8. Saiful’s smiling and confident demeanor when he emerged a few days after his police report certainly does not indicate a man who has been sodomised and traumatised.

9. Saiful’s public challenge to Anwar to swear his innocence on the Quran is unbecoming of a real victim who would be expected to feel depressed and keep a low profile rather than play politics.

To round it up, let me deal with some objections.

1. It is too outrageous to imagine that Umno would weave a sodomy conspiracy against Anwar again as nobody would believe it.

Do you think negative public opinion will stop them? Umno controls the AG’s chambers, the police, the judiciary all of which are sufficient to convict a man of trumped-up charges. For good measure, they also control the mainstream press.

2. The allegations will increase sympathy for Anwar so a conspiracy is unlikely.

On the contrary, it could well discredit Anwar. The tactic could backfire but it is not beyond politicians to miscalculate the effects of their action.

3. Anwar stands to gain the most from it so Anwar must have planned all this.

Isn’t this even more outrageous than the above? No need to waste words on this.

4. Why sodomy again? Isn’t the script 10 years old?

What else can they pin on Anwar? He is not outwardly corrupt. A legal conviction is the most efficient way to get Anwar out of the political scene for good. After serving the sentence, he will have to wait another five years before running for public office by which time he may be too old to have any political ambition.

5. It is too transparent as Saiful has been photographed with high-level Umno politicians.

The plot may have been hatched after all those photographs. We have to be realistic, there are not many candidates who would do this.

6. Why did PKR take in a person without background checks?

He volunteered at a time when PKR was desperately short of staff. Once in, a person is not easily dislodged even when his previous pro-Umno leaning is known. There’s always the notion of fair play and judging a person by his work rather than his past.

In conclusion, when events really happen, details automatically fall into place. When there’s nothing to hide, explanations do not create more questions. A person’s demeanour and facial expression is a reflection of his inner thoughts.

All the bits and pieces collected together can create a complete picture. The picture is not complete but it is complete enough for me to decide that on the balance of probabilities, the incident never happened and Anwar is again facing another political conspiracy.


Many question as to why we should bother about this case regarding Anwar Ibrahim when at the end of the day, Anwar is not going to come pay our own individual bills or provide us our sustenance?

As a member of this Malaysian society, whether we like it or not, the predicament facing Anwar today as he stands accused of being a sodomite, does in one way or other have a profound effect on the civil liberties and standard of justice or injustice that is allowed to be running riot in the annals of history of this nation?

The fact of the matter that someone as influential and once the Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Malaysia can be so willfully disgraced, sacked from office, beaten to a pulp, accused of a heinous sinful offense of sodomy and thrown into prison for 6 years and upon his successful appeal of his other sentences be released from jail yet be unable to actively make a return to the national political scene by the stipulations restricting any convict from seeking public or political office is something not to be dismissed as the sad and sorry misfortune of an ordinary citizen!

Yes sirree. This is something that has taken place in this so called democratic country and the perpetrators of the political conspiracy against someone as established as Anwar Ibrahim makes ordinary people like me worry as to to what lengths the ones behind this character assassination of one of Malaysia's leading politicians are willing to go to?

If someone like Anwar can be made into political mincemeat by these conspirators, what guarantee is there for the safety and wellbeing of any ordinary Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy?

It's a scary scenario ladies and gentlemen.

We can't afford to be mere spectators of this killing field of a politician called Anwar Ibrahim but be ready to voice out against blatant abuses of justice and due process of the law.

If it can happen to Anwar, it can happen to just anybody here in Malaysia.

Think about that!


TeohZY said...

Great article by K Bing! BN supporters, if any of you happen to read this, please please please, I beg you, read through this carefully, and ponder deeply.

Ah Beng Crosby said...

What K Bing wrote was very real, very accurate and right to the spot. Too many question remainsed unanswered. If the victim is a nobody,no alignment with UMNO or DPM, then people will have doubts with Anwar but with this Saiful guy, it is just 2+2 is not a simple 4 as the victim himself is too shady to believe outright.

Hi&Lo said...

This is not abt Anwar but fair play.

rudy said...

Problem is do we know if Anwar will be just as bad once he comes to power. He is after all the lesser of the two evils. Do we, non muslim, non malay Malaysian really have a choice? Look at the impotency of MCA & the oblivious Gerakan. Anwar has to ensure fair treatment for all, establish a credible and capable judiciary
based on ability, meritocracy and not on race and nepotism. The Indonesian called it KKN, Korupsi, Kolusi, Neposime. Only then can the other organ and branches of the government fall into place and toe the line like the thugs in uniforms and the toothless ACA. Anwar poor baggage could be Khaled. He will not get my vote!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Well rudy, why fear Anwar when you know very well that the Pakatan Rakyat is just not made up of Anwar alone?

Anwar could drop dead today and do you think that the Pakatan Rakyat is going to implode the next minute?

Anwar is just one man brother but the coalition of alternative government that he spearheads is the one we should be rallying behind and not be so quick to cast aspersions on the poor fellow who has already gone through as much shit as any Malaysian politician can suffer?

If Anwar screws up, what do you think is going to stop Malaysians from kicking out the fellow in the next GE?

Give the Pakatan Rakyat a go in running the Federal Government and see how they fare before jumping to any conclusions about them just yet?

conscience said...

This is definitely not about DSAI, it is about an independent judiciary free from executive interference or influence. A Judiciary and PDRM only serve the rakyat professionally and fairly. Without it, we have lost the very pillars to build create a civil society.

FelineRulez said...

I was forwarded this Foreign Correspondent documentary on Anwar's 1st trial, by a foreign investigative reporter:

Not sure whether biased but definitely interesting watch...

Carling said...

Its amazing that Najib is not hauled up for questioning since Saiful went to see him before he went to the police. I am sure the police can take the security cameras recordings at the DPM's house to see if he really went to the DPM's house.If we can think of all these possibilities and the police still cant, there is not much future.
The other serious concern is the revealation that Petronas funds up to 45% of the Govt 's expenditures. That means this country is virtually running at a loss and there should be a huge budget deficit. If one look at the recent open tender for the double tracking signalling system where the winner is RM1B against some crony's push for it at RM2.5B months ago, its scary. That means a possiblity that more than 50% of the Govt's expenditures may actually goes towards corruption and cronies. Like the PM said, we are living on future earnings and that is no thanks to him and his cronies. Shouldn't we give Anwar a chance before Badawi "pawn" away our future? Just think of the Phillippines. Most of our fellow Msians can up end as labourers, maids , prostitues in foreign countries in the very near future.
This "50 years of rapes" have to stop and we need to do what we can to change this Govt. I also hope the honest and hardworking Gerakan members will join in to help, as some of them have done.