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Monday, July 07, 2008

Malaysians ought to hold a referendum against the BN.

I was away in Kuantan during the weekend but still kept tabs on what was taking place here in the nation's capital by watching the news every now and then.

On our journey back to Kuantan, my missus's hometown, I noticed that there were fewer cars on the road and traffic was actually quite smooth.

Looks like what Abdullah Badawi has achieved by his couldn't care less rule over this country is to nip the people's remaining family sojourns in the bud and increased the people's wrath against the Bloody Nuisance Government that he is leading ...err.. can we say misleading?

From the groundswell of the people's backlash now against his decision to increase the petrol prices here in this currently oil producing and exporting country, I can dare say that if he has the guts to hold a referendum nationwide and gauge the people's reactions and responses to his clearly unnecessary fuel price hike, the BN can rest assured that Malaysians regardless of race and religious background will send the BN packing to the Land of the Has Beens sooner than Abdullah Badawi can shout another raspy, full of bull slogan?

I made up my mind way back before the 12th General Elections to not support the incumbent lousiest Prime Minister that this country has ever seen and my disgust for the blatant abuses and corruptions that has taken place in the BN run Government of Malaysia, that I will not rest from my mission to spread the awareness of the Malaysian people against the shenanigans being concocted by this rogue regime!

There is only so much that a people can suffer and from the obvious situations today, the BN have overstayed their welcome and it's time for the nation to have a change in the Federal Government.

It's amazing to see people still vote for and support the BN despite overwhelming evidence that the BN has abused the trusts of the Malaysian people by not looking after the welfare of this country's citizens?

The costs of living has increased dramatically since Abdullah Badawi chose to impose the highest increase of petrol prices that not only this nation but the entire Asian region has ever seen?

Looks like a 'death wish' to me. This stoking of the raging fire in the people's hearts.

The BN is soon going to be obliterated from the corridors of power in Putrajaya and in KL.

5 states are now being run by the fledgling Pakatan Rakyat and it's barely 4 months since the Malaysian Opposition have taken over power in the states of Penang, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and PAS retaining Kelantan, a state touted to be the poorest by the Bloody Nuisance Federal Government but which actually sits on very, very large oil deposits in the bowels of the Land of Siti Wan Kembang and the religious cradle of Tuan Guru Datuk Haji Nik Abdul Aziz bin Nik Mat, the Spiritual Chief and Menteri Besar of Kelantan Darul Naim.

Scandals after scandals are being unearthed either naturally by the circumstances taking place here in Bolehland or as a result of the machinations of those with vested interests and hidden agendas who are trying their level best to derail the return of the prodigal once golden boy of the former Malaysian Premier Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, the ever popular and highly controversial future leader of this country, the blackeyed former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia before Abdullah Badawi, the legendary crowd puller and irrepressible de facto leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, Datuk Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim.

Many people are asking me as to how come I keep supporting this man who is alleged to be a homosexual sodomizing misleader of the people?

As a Muslim, I am stipulated by my faith in not concluding that just because some folks who have been proven to be those who aren't shining beacons of exemplary behavior themselves as far as social and moral conduct is concerned, are crying foul of this man and yet do not have the gumptions to show us all their proof of Anwar's crimes?

If we are to just blindly believe each and everything that his political enemies are trying to stick to him, we would be no better than a flock of clueless sheep being herded to the abattoir of political sacrifices where the BN gets to get fat at our expense and yet it is our throats that are in danger of being slitted whilst the slaughterers of the people's trusts in the BN put on an air of righteousness and angelic disposition belying their treachery against us, the rightful citizens of Malaysia?

The idiots of the BN leadership expect us all to just be silent as they wreak havoc upon our life's whilst they continue to live in luxury, freeloading on the people's tax monies and other resources derived from this nation.

I for one think that instead of the Malaysian People's Coalition rallying here and protesting that which does no harm to the belligerents getting fat at Seri Perdana and other posh palaces at Putrajaya, the legal eagles of the Pakatan Rakyat ought to look into setting up and carrying out a referendum against the ruthless regime ruining our life's and this nation, the BN!

We have seen how ineffective the recent all day protest at the Kelana Jaya Stadium has been and even worsened by the stupid rock band act brought in by the Parti Keadilan Rakyat maestro Hishamudin Rais, a rebel from a bygone era?

Carburator Dung lived up to their name by performing a shit piece act that had the crowd enraged and baying for the lead idiot's blood for his outrageous action of lowering his jean's waistline and showing his butt to the obviously unhappy crowd!

'Liwat' was the title of the so called piece of musical garbage that the numbskulls just didn't think ahead of the grave consequences of performing such an ultra sensitive headed act given the prevailing sodomy season # 2 charge against the Pakatan Rakyat de facto Supremo lately?

Just plain stupid and immature of the organizers of the protest rally to invite such a group to an obviously enraged crowd of unhappy Malaysians seething from a month of pent up emotions and anger against Abdullah Badawi's price hike and then have that ass of a lead singer spark off the following angry and volatile reaction of the attending Malaysians?

Although Hishamudin Rais apologized to the crowds after the Carburator Dung band members were almost lynched to Kingdom Come by the enraged folks there at the Kelana Jaya Stadium, this act of idiocy will not be forgotten that quickly by the Pakatan Rakyat supporters!

The Pakatan Rakyat screwed up big on this one and it may just cost them precious votes from those who were offended by the 'Dung Band' obscene gesture!

Abdullah Badawi and Najib must be grinning from ear to ear watching this turn of events! :P

Lots of heated up folks and no solution in sight.

Damn, Malaysians are sure in for a very tricky and dangerous season of political unrest.

All parties concerned especially the trigger happy and itching ground forces of the Malaysian Police better be cool at this moment failing which the slightest provocations by any one party is gonna launch off a season of violence that we will all just very well regret or just suffer the consequences of unbridled civil disturbance that this nation just does not wish to see repeat itself as what took place on May the 13th, 1969!

This one though will no longer be based on racial enmity but instead be of that where a brother will be pitted against his fellow brother, Malaysian against Malaysian and the threat of bloodshed will just be triggered by blind rage caused by this drastic petrol price hike imposed by Abdullah Badawi!

So in my opinion, instead of waiting for things to go from bad to worse, the Pakatan Rakyat leadership ought to consider starting off a legal action in having a referendum be held against the BN instead of wasting precious resources, time and energy on useless and meaningless protests?

Not that I am saying that the people need to stop protesting per se but just take a look at what has been the result of yesterday's protest at Kelana Jaya Stadium?

Has the price of oil decreased even a bloody sen? No sirree!

Has Abdullah Badawi or Najib lost a wink of sleep? Nyet! Nahin! Min si! Yillek! Nggak!

Referendum is a way out of our current predicament instead of waiting for another 4 bloody miserable long years of continuous sufferings and escalating crime.


romeo61 said...

I go along with you on this one brother! But I doubt BN has the balls to carry out a referendum. Even calling a snap election will prove disastrous at this stage.

Drama Queen said...

No doubt that the behaviour of the rock band is questionable since there are children and family members in the crowd. However, I found the behaviour of the people in red - I don't know whether they're mostly PR supporters or not - far more scary. If I had been there at the time, I would've gotten a really bad impression of the event, not because of some rowdy rock band, but because of the overzealous and violent behaviour of the PR supporters.

Seriously people, GROW UP.

It's only a rock band!

If you don't agree with the group, then be civilised and tell the MC to pull the band off.

Lynching the rock band only proves to people that you can't control yourselves.

lee said...

same reason as why Pakatan Rakyat cannot reduce petrol price now, they cannot hold a national referendum, they are not in control of the Federal Govt.

At most the Pakatan Rakyat govts can hold state wide referendums in Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kedah and kelantan but what would this prove anyway? The people of these states have already clearly stated NO! to the BeeEnded govt.

The BeeEnded Govt will surely say no to a national referendum coz they are sure to lose!

fade0 said...

think the rock band that pulled down their pants made a mistake. Lets move on from this rather trivial issue and focus on the more concerning matters at hand like :-

1. Are the DPM & wife natural born killers or are they circumstantial killers when their absolute power was compromised by a nobody from Mongolia?

2.How much was paid to Saiful to lie and implicate Anwar? Did it just take a scholarship to do the trick? He a bloody cheap idiot. Hope he rots.

3. How can we position our oil prices and offset this with Petronas profits? Better that Petronas pay for our hardships rather than blowing billions on dodgy investments in far away places with no guarantee of success with a little bit going into the pockets of UMNO.

4. What are we doing to eliminate participation of oil speculators in the free oil market. Lets work with.... not the word .... drive Opec to only sell oil in a regulated market that is not free. This way we bring back oil process to reality and render all the oil that speculators have bought so far, un-sellable and only buy from them when they comply to supply-demand rpices thus driving them permanently out of business.

5. Kick out foreign oil companies or stop subsidizing foreign oil companies with good m’sian tax payer money. Tell them to go mine their own fields in their own countries, which they have none. Bloody parasites.