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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Raymond Crooke - P.Ramlee Fan Extraordinaire

Behold Encik Raymond Crooke, a dedicated Tan Sri P.Ramlee fan who can not only remember the lyrics of most of P.Ramlee songs but sings and strums his guitar well, putting to shame many modern day Malays who can't come even close to his prowess!

In this age when many Malays are shy of speaking their own mother tongue, the existence of someone like Encik Raymond Crooke is just a sharp reminder to these so called city Malays to slap themselves silly and reawaken to their birth rights.

Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa! Remember that all you modern Malays?

Three cheers for Raymond Crooke!!! I am honored to come across you in Youtube sir!

Let's listen to Encik Raymond Crooke sing:

'Getaran Jiwa' :

Here's P.Ramlee singing the original version from the film 'Antara Dua Darjat':

Back to Raymond:

'Renjis renjis dipilis'

'Aci aci buka pintu'

Encik Raymond also is good with a Singaporean classic 'Geylang si Paku Geylang' :

Raymond also sings Traditional Minang songs such as:

'Ayam Den Lapeh'

'Takanang Jua Kampuoang'

'Bengawan Solo'

Raymond has also written and sung his own composition:

'Minangkabau Angels'

'I love Kuala Belait'

'Apartheid love song'


crower said...


1. It's good to know that there are still people who appreciates P. Ramlee to this extent.

2. Goes to show that if you're honest and passionate about what you do, it'll be remembered and cherished by the future generation (politicians of all ideologies please take note)

PakciQue said...

P. Ramle..memang seorang penyanyi yang bertaraf lagenda..bukan setakat popular di rantau juga di seluruh pelusuk negara..

Anda tentu terpegun bila mendengar lagu Whisper In The Wind - Lobo.

Dengar lagunya dan hayati liriknya..jgn lupa tinggalkan komen. Apa first impression anda?