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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Terengganu MB gets Kelantan MB's support!

Terengganu MB YAB Datuk Ahmad Said is sure grinning from ear to ear after getting support from an unlikely source as far as his decision to order the purchase of 14 Mercedes Benz E200 Kompressors for his state exco's official uses is concerned.

Kelantan Menteri Besar YAB Tuan Guru Datuk Haji Nik Aziz Nik Mat has spoken out about the high costs of maintaining the Proton Perdana Executive V6 that often breaks down and is unreliable in the long run.

Even Pahang Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob states the same thing.

Proton needs to buck up as far as providing the best in terms of service and ensuring the best standards to its vehicle buyers domestically just as it bends over backwards to accommodate its overseas customers.

As a Proton automobile user myself, I have my fair share of complaints about the substandard quality of the national car.

Let's call a spade just that and not lie to ourselves that Proton is far from perfect as far as giving us the Malaysian people top value and quality for our money?

Major problems are the central locking system, frequent car window motor breakdowns and the low quality of the fittings used in the national car.

As I can't afford to buy a better foreign model at the moment, I have to make do with the Wira we own now but as soon as my finances permit me, I'd buy a Mercedes Benz myself even if it is only a secondhand model or maybe go for a Toyota Harrier or Camry.

I have had enough heartaches with Proton and I can understand why MB Ahmad Said has gone ahead and purchased the Mercedes Benz E200 Kompressors for the State Excos.

Being patriotic doesn't mean that we have to lie to ourselves that Proton has NOT been shortchanging us Malaysians by giving us inferior quality models locally whilst they go to such extents to woo the British and Australian markets with better standards and throw in many additional accessories for the foreign market and to add salt to the wound, they sell Proton cars cheaper over there!!!

The focus is now being diverted from the Altantuyaa case and onto the Terengganu official cars.

Where was the BN government's thrifty mindset when they partied all night long at the Seri Perdana Soiree?

The Angkasawan Project? What good has it done for the nation? Wasted millions!

The cancelled bridge project to Singapore where the government paid out hundreds of millions of ringgits to the contractors?

They are zeroing in onto Ahmad Said's butt in a devious attempt to divert attention from the other pressing matters like the protracted Altantuyaa Shaariibuu murder case implicating the next in command of the BN Federal Government.

Talk about seeing the mosquitoes across the river but the political sheenanigans blocking our views is being ignored by the big boys of the BN Federal Government!



lee said...

Even if you allow for the flexibility in not purchasing the national car, the next question , obviously has to be why a Mercedes, surely you can get a resepctable CKD alternative that is much cheaper ie Honda Accord or even a Peugeot 407 which is around rm 135K.

Why a mercedes?

MAHAGURU58 said...

Well, the Mercedes Benz German automobile has always been proven to be a reliable vehicle, hasn't it?

Anyway, it is up to the Terengganu State Government now as to what they are gonna do?

Personally, who wouldn't want to own a Mercedes Benz or BMW?

Quality of its class.

Compare that with the number of Wira's you see with their bumper about to fall off on our roads.

The Proton Management ought to be ashamed for the half assed job they do in manufacturing substandard parts for our domestic usage and cheapskate measures in the manufacturing of the so called national car.

Don't let delusional national pride be fooling us when we know that when compared to Japanese or German cars, Proton does not even come close to their standards.

Proton's export models are made to the foreign markets stringent conditions but they deliver lousy quality to the Malaysian domestic market.

This is a fact and you know it!

Your question as to why Mercedes?

Why Not?

MYblog said...

I fully agree with you Bro. Proton is the worst amongst the lot, and we have to pay BMW price to buy a Proton in Malaysia. All this protection to Proton, for what? I will tell you.

Proton like many other GLC's is a vehicle for cronies to make money. You get a contract, you supply sub standard parts at Mercedes prices to Proton. A sham of a national car. Same with MAS and others, these are vehicles made by the govt. for cronies to get rich and the worst part is that at least supply quality lah! But these goons have no conscience.

Everytime, there is a flood etc, Najib is happy to announce aid of hundreds of millions of ringgit, where has this money gone, accountability?? But then again difficult to keep track as it was an emergency, perfect excuse to siphon money.

God save this country

kino said...

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